NPC and Resource Spawning Issue

I have a server I got on G-portal. NPC’s stopped respawning the last time I played then when I woke up and tried to play again I tried to change the NPC spawn rate up to see if it was just a spawn rate glitch. They still didn’t respawn after changing the timer to the fastest. So i reset it to normal and logged back into the server now all the resources in the world have despawned (rocks, tress, bushes, etc.) 100% all of them. However some NPC’s that I’ve never encountered are there but I fear killing them will make them never respawn again. Also in the areas I’ve never been to the resources are still 100% gone even though I’ve never been to that part of the map to harvest them. I would prefer not wiping the server but I don’t really know how to fix the problem.

Setting respawn rate to 1.0 should fix your issue.

Just so you know, the setting multiplies the speed, not the timer. So 0.5 is longer (double normal time) than normal, and 2.0 is half (faster) of normal.

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Yes. I did read that and tried setting to 2 then 5 then 10 then on 10 i waited for 4 hours afk at the starting spawn point walked back to the sentinels and there are no enemies, no NPCs, and no resources anywhere. But I did set it back to back to 1.0 as I stated in my post that I reset after returning it to normal (which I did originally have set to 1.0). I played for a while as I ran from around the sentinels all the way to the left of the map all the way to the right back to sentinels then north to just before the highlands wall then back again to the sentinels and there are still 0 resources to be found on the map, NPCs that I’ve never seen are there like I said, but creatures are not.


Hello @Arisu and welcome to our community! First thing is first, has your spawning issue been resolved yet or not? In addition, how do you play? For example, are on playstation, PC? Are you on an official server, private server, singleplayer? It is difficult to say what could be causing this issue, but I thought I would send you a reply here because of some of the similar hallmarks it bears to the issue I was having. Here are the links to 2 threads I posted regarding what sounds like this issue.

Does this happen to sound like what is happening with you Arisu?

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