Resources not respawning correctly

Okay, so I seem to have a strange problem. I’m returning back to the game with a hosted server for the first time in probably close to a year. I noticed that this time, on a brand new server, resources do not respawn while I’m online and when I exit out of the game and come back, they are all respawned.

I noticed this because:

  1. When I’m online, I can clear really large areas without any respawning no matter how far I move from the area.
  2. I was suddenly getting the worst stuttery/rubberbanding lag where I could not move after about an hour and a half. I quit the game and came back and suddenly, all resources were spawned and I guess it was likely the attempt to load those resources OR the resources being invisible to me that was causing the extreme stuttering.
  3. This is a hosted server and seems to have no other issues that anyone can see. I don’t have to restart the server for it to fix, just restart my personal game, so it seems to be a client side problem instead of a server side problem.
  4. We’re playing the orginal map, with no mods, almost no changes to original game settings.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I did attempt to search both google and the forums and couldn’t come up with this same problem anywhere. I apologize if my search skills are lacking.

Thank you for your time.

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So what are your pc specs and you said you hosted the server. Do host it through gportal or your pc or another company. Do you have servers restart period 24 hours or longer or lesser. What changes did you make from normal game play. I ask as what you gave us was not enough information to help you and I will ping @Community Incase they can help you

I cannot understand these hosted etc… Simply for me please, is it your server?
Is it official?
Is it private owned by someone else?

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