Monster/Material Respawn Timers

I think the respawn timers are too fast. You can farm named thralls very quickly, or just go back to the same locations and do a quick circle to obtain maximum resources quickly. I think once an area has been expunged of resources, it should take game days for those resources to respawn, and they shouldn’t respawn unless the player isn’t around them. Multiplayer servers of course would need different rules for this so that people cannot grief by making it so that resources won’t spawn in given locations due to their forced proximity.

I would also like to see a bit less resources like iron in certain areas. This could be compensated by slightly reducing the material cost of certain items like bricks.

Another feature I would love to see is more random variation in material spawning. When you first start playing the game you have no idea where anything is, but now that I’ve been playing for quite a while, I know exactly where to go to obtain materials. Now I don’t explore, I just go to location A, B, or C, and farm, then rinse and repeat depending on where I am in the world at the time. I’m perfectly OK with general regions being more or less abundant in certain resources (in fact, I think that’s mandatory), but it shouldn’t always be the same. This particular area might spawn more iron this cycle than next, and another area that sometimes has only a little bit might have more, or even almost none. I want to have to explore to find my resources. Part of the FUN is exploration and combat and dealing with the environment. Mining resources should never turn into PURE tedium. Of course it’s always going to hold some level of tedium, but you can break that up with special events and differences in spawn frequency and availability.

These changes in mechanics would increase the player’s want/need to move further and further away from their comfort zone and explore more often.

From this, I infer that you’re playing single-player. Here’s a couple of screenshots from my single-player game:

I hope that helps and I encourage you to play with your settings a bit more. Conan Exiles has plenty of knobs and dials to tweak.


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