Respawn Timer Stuck at 0, have to reboot

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Just died following a 25 minute load screen and was stuck on 0 second respawn timer for few minutes before deciding to log out and back in. Now I’m stuck on another long load screen to get back in while my decay timer is going out… probably will lose my stuff before I can even log in.

I’m wondering if the long load screen and the delayed respawn timer are a related issues. Both of these issues have happened multiple times since the Corona Virus harvest buffs were added.

For info:

-Died north west of the mounds
-Following a purge (other friends had same issue during a purge)
-Playing on Official Pvp 2651

-Using SS Drive on xbox one s
-Tried logging out and in (stuck on load screen)
-Hard reset xbox, loaded into single player first (single player loads in about 30 seconds, runs fine)
-Still stuck on load screen. Not sure about the respawn timer after I get back in currently at 10 minutes waiting to load in…

update friend who recovered my items just got kicked, too. Same general area (northwest of the mounds). Xbox froze and then shut down. They are also stuck on long load screen.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Die during or right after a purge.
  2. Wait forever to respawn.
  3. Don’t actually respawn (stuck at 0 on timer), reset box and get stuck on loading screen for 20+ minutes.

update got logged in. Took 23 minutes to get past load screen

i have the same problem and have no idea how to solve it

Hello @themadlyskilled and @Artectek, we’re currently looking into this issue as it’s affecting a few servers, if possible please let us know the exact times at which you experience it so we can gather further information.

usually at night peak hours.i post it at :Super long respawn time!

Also happening to me on Official server #2653 at about 5:30-6:30pm CST

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