Rhino mounted combat!

Is it just me or have any others experienced the problem when you enter combat with your rhino, that the attack doesnt register.

When you attack while riding the rhino, its head will swing either to the left or the right. I believe it alternates (L, R, L, etc). There’s a reported issue where swinging one direction won’t register anything, while swinging the other way does–effectively reducing rhino DPS by 50%. I don’t believe it’s as-intended, and it’s been reported.

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When you mention it your right! hope the fix the issue. Cause its annoying just dont feel right at all! i thought i had to keep my stamina high! but i also saw that i had to poke mobs at right swing attack to dmg them! :slight_smile: thanks for clearing it up TimeLord75 tumbs up :slight_smile:

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