Disable resource respawning


I was wondering if it would be possible to add an option to disable resource respawning (or if someone knows of an alternative method to do so). I run a private server with some friends and our ideal situation would be to have the resources respawn on a weekly timer, using server resets to refresh everything if necessary.

Unfortunately, setting it to the longest time is still not even close to 24 hours (0.001) and the alternative is god-resources that instantly respawn (0.000), or a faster respawn time. (anything above those numbers)

I can imagine some use cases for this type of setting, maybe just a ‘disable resource respawn’ button.

Thank you for reading.


I can’t imagine a situation where ANYONE would want this…What would be the purpose of no resources. Your character would die from starvation and thirst as those ARE resource respawns. You also wouldn’t be able to repair, build or basically play the game if you couldn’t gather resources.

Curious as to what type of game you’re building on your server without resources?

I think it’s an interesting concept and I’d like this personally. I think for a small group of friends, this would turn the entire continent into a means of gathering sources instead of just the local area every 20 minutes. I think with the abundance of resources, if you’re playing with just two or three people, there’s not really any reason to move around the map.

Yes, this is deliberately inconveniencing yourself and yes, I think that can make for a fun experience in some cases.


Interesting take on the idea.

Hmm, I suppose that if there were no resource respawn it would create an economy…then there would be truly a ruler of the lands. However, without that resource respawn you would be at their mercy since you wouldn’t even be able to wage war on them to take some of those resources back.

Maybe long resource respawn is possible but no respawn - still can’t see the case for it.

The plan is really to have the resources respawn on a weekly timer, but having no resource respawn would almost force us to explore more than we might otherwise, without personal drive, in an effort to continue gathering.

It would also make us want to set up outposts where we can stockpile resources, if we have to go further than normal.

We’re just a group of 3 at the moment, and it wouldn’t affect NPC respawns, though I imagine we’d set that to being every day or two if we wanted to be extra about it.

Even with minimum resource respawn rate, the friend of mine who is a builder was able to completely strip only a small radius around our base to get everything he needed for some 40 palisades.

Based on your concern with the economy and the ruler of a land, I think you’ve missed the point of this post. OP wants this option for their own private server that they play with friends on. As a suggestion, this isn’t intended official or even most unofficial servers.

I think implementing it wouldn’t be very difficult either as all it would take is a similar coefficient to things such as thirst modifiers that already exist. I think a general spawn rate coefficient would be simple enough without needing to get into adjust specific spawn rates.

I play an unofficial server with ~30 people on it and it’s a friendly, PvE-C server. While it’s nice that resources are abundant, I’m a glutton for grinding: I would like to see a resource famine imposed on everybody equally.

It’s an interesting idea. Almost like an ironman mode.

Ive been aging offline and I’ve been trying to tweak the resources you gather from tools.
Along with tweaking the hunger meters and day night time cycles.

I was trying to make it so the meat you get from animals was one or two steaks but you only needed 3 meals a day before you starve to death.

The trouble is with low rescouce yield is it means I mean set no multiplier… Stone tools are as good as high end ones…

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