Rhino Mount - How to aim the horn attack

So I’ve spent a decent amount of time using a rhino mount. Despite it’s flaws, it is fun to use, however I am having trouble with the horn attack. I know that the attack swipes left and right. The right attack works and deals a good amount of damage. The left attack wont register for me. I’ve tried multiple angles, front, side etc. I see blood spurts as if there is contact, but damage doesn’t register. Anyone have better luck with it?

Also, while I’m here, are certain pet foods not supposed to give HP regen? Seeds are just one example for rhinos. They dont give hp regen and its very wonky to get the rhino to eat one for the stat boost

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I know there was a bug report a little while back that said one of the swipes didn’t actually function; that is, you’d see an animation, but it would not connect and would do no damage. I seem to recall they did a fair amount of testing on it. Assuming this is still the case, it’s not just you.


That’s good to know. Thanks for the reply.

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