Riddles in the game

I am interested in the puzzles that I discovered in the game. A wall with snarls (behind which people seem to die) and 6 mumps, which I found in swamps, in a sholk forest. Are they related? What needs to be done there? Or are these just jokes of developers. Well, on the last day, the children behind the ice wall in the dungeon with the God-baptist. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s just another Easter egg :wink: Neebs Gaming - there were some clips about CE on Youtube.

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Here is how. Sorry, I thought some sort of mystery. It would be interesting :slight_smile:

Riddles are getting all artefacts, without looking them up…
You have to first talk with the Archivist in UC, who gives general directions and then with the Sandstorm Maniac for the Scourgestone pieces.

Also there is a cave where you have to jump to get certain crystals for black/white dye. I never did that…

I saw and found all this.

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