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Backdated information taken from the archived AO website’s Timeline and Knowledge pages; news articles from Editor News section of archived forums

Game launch year: 29,475 (2001)
Current in-game year: 29,493 (2019)
Game Time: Rubi-Ka Standard Time (RKST), 24 hour clock. (Counted as GMT)



The Story So Far

In the beginning, the essence of life, the Source, flowed freely between states. There was no birth and no death, no crossing any barrier…

Somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy was a planet orbited by three moons. Life was created here by the Source. It was paradise, a Garden of Eden, in which living beings co-existed in harmony. Most extraordinary of all these creatures were the immortal Xan. With the metaphysical nature of the world, only evolution could limit how good the Xan were at manipulating their environments. They were without flaw in every way and masters of knowledge.

That is, until the Xan identified the Source and its properties. This knowledge gave them terrifying power and in harnessing the Source, the wheels of catastrophe set in motion. Gone was the harmony and happiness, replaced by dissatisfaction and arrogance and strife. Two factions split from the once peaceful Xan; The Redeemed and The Unredeemed, and a conflict arose that would never end.

They made technology so advanced and magnificent it could explore and chart most parts of existence, but still the Xan were unable to understand the net which holds it all together. In an effort to grasp this final challenge, they built a network of enormous structures meant to reach into the matter of all living things and find the answers to their questions.

The consequence of their exploit threatened the very fabric of the planet and a time came where they realized they had gone too far, but it was too late to turn around. Only by leaving the planet could they hope to save their undying souls, rather than die in the expected collapse of the planet. The factions built themselves gigantic arks, big enough to transport most of them, but not all, from the planet and into the wastelands of the universe in search for other habitable worlds.

When the planet could no longer take the strain and abuse, it died in a cataclysm so devastating it was ripped apart. Any living organism; those that did not board the arks, animals, plants and anything left behind on the planet died that hour; their material bodies destroyed and their souls sucked into the raging inferno of the dying planet. Reality split in two and the material world was left dry and transient, while the metaphysical dimension, in which life force is eternal, phased into another plane of existence. In the process, a piece of the planet’s land mass, the areas origin to the cataclysm, were blueprinted in the metaphysical realm. This pseudo-material mirror of the landmasses has ever since floated in the metaphysical part of reality like a wraith of what was once paradise.

The world was forever changed. The Redeemed and the Unredeemed, fleeing from the wrath of their crib, were reborn into a crude, cold world where they were no longer immortal.

Behind them, their planet was a lifeless rock, and their civilization was left in pieces far underneath the surface. They had no option but to search the galaxy for new homes. Here, they would plant the seeds of life and wait, maybe for millions of years, until their descendants would explore space and one day return to the cradle of life, to their home planet called Rubi-Ka, and they would once more be immortal. It was a goal worth waiting for.

The planet Terra - Earth - was one of the destinations of the Rubi-Ka exodus. This planet had everything needed for an intelligent species to advance. Eventually, humans laid the planet under them, blissfully ignorant of their origin and destiny.

Despite their fantastic evolution, humans were a depraved species. Theirs was a history filled with terrible acts against each other. Murders, wars, terrorism and deep corruption stretched through the veins of the people. At the same time, there were beacons of hope and light. Technology advanced to a level where most illnesses were kept in check and one could recover from even the worst physical trauma. And then there was nano technology.

In 1949, a Russian scientist defected from the communist rule of the Soviet Union. He had been handpicked by a mysterious group who told him that they had chosen him to develop the technology of eternal life, that his own body would simply stop aging until the goal was reached. For the next fifty-some years, he changed identity many times until he in 2007 became the CEO of the biotech corporation Farmatek Inc.

Seven years after Farmatek was established, its scientists managed to stabilize so called nanobots and make them work within the human body, a revolution in biotechnology. But the leaders of Farmatek had other goals than medical ethics. In their search for immortality, this was but one step. Without moral and remorse, the corporation staged an outburst of a highly aggressive virus that killed 75% of the Earth’s population.

In the mass hysteria that followed, extremist groups and religious cults fed to the paranoia, promising the End of Days was just around the corner. Most of these cults were harmless, nothing more than bantering lunatics who had no resources and not enough dedication to follow through their rhetoric. But one did, amply helped by Farmatek, and ultimately delivered the final blow to human kind.

In 2019, hell was released on the planet. By then, those who had been chosen to live on by Farmatek had taken underground, safe from the nuclear fallout, the atomic winter and the depredation of human kind. By now, they were near immortal. They were the Omega.

For more than 1300 years they would stay hidden, while Earth healed. They left the caves to enter a world in dire need and brought with them peace and prosperity. They did this by killing and controlling the surviving humans, making them their slaves.

From the ashes of the long winter and its battered survivors a new human was born. They were much more resistant against radiation, stronger and more resilient than the ■■■■ Sapiens. Evolution had taken humans one step further. Mother Nature’s new child was the ■■■■ Solitus, and they were destined to inherit Earth.

A coupling between an Omega man a Solitus woman resulted in a baby boy, a small miracle in conception, nurturing all the benefits and strengths of each, this boy would grow up to lead the Solitus through the Emancipation war, shedding the slave manacles the Omega had put on them 10.000 years prior. David Marlin was his name and he would later become the President of the World Council.

After the Solitus had won their freedom and drove the Omega under ground and into hiding again, David Marlin led the world through its first few hundred years of democracy and freedom, before he mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again. In secret, he had left Earth and was on his way to a destination he was inexplicably drawn to, a planet he had never heard of, but still knew deep in his heart. Rubi-Ka.

In the shadow of David Marlin’s preparation to leave Earth, a new corporation was formed. It was named Omni-Tek, in secret founded by the Omega who used to run Farmatek, and through it they planned world domination once more. This time, they wouldn’t use brute force to reach their goal but instead wait patiently until the time was right.

Rubi-Ka, the small and seemingly insignificant planet scorched under two suns, Animus and Amicus, plays host to the most difficult conflict humans have been through since the Emancipation War. It's the classic David and Goliath story. The small, rebellious and in some respects insignificant, clans versus the giant, callous and powerful corporation. Their argument includes ideologies, human rights, technology, power, influence and greed.

In the year 28702, the first humans landed on Rubi-Ka. It was a surveyor vessel, traveling space in search of planets with mining potential or colonization. Omni-Tek, along with other hyper corporations, had colonized space and is continuously looking for new and promising bodies in space. The decision to terraform and colonize this remote planet was made, and Omni-Tek signed a 1000 year long lease with the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations (ICC). Shortly thereafter, Omni-Tek announced the discovery of notum, an element that exists in its natural form only on Rubi-Ka.

The announcement caused great controversy, especially after it concluded that the properties of notum could completely revolutionize nano-technology, making it infinitely more powerful. In addition to many new developments, Omni-Tek researched the human genome, resulting in three gene modified breeds designed with specific intentions; the atrox, opifex and nanomage. All in all, notum brought a fantastic new element to technology.

But all was not good on Rubi-Ka. More and more often, complaints were filed against Omni-Tek working conditions, and it soon became clear that the conflict between the notum miners and their employer would only escalate. Loose coalitions of dissatisfied workers started calling themselves clans and began cooperating with other corporations, smuggling notum off the planet in an effort to backstab Omni-Tek.

In the next few centuries, vast technologic progress was made; from soul transfer in what was quickly dubbed “insurance tech”, which allowed people on Rubi-Ka to instantly rise in a cloned body upon death, to the artificially constructed and floating archipelago of Jobe, home to scientists and researchers of meta-physics and nano-technology.

Rubi-Ka with its notum was coveted by everyone in the galaxy, and while the lease time has been reduced, Omni-Tek still held the planet in its firm grip. With the rise of the clans, the corporation met with fierce resistance, though. Bloody and exhausting corporate and civil wars drained both sides in the fight, and no solution could be found, all parties thinking the situation is in a deadlock.

That is, until the shocking news in September 29478 of another species, an alien breed, invading Rubi-Ka. The conflict was no longer simple bickering and small-time wars between rebels and corporations; now it took to a whole different stage where it was species against species. No one was able to communicate with the aliens, and to this day, it is unknown why they came and what they want.


Prophet Without Honour

Prophet Without Honour is the book containing the first chapter of the Anarchy Online story. It was published and released for the game launch in 2001. The book spans events from 1949 on Earth to 29,475 on Rubi-Ka. Full book available free for download in PDF format.

Prophet Without Honour

“Only in his home town and in his own house is a prophet without honour.”
-Matthew 13.57

Prophet Without Honour begins in the year 29,475 on the planet Rubi-Ka. On this newly colonised world, orbiting two suns on the outer fringes of the galaxy, a series of momentous events will change the course of human history for all time to come. The war between Omni-Tek, the corporate entity with political and economic control over Rubi-Ka, and the rebel clans who fight for the freedom and independence of their people is just the precursor to a greater conflict that begins on Earth in the 20th Century.

Three central characters play out three converging roles - one strives for immortality, one for power and control, and one for the realisation of dreams and prophecies designed to bring humanity one step closer to its eventual fate. Spanning almost three hundred millennia of history - encompassing the fall and rebirth of mankind, the domination and destruction of a corporate hegemony, and the development of nanotechnology - this story, the first in a series, asks the question: When the future is in your hands…what do you do?

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The Tir Accord

The Tir Accord is the ceasefire agreement that was signed between the two warring sides in the Rubi-Ka conflict. It was effective for six years but was annulled when the clans and Omni-Tek could no longer co-exist peacefully.

In July 29470, the Omni-Tek Corporation and the Council of Truth signed the Tir Accord, a ceasefire agreement and territorial settlement instigated by the ICC (Interstellar Confederation of Corporations) in a bid to secure peace and foster negotiations between Omni-Tek and the rebel clans of Rubi-Ka. The ceasefire didn’t hold and the Tir Accord was annulled in October 29476.

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Years 28,702 - 29,475

OOC: Lore from 28,702 to 29,475 are events taking place prior to game launch, giving a background for the colonization of the planet and the events that establish the Clans vs Omni-Tek conflict on Rubi-Ka.


Year 28,702
Omni-Tek commission two small surface landers, the Atlantean and Rimor, to survey Rubi-Ka. They are followed by the colonist ship, the "Behemoth".

The first human vessel - a small surface lander, the “Atlantean” - makes planet-fall on Rubi-Ka. It is immediately followed by a second lander, the “Rimor”. Both surveyor vessels have been commissioned by the Omni-Tek Corporation.

Initial soil and environmental reports are transmitted back to Jupiter home base. Without subspace communication channels, contact is made by way of entangled particles.

Omni-Tek submits a lease application for Rubi-Ka to the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations (ICC). Standard processing time is four to six years, pending on-site analysis.

The crew of the Rimor leave the lander to perform soil tests. They are never heard from again.

Yves Boulez, captain of the Atlantean, reports that one of their crew members has contracted a mysterious disease and has fallen into a coma.

Data contact with the Atlantean is disrupted.

Home base receives a brief segment of an encrypted audio message from the Atlantean: “…is alive”. The message’s date- and time-code is corrupted.

The two empty mother-ships in orbit around Rubi-Ka record and transmit images of massive storms enveloping the entire planet back to home base.

The storms on Rubi-Ka finally die down.

The Omni-Tek colonization ship “Behemoth” exits hyperspace five hundred thousand kilometers from Rubi-Ka. It carries four thousand settlers and troops in suspended animation, as well as eight hundred automatons and terraforming equipment.

The Behemoth reaches orbit around Rubi-Ka. Voice and data contact is finally established with the first lander, the Atlantean. All seems well with the crew of three, despite the relentless storms.

Granted departure permission, the Atlantean blows up forty seconds after take-off. There are no survivors. The accident is attributed to a hardware malfunction caused by the sandstorms.

Year 28,703 - 28,710
Terraforming and colonization begins. With no other corporation competing for the planet, Omni-Tek is granted a 1,000 year lease.

Permanent colonisation and terraforming of Rubi-Ka begins. Subspace communication channels are established with Jupiter home base and Omni Prime, allowing for stable, high-speed data transfers.

Eight hundred automatons and one hundred human soldiers are brought down to the surface of Rubi-Ka.

As part of ICC regulations, Rubi-Ka is opened up for rival companies to survey. None bother, citing the expenses involved with travelling to and supplying such a remote solar system.

ICC representatives arrive on Rubi-Ka to perform independent surveys.

Electric storms on the surface disrupt the sensitive ICC equipment, and all tests are delayed.

The surface storms persist. In order to meet deadlines, the ICC decides to use Omni-Tek’s own records in evaluating the lease of Rubi-Ka.

A thousand year lease on Rubi-Ka is signed and authorised. The ICC registers no contenders to the lease. Rubi-Ka is considered a barren and unusable resource, far removed from transportation channels; expensive, distant, dead, and bombarded by dangerous levels of radiation from twin suns.

Omni-Tek sets up a temporary home base on Rubi-Ka; OTRK-1. It’s nicknamed “Downtown”.

The first two hundred colonists are removed from suspended animation aboard the Behemoth, and brought down to the planet surface.

Year 28,711 - 28,717
Colonization continues, and experiments into human DNA begin. Notum is discovered, which leads to legal actions and boycotts against Omni-Tek.

With ICC approval - as standard colonisation practise - Omni-Tek begins to experiment with DNA sequencing on human foetuses to produce breeds that are better suited to Rubi-Kan conditions than the regular ■■■■ Solitus.

Another two thousand colonists are shipped to the surface during the year.

Omni-Tek officially announces the discovery of notum, an element that exists in its natural form only on Rubi-Ka. The announcement causes immediate controversy across the galaxy, and the ICC launches an in-depth investigation.

Sol Banking Corporation sues Omni-Tek for providing incomplete survey reports from Rubi-Ka.

Proceedings begin in the Omni-Tek vs. Sol Banking Corporation notum trial.

The presiding judge in the notum trial throws the case out on grounds of insufficient evidence. The lease is declared legal and valid.

A coalition of rival corporations announces a complete ban on Omni-Tek products and services. The ICC declares the ban illegal, and urges the coalition to rescind the ban. The coalition accuses the ICC of favouritism.

Independent research into notum, conducted in laboratories on Earth, concludes that the element could revolutionise nanotechnology. Omni-Tek stocks almost double in value overnight.

The corporate ban on Omni-Tek products and services is quietly lifted, and the coalition disbanded. Corporations begin to pre-order shipments of raw notum for research purposes.

Year 28,718 - 28,727
Remaining colonists land on Rubi-Ka. The first notum mine is opened. Experiments into human DNA leads to new species developed for the purpose of mining. The first ■■■■ Atrox is born.

Genetic modifications of Terran fauna produce a number of unique species designed for notum mining operations.

Omni-Tek opens the first notum mine.

Notum is incorporated into nanotechnology, and, for the first time, nano-bots are now able to operate outside of the human body for an extended period of time, allowing for revolutionary new developments in nanotechnology.

The first ton of refined and processed notum is shipped off-planet.

During the year, all the remaining colonists and troops aboard the Behemoth are brought out of suspended animation and transported to the planet.

The Behemoth leaves Rubi-Ka orbit for the first time in almost twenty years. It never reaches home base, and is believed lost in subspace.

Omni-Tek opens another twelve notum mines, and by the end of the year, one hundred tons of notum has been shipped off-planet.

The first ■■■■ Atrox is born. This gene-modified human breed is designed specifically for work in the notum mines. Bred with incredible strength and stamina, the atrox make up most of the work force in the Notum mines. The atrox is androgynous, but is predominantly built using male genomes to ensure denser muscle tissue and higher stamina. This results in harder features and often facial hair. They are often viewed as dumb, and most colonists consider them lesser citizens.

The atrox is incapable of reproduction and must be cultivated in tubes.

Year 28,739 - 28,790
Notum exports reach 1 million tons, and OT secures deals to supply other corporation with the resource. Human DNA research results in the first ■■■■ Opifex.

One million tons of refined notum is shipped off-planet this year.

Omni-Tek signs a multi-century contract with three rival hyper-corporations, guaranteeing them a regular supply of notum to their business operations and colonies. Analysts expect the galactic economy to flourish in the next few centuries.

Stage one terraforming of the first habitable region of Rubi-Ka is completed. The planet now has a ten square kilometre biosphere, with rudimentary Terran flora and fauna, in addition to certain gene-modified breeds. Construction begins on the city of Omni-1 inside the enclosed area. The non-terraformed areas outside the biosphere are collectively named the Outzone.

The Omni-Tek Behemoth emerges from a wormhole in the non-corporate Preclarus system. It appears undamaged.

Preclarian ships dock with the Behemoth. The giant colonisation vessel is empty. Internal clocks are thirty-seven years behind the current time.

The Behemoth arrives back at Jupiter home base and is immediately decommissioned pending investigations into the disappearance of the crew and cargo.

A fully functioning - albeit nominal - ecosystem of genetically modified flora and fauna is introduced to the growing Rubi-Kan biosphere.

The ■■■■ Opifex is born; this breed is more adaptable than the atrox, but lacking the atrox muscle density. Originally bred for subterfuge and espionage operations, the opifex struggle with a reputation as charlatans and thieves. They adapt nicely to everyday life on Rubi-Ka, and quickly become the most numerous breed on Rubi-Ka when not including the Solitus.
The opifex is capable of reproduction.

The biosphere has now expanded to one hundred square kilometres, and includes a hydrosphere with a thriving aquatic population.

Years 28,800 - 28,860
Omni-1 is completed & OT commended for it's colonist's working conditions. A catastrophe occurs with the weather system controls which continues to suffer problems until its shutdown. This leaves the terraformed regions at the mercy Rubi-Ka's natural weather systems. Omni-2 is completed, but is soon heavily damaged by electrical storms and flooding leading citizens to demand a functioning weather control system.

The first stage of development in Omni-1 is completed. Citizens are moved from temporary habitation outside the city into the new apartment and office towers.

Omni-Tek receives formal commendations from the ICC for their humane treatment of their colonial employees. Living and working conditions on Rubi-Ka are considered some of the best of the outer colonies.

Weather control-systems are installed, two years behind schedule. Within a few weeks, disaster strikes and massive storms cause substantial damage to Omni-1. The weather control-system is immediately shut down.

Because of the severe loss of civilian life and property, the ICC conducts an independent investigation into the weather control-system catastrophe, and concludes that the fault lies with Omni-Tek engineers. Omni-Tek is urged to contract the development of new control-systems to a third party, but OT refuses.

Unable to fix the problems, Omni-Tek dismantles the entire weather control-system, and initiates development on a new environmental control-system.

Environmental control-system is quietly shut down following a series of technical mishaps. The weather and climate inside the terraformed areas remain at the mercy of the natural elements. The burgeoning public outcry is rapidly silenced.

Omni-2 is completed. The overpopulation problem in Omni-1 is (temporarily) alleviated. Omni-2 becomes an important mining town.

Omni-2 is partly destroyed by heavy electrical storms and floods. Reconstruction begins immediately. Citizens again demand a functioning weather-system.

Year 28,882 - 28,949
Omni-Tek works on developing cell-scanning technology, breakthroughs lead to the development of "resurrection" technology which it promises to make available to everyone on Rubi-Ka. Scientists prove the existence of the soul.

Using notum-enhanced nanotechnology, Omni-Tek tests a prototype cell-scanner designed to make a perfect copy of any living creature. Animal tests prove partly successful on a genetic level.

Human testing of the scanners commences, but the organic copies - so-called “clones” - lack even rudimentary intelligence, exhibit violent and anti-social tendencies, and die soon after assembly

Scientists prove the existence of a life-force inherent in all living creatures: the spirit, or the soul. Even though it can be measured, scanners are unable to copy this life-force.

A human test-subject accidentally dies in the same moment as her copy is “born”. Surprisingly, the copy appears to acquire certain memories and characteristics of the original, and scans show that portions of the test-subject’s life-force are present in the copy. They are faint, but indisputable.

Omni-Tek creates a working prototype of their new cell-scanner technology. While it is incapable of making sentient copies - clones - of still-living creatures, this technology can now recreate a person’s body at the exact moment of cellular “death”. The person’s life-force - soul - is instantly drawn to the new body with all memories and personality traits intact.

The cell-scanner technology is tested off planet. It doesn’t work. The properties of trace notum, virtually omnipresent on Rubi-Ka, appear to allow for the instantaneous transfer of the “soul” from one body to another. Scientists are uncertain how this transfer actually occurs.

Omni-Tek promises to introduce cell-scanning “resurrection” technology - life-insurance - to everyone on Rubi-Ka as soon as the technology has passed rigorous safety tests.

“Unforeseen problems” delay the introduction of insurance technology.

Year 28,973 - 29,035
Research into human DNA continues, and the first ■■■■ Nano is born while the development of insurance technology continues to experiences delays. Strange events take place in the Outzones, where the mummified remains of the Rimor crew are discovered, and all personnel from a research station disappear. The news is silenced, but TruSpace Networks learn of the rumours, and create the "Rubi-Ka: Gateway to Hell" virtual world which causes Omni-Tek to sue the network.

The first ■■■■ Nano is born in an Omni-Tek laboratory. The inclusion of trace notum into the DNA sequencing of Nano foetuses means that this breed is able to live only on Rubi-Ka. This is the most xenomorphic breed on Rubi-Ka, uniquely specialized to enhance their ability at using nano programs. The sequencing often results in a hideous visage or need of cybernetic implants to function. Many view the Nanos as both cold and cruel, as well as somewhat inhuman. The nanomages are theoretically capable of reproduction but many are rendered sterile by the notum sequencing process.

Omni-Tek scientists predict that insurance technology won’t be introduced until well after the turn of the century.

Insurance technology goes back to the drawing board after extensive tests show a less than twenty percent success rate.

The mummified remains of the crew of the “Rimor” are located by terraforming machines in the Outzone, more than six hundred kilometres from where they disappeared. The remains are brought to an Omni-Tek Outzone research station, OT-RS-051, for initial examination.

The remains of the Rimor crew and their equipment are shipped back to Omni-1 for further examination.

Research station 051 in the Outzone goes silent. Troops are dispatched to investigate.

Omni-Tek troops arrive at the Outzone research station, only to find that the entire workforce of fifty-five has disappeared without a trace. The mess hall tables are decked for dinner, entertainment systems are running, and the airlocks are secured from the inside. The incident is immediately hushed down.

TruSpace Networks learns about the mysterious disappearance of the RS-051 personnel. The story is reported galaxy-wide, causing a flood of rumours and speculations.

TruSpace Networks launches the wildly popular “Rubi-Ka: Gateway to Hell” virtual world, loosely based on the Outzone disappearances. It breaks sales-records across the galaxy. Omni-Tek sues for “improper use of an OT trademark”.

Year 29,035 - 29,919
As Rubi-Ka reaches a population of 1 Million permanent residents, the first complaints about living conditions and the treatment of workers are registered with the ICC. Matters escalate with the collapse of a notum mine and Omni-Tek's refusal to launch rescue operations. Against OT's wishes, other workers begin their own rescue operation to reach the trapped miners, regardless of the armed opposition OT guards. Trouble continues with more notum mines collapsing, and an increased death rate for worker. At ICC's suggestion, a worker's union is formed called the Omni-Tek Manual Labourer's Guild.

29,067 - 1.000.000 RESIDENTS
The permanent population of Rubi-Ka passes the one million mark.

ICC receives the first serious complaints regarding Omni-Tek workers’ conditions on Rubi-Ka. The mortality rate of the miners is alarmingly high, as are reports of brutality by security forces. Meanwhile, the salaries of OT workers are starting a downwards slide, caused - officials say - by a decline in the galactic economy and the demand for notum.

A notum mine near Omni-2 collapses, trapping three hundred automatons, eighty-five bio-engineered non-sentient creatures, and seventy-two Atrox workers. Omni-Tek refuses to launch a rescue-operation, claiming time and cost concerns, and a limited chance of success.

At a press-conference, an Omni-Tek spokesperson utters the infamous lines “They’re only Atroxes” and “We’re very concerned about our equipment”, in reference to the trapped miners.

Several hundred Omni-Tek workers defy direct OT orders and begin an improvised rescue-operation at the site of the collapsed mine.

Volunteer workers - battling both the elements and a growing contingent of Omni-Tek security personnel who are doing everything they can to stop the rescue efforts, citing “safety reasons” - clear out the collapsed mine and reach the trapped Atrox miners. But it’s too late: they are all dead. Tempers flare when on-site medical personnel claim that the trapped miners would probably be alive if an immediate effort had been made to clear the mine. OT authorities disagree. Shocked and angry workers are escorted from the site at gunpoint, and forced to return to their jobs.

ICC initiates a major investigation into Omni-Tek’s treatment of their Rubi-Kan workforce. OT files a protest.

Deadly accidents in the notum-mines increase at a rate of ten percent per year.

With a success rate of only forty percent, as well as a multitude of side-effects of cell-scanning, insurance technology is looking increasingly unfeasible. The general populace, however, clamour for the technology to be made available, despite the problems. Omni-Tek refuses, and returns to the drawing board.

ICC submits a formal complaint - signed by the majority of member corporations - regarding the working conditions on Rubi-Ka to the Omni-Tek board, and demands that improvements be made immediately

After prolonged sessions at the ICC’s headquarters on Earth, a proposal for the foundation of a miners’ union is formally presented to the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka and miner representatives.

Omni-Tek signs an agreement with the new Omni-Tek Manual Labourer’s Guild, protecting the workers’ rights. The groundwork is laid for the rise of the clans.

Year 29,119 - 29,209
After further mining accidents, the Guild announces a general strike to which OT responds with armed troops. The ICC intervenes in an attempt to prevent violence. OT signs new contracts with the workers, but failing to keep its promises, violent protests break out. OT disbands the Manual Labourer's Guild, which leads to the rise of the Clans. SOL Banking supports the Clans with weapons in exchange for raw notum. Th ensuing conflict between SOL Banking and Omni-Tek leads to the corporate wars. Taking advantage of the distraction, the Clans attack Omni facilities, successfully taking over Omni-2 and renaming the city Athen.

After a series of terrible accidents, the Guild announces a general strike, demanding new equipment, reduced shifts, and higher salaries. Omni-Tek declares the strike illegal, and sends in heavily armed troops to ensure the continued operation of the mines.

ICC intervenes before the hostilities turn violent. New contracts are drafted and signed. The miners receive a moderate increase in their salaries, and Omni-Tek promises to upgrade the antiquated equipment used in the mines.

Dissatisfied with Omni-Tek management and broken promises, workers instigate massive uprisings across Rubi-Ka. OT answers the demonstrations with firepower. Eighteen OT guards and more than three hundred workers are killed.

The Manual Labourer’s Guild is disbanded, and Omni-Tek security at all operations across Rubi-Ka is dramatically increased.

A few loose coalitions of workers in the north secretly begin to call themselves clans. They recruit new members daily from the increasingly dissatisfied Omni-Tek workforce. The clan-affiliated workers continue to operate their mines under Omni-Tek management, but they keep more than one third of the mined notum, and initiate contact with other corporations to offer up the notum for sale or trade.

The clans - increasing in numbers by the day, right beneath the noses of Omni-Tek security forces - receive weapons from Sol Banking Corporation in return for raw notum.

Without prior warning, Omni-Tek warships fire at and destroy a Sol Banking Corporation cargo-ship used to illegally transport - OT spokespeople claim - notum out of the system. OT’s actions are legal, but the ICC urges the two hyper-corporations to exercise “extreme caution”.

Three more Sol Banking Corporation ships are fired at in Rubi-Kan space. The ships manage to escape into hyperspace. Omni-Tek warships and patrollers step up their surveillance of the entire system.

The corporate war between Omni-Tek and Sol Banking Corporation heats up. The ICC attempts to broker a deal, unsuccessfully.

The corporate war between Omni-Tek and Sol Banking Corporation heats up. The ICC attempts to broker a deal, unsuccessfully.

Reaching a critical mass in numbers - and taking advantage of the escalating war between Omni-Tek and Sol Banking Corporation - the clans finally rise up against the authorities. Killing thirty-nine OT guards, sabotaging security droids and other military hardware, the clans seize control of four notum mines and announce their plans for a democratic Rubi-Ka; run by the people, for the people.

OCT 12 29,209 - CLANS TAKE OMNI-2
Still largely unopposed by Omni-Tek forces, the clans occupy Omni-2 and drive out, imprison, or execute all Omni-Tek personnel. They rename the city Athen - not after Athens in ancient Greece, but after one of the clan leaders who died in the attack.

Year 29,210 - 29,223
Omni-Tek and the Clans negotiate. A ceasefire lasts for a year, at which pint the Clans hold 75% of the terraformed regions and notum production is down 80%. Then the Corporate Wars end. Omni-Tek rearms its Rubi-Ka forces and strikes back against the Clans. With the Clans loosing, the First Civil War ends. The Clans Rights Treaty is signed, granting the Clans a limited land lease in exchange for a stop of hostilities. The ICC threatens to shorten Omni-Tek's planetary lease.

Making massive advances into the south, the clans set up base within fighting distance of Omni-1. Negotiations with Omni-Tek begin. As usual, the ICC urges caution on all sides.

A verbal ceasefire agreement between Omni-Tek and the clans is set to hold through the holidays

With the clans holding more than seventy-five percent of the terraformed regions, the ceasefire agreement lasts through the end of the year. Notum production falls by almost eighty percent, however.

The corporate war between Omni-Tek and Sol Banking Corporation ends. Inside sources claim that increasing cost, not a desire for peace, is the instigating factor. The two corporations sign mutual non-aggression and notum trade-agreement contracts. Sol Banking Corporation agrees to cut all ties with the rebel clans in perpetuity.

Eight Omni-Tek warships enter orbit around Rubi-Ka, carrying tens of thousands of troops and military hardware moved from the frontlines of the war.

With new forces in place, Omni-Tek strikes back at the clans with maximum prejudice. They are, however, careful to avoid severe losses in the civilian population.

Pulling back to the north, the clans hold out admirably against Omni-Tek troops and hardware.

Omni-Tek regains control over most of the mines, and reduces its military activity. The clans are scattered, but active.

Only a few clans are still holding out, fighting a losing war against the corporate giant, who maintains a large military presence on the frontlines.

The first Rubi-Kan civil war ends when the last of the independent groups of former Omni-Tek employees known as the clans surrender their weapons and vehicles to OT forces.

ICC urges Omni-Tek to reconsider their policies in regards to the clans, and threatens to shorten the lease on Rubi-Ka unless the issue is addressed.

The clans are granted a limited lease on land from Omni-Tek in return for an end to all future armed hostilities and the continued cooperation with Omni-Tek’s mining operations. This is the Clans Rights Treaty - the true birth of Rubi-Kan independence.

Year 29,227 - 29,387
The Clans build Tir city, and Omni completes Omni-3. The first Neutrals appear, and a group of scientists splits off from Omni-Tek to found JOBE. Clan and Omni conflict starts up again, resulting in the Second Rubi-Ka Civil War. With the arrival of more Battleships in orbit, OT strikes hard against Clan towns resulting in massive casualties. ICC submits a complaint against OT's actions.

Construction begins on the city of Tir inside clan-run territories. Plans call for Tir to be the political capital of the clans; a safe harbour and home to a democratically chosen clan council.

The first “neutrals” appear when Omni-Tek employees - as well as clan members - abandon their affiliations and settle in non-political zones. Fearing more ICC interventions, OT authorities turn a blind eye to these neutrals.

Omni-3 is completed. The city is given the official nickname “Rome”, and it’s nominated to be the future home to the post-lease Rubi-Kan democratic government.

Thirty-eight highly skilled nano-technicians and meta physicists break with Omni-Tek and establish a colony on an artificially constructed floating archipelago. They name the colony “Jobe”. OT unofficially acknowledges the colony’s autonomy in order to retain ties with the skilled colonists, and to prevent them from crossing over to the clan-side.

Clan-affiliated terrorists blow up four notum operations in a coordinated strike, killing both security forces and miners. Notum shipments are reduced by 13%, costing Omni-Tek hundreds of billions of credits.

Omni-Tek officials order the leaders of the clans to surrender all suspected terrorists to Omni-Tek security forces. They’re given a one week deadline.

Omni-Tek troops enter the city of Tir and arrest the assembled clan leaders partaking in their first unified clan council. They are immediately shipped off-planet for incarceration elsewhere.

Gathering their scattered forces, the clans begin to strike back at the occupying Omni-Tek troops. A second Rubi-Kan civil war begins.

The Tir River is contaminated with toxic waste. The clans blame the Omni-Tek forces occupying the city, but the corporation claims that the clans themselves are responsible for a failed attempt to use biological weapons against the occupying forces.

Two Omni-Tek battleships reach orbit around Rubi-Ka, and for the next six weeks, shuttles transport personnel and equipment to the ground.

Omni-Tek launches a frighteningly massive offensive against all clan-occupied northern towns and outposts. Early estimates count the dead in tens of thousands.

ICC submits a formal complaint against Omni-Tek. The complaint is supported by all member-corporations. Omni-Tek defends its actions in accordance with the lease, and rejects the complaint as groundless.

Year 29,388 - 29,420
Multiple corporations oppose Omni-Tek's actions on Rubi-Ka, and scattered fighting between OT forces and newly formed corporate military alliances breaks out across the galaxy resulting in major Corporate War. On Rubi-Ka, the Council of Truth is formed, uniting the Clans in common purpose. With diminished interest from OT in continuing military action, the 2nd Rubi-Ka Civil War ends. Corporate War escalates, with SOL Banking troops landing on Rubi-Ka. Omni-Tek unexpectedly receives support from the Clans, and SOL Banking forces are cleared from the planet.

Following heavy Omni-Tek military action against the clans, rival corporations - led by Sol Banking Corporation - clamour for ICC support in carpet-bombing OT-held interests on Rubi-Ka.

ICC refuses to get drawn into the conflict, but pleads with Omni-Tek to back down, and begin negotiations with both the clans and rival corporations.

Across the galaxy, there is scattered fighting between Omni-Tek and a newly formed corporate military alliance. Tension between ICC member-corporations increases, and observers fear the imminent collapse of the entire Confederation.

The Corporate Wars begin. Omni-Tek interests across the galaxy are targeted, and an assembled alliance fleet approaches Omni Prime.

Unwilling and unable to continue their war-efforts on Rubi-Ka, Omni-Tek withdraws from clan-held territories. There is no formal declaration of peace, however, and the war between the clans and Omni-Tek flares up from time to time in the next eight years.

The Council of Truth is formed, and goes into session for the first time. The Council’s objective is to end clan separatism, and to create a common political and non-violent front against Omni-Tek. Diplomatic channels are established with the ruling corporation, which, engaged as it is in a galaxy-wide war, is eager to avoid any escalation of the armed conflict on Rubi-Ka.

The Council of Truth establishes their political hold over the clan-held northern territories, and succeeds in uniting most of the large clans.

With all eyes turned outwards, the second Rubi-Kan civil war is, for all purposes, over.

The Corporate Wars have spread to an estimated two hundred and fifty populated solar systems, encompassing more than five hundred colonized planets. Almost one hundred corporations are engaged in the war, on five different fronts. Alliances form and disband every month.

TruSpace Networks battleships destroy four Omni-Tek vessels in orbit around Rubi-Ka, and launches orbit-to-ground rockets against Omni-1, killing thousands.

Sol Banking Corporation lands mechanised troops and war-machines on Rubi-Ka. Their objective is to seize control of Omni-Tek’s notum operations. Omni-Tek receives unexpected help from the clans in the ensuing and drawn-out ground war.

TruSpace Networks and Sol Banking Corporation military targets and corporate interests on Earth are destroyed by Omni-Tek warships. An estimated six million people are killed. ICC headquarters and installations are left completely unharmed.

The last of Sol Banking Corporation’s troops on Rubi-Ka are crushed in a coordinated strike by both Omni-Tek and clan forces.

Year 29,424 - 29,444
Insurance technology is completed and set up for Omni-Tek personnel use. The Clans and Neutrals demand access to the technology, which OT denies citing security risks. The ICC brokers a ceasefire to the 53-year long Corporate War, and establishes its own Peacekeeping force to be stationed at all major corporate colonies. As penalty for its part in the Corporate Wars, Omni's lease on Rubi-Ka is reduced to 29,550.

A nameless anti-corporate terrorist group targets Mars with advanced biological weapons. Almost ten million people die before the government is able to neutralise the bio-agent. The terrorists’ slogan is “Free Rubi-Ka”.

New scientific developments finally help Omni-Tek scientists create a 99.9% effective cell-scanning insurance technology. The technology is immediately made available to all OT employees on Rubi-Ka. But certain restrictions apply: Users have to be between the ages of 21 and 75. If the subject is too young or too old, there is a very high risk that the life-force can dissipate before reaching its new host. The technology cannot halt aging; it proves impossible to revert to an insured state more than a few weeks old. The restrictions require constant - and expensive - use of the technology to remain safely insured.

Clan-affiliated and neutral citizens demand cell-scanning technology. Omni-Tek refuses, citing security concerns.

Death becomes the new extreme sport with the rich and the young of Omni-Tek’s elite. Insurance technology - popularly (and incorrectly) known as “resurrection” - allows the insured individual to risk certain death and live to tell the tale.

Omni-Tek creates hand-held weapons designed to scatter the life-force of a living creature, circumventing the safety backup of insurance technology. The weapons are very few and far apart, and will be used only by authorised OT personnel. The security around the technology is extreme.

The Corporate Wars end with a ceasefire brokered by the ICC. The wars have claimed the lives of an estimated one hundred and twenty million people over the course of fifty-three years.

Corporate war-trials begin, but the sheer number of corporations involved means that no individual corporation can be blamed. The ICC announces the establishment of the ICC Peacekeeping Forces, with representatives stationed on all large corporate-run colonies.

As part of the cross-corporate penalties affecting all ICC member-corporations, Omni-Tek’s lease on Rubi-Ka is severely reduced. It now expires on January 1, 29500.

Omni-Tek delivers a formal protest to ICC and refuses to accept the reduced lease.

ICC and Omni-Tek agree to extend the lease to January 1. 29550, with an option to extend it further if OT complies with all future ICC rulings.

Sol Banking Corporation lodges a formal complaint against the ICC for favouritism, and moves for the ICC board to be suspended. The motion is immediately denied, but Sol is allowed to buy limited interests on Rubi-Ka starting January 1, 29500.

Year 29,447 - 29,465
Philip Ross appointed CEO of Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka. ICC demands insurance technology for all, which Omni complies with giving rise to the slogan "Rubi-Ka: Where Death Isn't Fatal!" in marketing to attract new colonists. Third Rubi-Ka Civil war starts after Omni fails to keep its end of a mining agreement; Omni Prime refuses to send more troops. ICC attempts to intervene in the conflict, fighting both OT and Clan troops, but with little support from other corporations it quickly pulls back. An eccentric trader buys up land and builds Avalon and Camelot castles, taking the name Lord Galahad, he forms the Knights clan.

Philip Ross, a lifelong company man, becomes the youngest CEO in Omni-Tek’s history.

Seeking to battle the increasing population of dangerous mutants, Philip Ross introduces an extermination reward-plan open to all residents of Rubi-Ka. The move is welcomed by most, although the Council of Truth criticises Omni-Tek for not taking proper responsibility for the mutant threat.

ICC demands that Omni-Tek makes insurance technology freely available to all citizens of Rubi-Ka.

Omni-Tek finally complies with ICC’s rulings. Insurance technology is shared with all factions on Rubi-Ka, and the technology is deregulated. The erroneous slogan “Rubi-Ka: Where Death Isn’t Fatal!” is now used by OT in their galaxy-wide marketing, to attract new colonists.

Sol Banking Corporation is suspected of operating covert notum mining-operations in the Outzone. The corporation denies the accusations. ICC investigates and finds no evidence of wrongdoing.

The galactic economy finally gains momentum after the recession, and the demand for notum increases weekly. Omni-Tek asks the Council of Truth to reopen access to OT-owned mines in the north. The Council accepts, on the condition that the clans are compensated accordingly. Omni-Tek reluctantly concedes to the Council’s demands.

Omni-Tek begins operating the closed mines in the north, but fails to give the clans any windfall from the operations. Some clans that remain unaffiliated with the Council of Truth carry out attacks on OT troops, carriers, mines, and processing facilities.

Claiming the clans are disrupting commercial interests, Omni-Tek moves to reclaim all occupied territories by force.

Peaceful protests in Tir and Omni-1 are disrupted when Omni-Tek forces fire at the crowds. Hundreds are wounded and killed, and many of the victims lack insurance.

The clans put aside political differences to join in a common military offensive against Omni-Tek.

The third Rubi-Kan civil war begins with the Battle of Stret, where more than one thousand lives are lost.

Fearful of ICC penalties, weakened by the Corporate Wars, and conscious of public opinion, Omni-Tek cautiously pulls back from the north.

A former trader uses his immense fortune to buy land from the clans, and builds Avalon and Camelot in less than six months. He founds the clan Knights, and names himself Lord Galahad.

The Omni-Tek board on Omni Prime rejects a request from Omni-Tek of Rubi-Ka for additional forces in the war with the clans. Notum production in the south is sufficient to meet current galactic demands. In addition, OT has to deal with a tattered reputation in the marketplace, and another war isn’t helping.

Armed ICC personnel attempt to intervene in the civil war on Rubi-Ka, but there is little support from corporations still licking their wounds from the Corporate Wars. The ICC ends up fighting both clan and Omni-Tek soldiers on two fronts, and quickly pulls back.

Year 29,466 - 29,475
First appearance of the Dust Brigade, who conduct multiple attacks against Omni-Tek and sabotage insurance patterns. Omni blames the CoT, leading to renewed clan attacks on Omni territories. A ceasefire is called, followed by the Tir Accord. The CoT is labeled as traitors to the Clan cause by the Sentinels who break ties with the council. The accord is threatened by further Dust Brigade attacks. Omni-Tek lifts restrictions on colonization leading to a massive influx of new colonists.

Omni-Tek media channels receive a video message with the words: “Tomorrow, the hand of justice will crush the Omni-Tek war machine. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” None of the stations broadcast the message to the public, believing it a hoax.

OCT 07 29,466 - 1466 OT EMPLOYEES KILLED
One thousand, four hundred and sixty-six Omni-Tek soldiers are massacred in six separate assaults across OT-held territory. Witnesses at four of the sites report seeing commandos wearing crimson uniforms, hoods, and environmental masks. At the same time, insurance-pattern databases in Omni-1 are sabotaged. There is no hope for any of the murdered soldiers.

The Council of Truth denies all knowledge of the terrorist acts, and claims to have no information about who carried out the attacks. Omni-Tek states publicly that the Council has lost control over the clans, and cannot be trusted.

Omni-Tek strikes back at the clans, destroying civilian installations, crippling transportation, and killing hundreds of clan-members. But the reprisals appear to have little effect on clan morale.

Crippled by the mother-corporation’s refusal to ship additional forces to Rubi-Ka, Omni-Tek of Rubi-Ka struggles against the onslaught of the dedicated and fearless clans.

A relatively anonymous clan activist, Henry Radiman, takes on the responsibility of leading the Council of Truth during these tough times.

Omni-Tek has grown weary of war. Few large scale battles are fought, and outposts and minor strategic positions change hands every few weeks.

After a virtual standstill of over a year, the war effort heats up with renewed and regular clan offences against the south. Omni-Tek forces prioritise guarding notum operations.

With the clans now less than fifty miles from Omni-1, dug down under a barrage of Omni-Tek fire, the third Rubi-Kan civil war is halted by a ninety-day ceasefire.

The Council of Truth, Omni-Tek representatives, and ICC observers sign the Tir Accord. A permanent ceasefire is finally in effect.

Simon Silverstone, leader of the clan Sentinels, declares that the members of the Council of Truth are traitors to the clan cause, and cuts all political ties with the Council. The Sentinels are immediately joined by a large number of extremist clans.

A series of coordinated terrorist attacks against civilian Omni-Tek targets across the south - accompanied by broadcasts of the slogan “Dust to Dust” from hacked satellites - endangers the Tir Accord.

The Council assures Omni-Tek that they will do their utmost to curtail any future military actions against both civilian and corporate targets by so-called clan-affiliated separatists.

The Tir Accord Addendum is signed by the Council and a majority of the rebel clans. Omni-Tek forces pull back completely from clan-controlled areas. It’s not, however, a full concession to clan independence, but OT operations in the north have been abandoned.

Scattered hostilities between rogue clans and Omni-Tek troops continue for the next four years, but the fragile peace appears to hold - for now.

Illegal restrictions on colonisation are lifted after prolonged ICC objections. Rival corporations are now allowed to transport passengers to and from Rubi-Ka. Ships in orbit immediately begin to transport new colonists to the surface. The population mushrooms overnight, causing logistical problems and chaos. The Rubi-Kan infrastructure is unprepared for the massive influx of colonists.




Years 29,475 - Current

OOC:Lore after 29,475 often includes references to game events (like Uncle Pumpkinheads at Halloween), in-character expansion announcements and the outcomes of story line events. Many articles were written by players for the AO News agencies.


The Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka (OT-RK) announced today an unconditional amnesty for all registered and unregistered members and supporters ' both political and military ' of the illicit rebel clans of Rubi-Ka. At the same time, OT-RK reinforces their commitment to the existing ceasefire which has been increasingly strained in the past few months.

“The amnesty will hopefully open up a new channel of communications between Omni-Tek and the clans, particularly the Council of Truth,” said OT-RK CEO Philip Ross in a statement to the press this morning. “Our objective is to work towards a new era of peace and understanding between our respective people, and to bolster the provisional ceasefire that’s been in effect since the signing of the Tir Accord. The amnesty will allow those who have committed crimes in the name of the clans to come out and hand in their weapons of aggression, without having to fear reprisals or their freedom ’ and perhaps to even join the Omni-Tek Corporation and start a whole new life.”

The amnesty will supplement the already existent ceasefire between OT-RK and the rebel clans.

“The ceasefire has been suffering lately,” said Ross, “partly because of the recent influx of new colonists ’ both Omni-Tek employees and clan supporters ’ and partly because of a lack of commitment on both sides. The amount of random violence in the past few months has been staggering, and this is something we need to find an immediate solution to. The ceasefire and the amnesty are the first steps on the long road towards reconciliation. I also want to extend a formal invitation to the Council to meet and discuss the terms of a lasting peace. We would like to enter into peace negotiations as soon as possible, and it is our hope that the amnesty shows our genuine commitment to this cause.”

Effective immediately, the amnesty guarantees that an unconditional pardon is granted to every individual who has committed criminal acts against OT-RK in support of the rebel cause. Under corporate laws, the very act of being a registered member of the clans ’ or a political and/or military supporter of the clans ’ is a crime punishable by imprisonment and/or deportation.

With the amnesty in effect, clan members are also free to apply for a position within the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka.

“Our wish is for this to be the beginning of a new era of cooperation between ourselves and the free citizens of Rubi-Ka,” said Philip Ross. “Our sincerest hope is that the amnesty and ceasefire will prove without the shadow of a doubt that we are committed to peace. The ball is now in the hands of the rebel clans, and, most importantly, the Council of Truth.”

The Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka is a subsidiary of the Omni-Tek Corporation. Omni-Tek is headquartered on Omni Prime, a planet in the Omni system. Omni-Tek was founded on Earth in 12274, and has grown to become the largest and most profitable hyper-corporation in history.

Strange pumpkin-headed creatures appear in areas surrounding Omni-1 on Halloween. With the help of brave citizens, they are quickly wiped out.

The unexplained appearance of hundreds of mutated humanoid creatures throughout the southeast can not and should not be attributed to Omni-Tek, said a spokesperson for the corporation in a statement this morning.

Yesterday, thousands of citizens of the Omni-controlled southeast, and the areas bordering on Omni-1, were caught by surprise when they were viciously attacked by mutations that had apparently been made-up to look like pumpkin-headed monsters. Halloween is traditionally a holiday associated with pumpkins, and the mutations are believed to have been set loose to coincide with the holiday. The attacks were unprovoked and occurred in OT-controlled areas.

“It’s gotta be the clans,” said OT worker Alkesh Cella, who barely escaped with his life when him and his three co-workers were attacked by “a pack” of mutations at a construction site just east of Omni-1. Cella continued: “Only they is sneaky enough to play with genes and crap to make something as freakish as a monster with a big, orange vegetable head. This only confirms, like, major, that the amnesty’s a no-good idea, the ceasefire’s bogus, and we should blast the hell out of all of them, like, instant.”

Mr. Cella’s opinions were echoed across the south, as OT employees and civilians felt themselves to be specifically targeted by clan terrorism. Omni-Tek has yet to make any official statement regarding the clans’ involvement in the affair, but they are expected to do so soon.

The appearances of the mutations have been accompanied by fierce local storms centred on Omni forest, although Omni-Tek strongly denies any link between the two incidents.

According to a Herald source, OT will be sending in troops to deal with the mutations, and they expect the infected areas to be cleaned out “shortly”. In the meantime, citizens are advised not to enter the infected areas, or indeed to leave Omni-1, unless accompanied by armed guards.

Henry Radiman convenes unaffiliated clan leaders at the Council of Truth building in Tir for a chance to voice their opinions. There is widespread scepticism of Omni-Tek's amnesty.

Three weeks ago, Omni-Tek offered an unconditional amnesty to all clan citizens. This unprecedented move took weary citizens by surprise and placed an immense amount of pressure on the Council of Truth to issue a statement. Weeks went by with little official reaction, other than the occasional public relations statement by PR Director Gelsa Samarind. Factions began to renounce Council affiliation, the most prominent being Commander Portman’s Red Freedom, which defected following a peace rally mishap at Omni HQ. Following this split, other clans began to question their ties with the Council of Truth, an organization with little public representation.

This changed with yesterday’s summit, the success of which lies squarely in the corner of Henry Radiman. A veteran speaker and politician, Radiman represented the Council of Truth in a meeting with over 45 of the most prominent unaffiliated clan leaders. The eloquent Radiman addressed the leaders’ concerns about holding together the fragile alliance in the northern territories. A great deal of information was exchanged, and Mr. Radiman promised to take the concerns to the next gathering of the Council of Truth which is scheduled to take place in a few days’ time. The Council will make a decision about how to officially respond to the amnesty, and whether or not to enter into negotiations with Omni-Tek. Indeed, this meeting represents a new era of cooperation among the forces opposed to the Omni-Tek occupation of Rubi-Ka. What will come of this meeting is still unknown; the Council will probably take some time to make a decision regarding the amnesty. But it now has the opinions of the general public.

At the conclusion of the last meeting, Radiman approached the delegates and addressed a concern from Aristophanes, the leader of Clan Revolution. Aristophanes pointed out that “We are fighting for our freedoms”, and stepped back to await the answer from Radiman. After a slight pause, Radiman gave his answer; “I think we already won the fight for freedom. And now we must use our freedom to forge peace.” Indeed Mr. Radiman, you must forge peace. Because without it, the freedom earned by so many fallen warriors will be for nothing.

One section of the delegation awaits Radiman’s speech. Attending the assembly were a wide variety of races and professions, a true representation of the diversity of the clans. In the back we see a man known only as “Joshua”, reported to be a personal bodyguard of Mr. Radiman.

Agent Whitedread approaches Henry Radiman to offer his opinion on the current amnesty. Whitedread was one of the many clan leaders who expressed concerns over renegade OT employees not respecting the current ceasefire.

Delegates wait outside the newly renovated Council of Truth building for admittance. Many of them are wearing the new line of formal clothing by Miiir, and others are sporting traditional military formal dress.

Four delegates prepare for an escort to the main Council meeting chamber. Counsel Judson Wagner (on the right) from the clan Journeymen assisted Radiman in keeping track of the order in which the delegates would speak.

The Council of Truth acknowledges the amnesty and votes to enter into official peace talks with Omni-Tek.

The Council of Truth voted in favour of commencing peace negotiations with the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka.

No indication was given as to the number of votes cast for and against the proposition, nor is the Council expected to hold any press-conferences in the immediate future regarding their decision. It is believed that Henry Radiman may meet with Omni-Tek RK CEO Philip Ross in the immediate future, but the precise date and location of such a meeting has not been made public.

Inside sources claim that a meeting between the two leaders would have to take place in Omni-1, for security reasons, and that the middle of next week is the earliest time that Mr. Radiman and Mr. Ross are likely to meet face-to-face.

The Omni-Tek Corporation has yet to issue a response to the Council’s statement, and refused to give any indication as to when, or if, such a response would be issued.

A decoy of Henry Radiman is assassinated in Omni-1. The assassin, one Joesph Aberic Capo, is identified and later captured.

An attempt was made on the life of Council of Truth leader Henry Radiman in central Omni-1. While early rumours suggested that Mr. Radiman had been assassinated, the rumours proved untrue when it was revealed that a human decoy of Mr. Radiman had been murdered in his stead. Mr. Radiman himself was immediately ferried to a safe location, and it is expected that the meeting between the two leaders will commence as planned.

While Mr. Radiman is believed to be fully insured, and his age is still well within the safety limits for successful physical restoration, the inherent dangers of insurance technology made for a tense situation, especially in light of the progressing negotiations between the Council of Truth and Omni-Tek. There were also unsubstantiated rumours that Mr. Radiman’s insurance patterns were sabotaged prior to the attack.

Mr. Radiman had arrived at Omni-Tek HQ under armed guard to initiate talks with Omni-Tek RK CEO Philip Ross. This morning, Mr. Ross made a statement regarding the incident:

"Nothing can halt the progress of peace. The amnesty has the full support of the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka, as well as the support of the Omni-Tek Board of Directors on Omni Prime. The assassination-attempt on Henry Radiman by a rogue Omni-Tek employee was nothing but the act of a desperate criminal. Omni-Tek will use every resource at its disposal to bring all those responsible to justice. Omni-Pol has been conducting an internal investigation of all departments aimed at locating and removing criminal elements.

“Omni-Tek’s goal ’ my goal ’ is to commence peace negotiations with the Council of Truth without further delay. Any individual claiming to be affiliated with our corporation, working against a unified corporate goal, does so in direct violation of official company policies. Furthermore, we condemn any and all terrorist activities conducted by said individuals. Omni-Tek will pursue peace at all costs. Nothing will prevent that.”

Henry Radiman and Philip Ross meet face to face for the first time, at the Omni-Tek Corporation's headquarters in the capital city.

A TAG Editorial

So now we have to deal with the Council of Truth and Omni-Tek getting all friendly and informal on us. There’s nothing to put the gag-reflex into action quicker than the image of Philip Ross and Henry Radiman with the smilies and the handshakes, the “good to see you, Henry” and the “same to you, Phil, how’s the wife and kids?”, and the arms-joined-in-joyful-celebration shtick. There’s something powerfully ■■■■■■■■■■ about those two ancient geezers having a tête-à-tête in Omni-1; an antiquated representation of a chummy male-dominated political system which, when it comes down to it, is remarkably analogous on either side of the fence: For the Council of Truth and Omni-Tek both, it’s mostly about image.

TAG isn’t against peace. Don’t misunderstand me. We welcome peace with open arms. We don’t want to see another war tearing Rubi-Ka apart at the fragile seams. The last few years of relative quiet have been the most productive and constructive in memory.

But still, there’s something disconcerting and almost disturbing about witnessing the slow and inevitable process of d’tente that we’re now witnessing like the first act of a play that you know will, eventually, turn into a bloody tragedy. You feel as though someone’s being led to the slaughterhouse, but it’s not really clear who, or how it’s an uncertain certainty.

We’re not in the business of scandals or disasters, as some keep suggesting. We don’t hope for the worst so that we can write up a sensationalist report and cash in on the traffic. We have families. We have homes. We have jobs that would be in jeopardy were one side to rule unchecked on Rubi-Ka. We depend on political stability through equal but opposite ideologies in constant dialogue. We would, in fact, benefit greatly from improved political relations and a restructured governing body on Rubi-Ka.

And if this truly is it: if this truly is the beginning of something lasting and solid, the foundation for a bipartisan Rubi-Ka government, TAG will be first in line to offer our support. But we’ll also be first in line to criticise Radiman and Ross if they appear to playing a more dangerous game; one of political camaraderie, I-rub-your-back-if-you-rub-mine (inside or outside the closet), a game of false fronts and big grins. A game of peace.

Because if it is a game, it’s one where every player is a loser. Our history is a bloody one. We hope, wish, and pray for peace. But we don’t want peace to come with a price tag none of us can afford. We don’t want the ancient gentlemen to sell us down the river in political shenanigans concealed by press releases and pretty speeches. And we don’t want a world where Radiman and Ross are the very best of chums, because that’s not what freedom, liberty, and politics is all about.

Ramos Kawamoto, Editor-in-Chief

The suspected assassin and conspirators in the Radiman assassination-attempt are put on corporate trial, and found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and of disobeying the corporate agenda.

Commander Adrienne Portman of the extremist clan Red Freedom is captured and jailed by Omni-Tek forces. She is brought to a high security facility and kept under constant watch.

Radiman and Ross meet regularly to flesh out a final agreement - encompassing land, government, and notum mining - between the clans and Omni-Tek. A lasting peace is within grasp.

An apartment complex in Omni-1 is levelled to the ground by an anti-matter explosion. The words "dust to dust" once more echo across Rubi-Ka, and for those who remember the last war, the tentative and long hoped-for peace now appears a lost cause.

Tonight, in what Omni-Tek civil authorities believe to be an act of domestic terrorism, an apartment complex in Omni-1’s entertainment district was levelled to the ground by a suspected anti-matter bomb.

“Based on initial site investigations, the blast pattern appears to be consistent with an anti-matter detonation,” said Omni-Pol media liaison Burton Shogren. “This is, however, an ongoing investigation, and we will not rule out other, less dramatic, explanations to what’s happened here.”

The apartment complex in question housed several dozen children and teenagers, as well as senior citizens without legal access to insurance technology. It’s also believed that a large percentage of the residents who were within insurance safety-limits had not updated their patterns for several months, which could bring the final death-toll into the hundreds.

When asked about the rumoured discovery of some kind of calling-card left by the suspected terrorists, Shogren refused to go into detail, citing once again the fact that this is still an active investigation.

The Council of Truth was quick to make a statement regarding the incident. They extended their condolences to the families of the victims, as well as to all Omni-Tek employees, and stated that “should this terrible accident prove to be the work of terrorists, the Council will strongly condemn their actions and we will do our utmost to apprehend and punish the guilty parties”.

Fears quickly spread across Rubi-Ka that this incident would put an immediate end to the amnesty, but OT-RK CEO Philip Ross went on the record last night, saying that the amnesty holds, investigations are being conducted, and all channels of communication with the Council are maintained. “Especially now,” Mr Ross said, “do we need the full cooperation of the Council of Truth; to show everyone that violence is not a solution.”

Others are not so optimistic. Violence broke out in several locations last night and this morning, and with rumours of a calling-card related to the “dust” transmissions of the past few weeks, some citizens believe that the terrorists are linked to the Dust Brigade that was active during the last civil war.

“I was just a kid back then,” said Blanche ‘Robin’ Guiney, a student, “but I still remember being terrified whenever I heard the Brigade had struck again. I get that same feeling now, like we’re all vulnerable and at the mercy of people without morals or emotions. It’s almost enough to make you join Omni-Tek, what with these guys being clan sympathisers and all.”

There are several independent reports of alleged attacks by human clones.

The Voice of Freedom
December 20 29475

by The Editor

You have got to be kidding me.

First we had the pumpkin-head creatures. Ridiculous, yes, but they posed a real threat to Omni-Tek about a month and a half ago. Clanners said it was the work of mad OT scientists. But then they always blame it on mad OT scientists.

Now we have freakin’ clones. Who comes up with these things?

First of all, we all know that the cloning of adult individuals is impossible. You can grow a copy of yourself on a genetic level, and raise it in hopes that some day he or she will be as close a copy of you as anyone could ever be, but it simply won’t be you. Different soul, different individual. The development of insurance technology showed that you can’t copy a being’s life-force; you end up with a visually perfect copy that’s nothing but an empty shell.

So what’s all this ballyhoo about attacks by clones across Rubi-Ka?

Simple hysteria. We’re all on the knife’s edge following the incident in Omni-1, and the rumoured return of the Brigade; we’re reading a lot into what’s probably just an uncoordinated assault of mutants. There are thousands of the bastards, and sometimes they gang up. It’s a fact of life, and it’s part of what makes Rubi-Ka the most exciting and screwed-up planet in this galaxy.

Here’s a tip: Want to get a Christmas present from OT this year? Go out and hunt some mutants. Cash into your account, straight from the silver-lined pockets of Boss Ross. If you’re ever going to give the Corporation credit for doing something for clanners, it’s giving non-OT employees equal bounty for mutant-hunting. They profit from it in the long run, true, but they also pay out a fair prize for every failed experiment and nasty critter shot down or chopped to pieces.

As for the attack of the clones let’s get real: There aren’t any secret OT cloning facilities. That’d be a pretty ludicrous concept, right out of the worst sci-fi flicks imaginable. And remember; I’m usually the first paranoid-schizophrenic to suspect an OT conspiracy.

Happy Holidays!

Omni-Tek denies media rumours of secret cloning facilities, calling the reports "a hoax", and pointing to research that proves it's impossible to clone a person's life-force.

Reports across the Grid and in clan-affiliated media regarding an attack of “clones” in key areas like Galway, and Newland, are untrue, Omni-Tek officials stated this afternoon.

“Certain individuals and media sources have propagated an elaborate hoax involving a rather unexciting Omni-Tek bio-hazardous materials laboratory,” said Florencia Bernau of Omni-Med to the Herald. “This laboratory is as dull as laboratories come, and we are certainly not involved with the creation of any so-called ‘clones.’ As you well know, the cloning of human beings have proved unsuccessful, as the life-force ‘the soul’ of an individual cannot be replicated. It’s preposterous to think that Omni-Med would engage in such useless experiments, especially at a site as humdrum as this one.”

An Omni-Pol spokesperson blames the attacks on mutants, and calls on the citizens of Rubi-Ka, from both sides of the political divide, to step up the hunt for mutant activity across the terraformed regions.

Omni-Pol releases a statement regarding the Omni-1 blast, calling early reports of terrorist activities premature, and stating that the evidence gathered so far is inconclusive. Planet-wide security is stepped up, however, and the investigation continues.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
December 21. 29475 · 13:28 RST

Despite persistent rumours pointing to terrorist activities as the cause of the destruction of an apartment complex in Omni-1’s entertainment district on the evening of December 19th, sources within Omni-Pol ’ currently in charge of the criminal investigation ’ say that there are still some doubts regarding the origin of the explosion that rocked the capital city on Tuesday.

Early reports pointed to an anti-matter detonation, and video footage of the explosion seems to substantiate this theory, yet investigators are still looking into potential accidental causes of the explosion.

Omni-Pol media liaison Burton Shogren was evasive when pushed on the issue of the calling-card that some sources have alluded to, but he did confirm that investigators are looking “very closely at some evidence that might support the terrorist theory”. Omni-Pol is saying, however, that the investigations are ongoing, and because of the necessity for secrecy in such matters especially if illegal anti-matter devices were used (the use of anti-matter was banned completely after the Corporate Wars) ’ further details might not be revealed to the public until some time in January.

The official death-toll of the Omni-1 explosion has now risen to a confirmed 158 citizens dead, 132 of which were Omni-Tek employees. 49 of the dead were children or teenagers below the insurance age-requirement, and 23 were senior citizens above the threshold. The remaining 86 adults either lacked insurance, or their insurance had expired. Omni-Tek attempted to restore more than 30 of the patterns, but they were unsuccessful.

Going into the holiday season, Omni-Pol as well as Omni-AF’s anti-terrorist squads have stepped up security in all key areas of OT-held areas as a precaution against possible repeat attacks by terrorists.

The Omni-Pol investigation into the blast in Omni-1 concludes. At a press-conference, OT spokespeople confirm that the extremist clan the Dust Brigade was behind the terrorist attack.

The Omni Herald
January 15. 29476

In a closed press-conference this morning, held at the Omni-Tek Corporation’s headquarters in Omni-1, senior O-T Administration officer Malena Romento confirmed that the explosion in Omni-1’s entertainment district on December 19th of last year was a deliberate act of terrorism carried out by clan activists.

Ms Romento also confirmed that a radical militant clan calling themselves the “Dust Brigade” have claimed responsibility for the explosion, which killed 158, including 49 children and teenagers. She refused to speculate, however, on whether or not this clan is the same “Dust Brigade” that was active during the last civil war, answering only that possible connections are being “looked into”.

Omni-Pol media liaison Burton Shogren was also in attendance at the press-conference, and Mr Shogren revealed that an anti-matter bomb was “most definitely” the cause of the massive blast. In addition, he stated that Omni-Pol fears the terrorist clan may have access to more illegal weapons, including anti-matter devices. Mr Shogren made it clear that Omni-Pol considers the terrorists a “clear and present danger” to Omni-Tek employees on Rubi-Ka, and that all citizens should be on the look-out for, and report, any suspicious activity. At the end of the press-conference, Mr Shogren reported that Omni-Pol’s forces will receive active and ongoing assistance from the Omni-Tek Armed Forces in rooting out the terrorists, leaving “no stone unturned until those responsible are found and put on trial”.

When asked whether or not this evidence of terrorist acts by a confirmed radical clan, a blatant violation of the Tir Accord, would affect the ongoing negotiations between Omni-Tek and the Council of Truth, Ms Romento only stated that OT-RK CEO Philip Ross was informed of all the facts in the case, and that any change in policy would be up to him and the board.

In closing, Ms Romento criticised the Council of Truth for “a lack of constructive involvement” in the investigation, and for appearing more concerned with covering their own backs than with assisting Omni-Tek in unearthing the truth and tracking down the killers.

The Council was contacted regarding Ms Romento’s statement, but refused to comment.

Omni-Tek and Council of Truth spokespeople confirm that talks between the two parties have been "temporarily halted" while the current situation is assessed. The Council claims that the decision to terminate the talks was Omni-Tek's, and that the Council wishes to resume negotiations as soon as possible.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
January 16. 29476 · 12:46 RST

A few minutes ago, an Omni-Tek spokesperson confirmed yesterday’s reports of a halt in the negotiations between OT and the Council of Truth. When contacted, a Council of Truth official confirmed the report.

The talks between the two parties commenced in November of last year, and were expected to lead to a new and stronger contract between the Omni-Tek Corporation, the official administrative body of Rubi-Ka, and the Council of Truth which represents a broad selection of moderate clans. It was expected that territorial disputes would be settled, and that there would be a halt to the random violence between the two parties.

While the talks have been halted - temporarily, according to both spokespeople the Tir Accord still holds. Last amended in 29470, the Accord states that neither Omni-Tek nor the Council of Truth-affiliated clans will make territorial demands, nor engage in direct armed conflict.

Both the Council and Omni-Tek are believed to release separate statements this afternoon.

Philip Ross issues a statement, warning of "a war against terrorism, radicals, and extremists who treat freedom and justice with contempt." There is an immediate public outcry against Ross' choice of words.

The Omni Herald
January 17. 29476 · 16:08 RST

A few minutes ago, the Herald received a recorded statement from OT-RK CEO Philip Ross. Here is the statement in its entirety:

"On Monday, I was personally informed by Omni-Pol of conclusive evidence in the investigations into the explosion on December 19th, pointing to clan-affiliated terrorists as the culprits. This evidence has been substantiated by said terrorists, who have claimed responsibility for the blast.

"Unfortunately, the threat persists: Just this morning, the Omni Herald Grid-feed was interrupted by hostile broadcasts of unknown origin, and Omni-Pol has been informed of possible threats to Omni-Tek interests in the immediate future.

"This state of affairs cannot and will not continue. The Omni-Tek Corporation will not stand idly by while the lives of employees and fellow citizens remain at risk. The terrorist scourge must be eliminated. Omni-Pol has already rooted out key criminal elements in their ongoing investigation, and our Armed Forces stand ready to be called into action if and when military action against terrorist targets is required.

"If this is a war, it’s not a war on the clans, or the Council of Truth. It’s a war against terrorism, against radicals and extremists who treat freedom and justice with contempt. The Council has been blamed for inaction, and while I cannot personally comment on that, I will say that Henry Radiman has had a positive influence on me in the past two months, and that I continue to hold him in the greatest of esteem. I am certain that the Council will cooperate in our hunt for the murderers who hide behind false claims of fighting for the clan cause, and Omni-Tek pledges to carry on the constructive talks with the Council once this matter is behind us.

“Until then, I ask everyone to remain calm, and not to incite to more violence. If any gun should be raised, it should be against the terrorists and those who support their cause, no matter what side they claim to be on: clan, neutral, or Omni-Tek.”

The Art Gallery - TAG - publishes an editorial with the headline "War?". Grid-access to TAG triples, and the story quickly becomes a hot-button topic.

A TAG Editorial*
January 18. 29476

“Call for war, and war will heed your call.”
-Henry Radiman

December 19th, 29475: An apartment building in Omni-1’s entertainment district is levelled to the ground by an anti-matter explosion. 160 people die; some are above or below insurance age-limits, others simply cannot afford, or have neglected to, insure themselves. Rubi-Ka Headline Services uses the phrase “domestic terrorism” in connection with the incident. Word begins to circulate that the Dust Brigade, a radical clan faction responsible for terrorist acts against civilian and military targets on both sides during the last civil war, has claimed full responsibility. The Omni-Tek Corporation chooses to tread cautiously. They refuse to comment on the terrorist rumours, point the finger at no-one, and launch a large-scale Omni-Pol criminal investigation. Public response is muted; the dead are soon forgotten, and the matter brushed under the proverbial carpet.

It appears that no one really wanted to know the truth. A few Omni-Tek employees cried bloody murder, and clamoured for their superiors to launch all-out war against the clans. But this was a vicious minority, a lynch-mob unconcerned with the human tragedy, interested only in a chance to live out their sadistic fantasies with an official sanction.

On January 15th, the criminal investigation into the blast is completed, and the facts are laid on the table for all to see. This was an act of domestic terrorism, Omni-Pol concludes in their report, an act conducted by a radical splinter group that has assumed the nomenclature “Dust Brigade”, and who claims to fight for the clan cause. Whether or not this is the same Dust Brigade that terrorised our planet five years ago is a moot point; a snake by any other name is still a snake. Negotiations between Omni-Tek and the Council of Truth are broken off, and the situation, once again, escalates. And still everyone focuses on the same old tired rhetoric, turning this into a clans-versus-Omni-Tek situation, refusing once again to face reality; that we are faced with a new and potentially deadly threat to our society. This is about a lot more than politics: it’s a matter of life and death.

And then Philip Ross decides to use the dreaded W-word in a personal statement to all Rubi-Kans, and suddenly everyone is up in arms. It took one man’s opinion to do what callous murderers and terrorists could not; to unite clan-members and OT employees in a common front.

It’s not hard to see why. It’s been less than six years since the last war ended, and there’s not a man, woman, or child on this planet who weren’t personally affected by that war, physically or emotionally. We don’t like to be reminded of the things that cause us pain, especially when those memories demand that we take action. And, let’s face it, it’s easier to cry foul than to step in and do what’s right. It’s easier to attack Philip Ross for his choice of words than to take action against the terrorists.

It’s not often that TAG actively and publicly supports Philip Ross, or Henry Radiman, but in this case we have no choice. When Ross calls the Dust Brigade terrorists, it’s not an affront to the clans; it’s a warning to criminals who believe that political goals are attained through violence, chaos, and anarchy, and who think that they can hide behind the clan ticket and remain unsullied under the pretence of supporting a “cause”. In his statement, Ross makes it very clear that, “If this is a war, it’s not a war on the clans, or the Council of Truth. It’s a war against terrorism, against radicals and extremists who treat freedom and justice with contempt.” You can not get any more specific than that. And while not everyone will approve of Ross’ choice to use the word “War”, seeing as how the negative connotations are still strong in people’s minds and hearts, it is important for him to show Rubi-Kans that terrorism will not be tolerated, that those who oppose peace will never find peace, and that the Omni-Tek Corporation is willing to use any means necessary to eliminate this appalling threat to our world security, even war.

Henry Radiman and the Council of Truth have come out in support of Omni-Tek’s hard line against the Dust Brigade. If the Council has done little to assist in the investigations, it would be because of their precarious political position. They are caught between opposing clans’ some who clamour for war, others who yearn for peace, and, unlike Omni-Tek, the Council cannot make arbitrary and hasty decisions. The Council answers to its members, to all affiliated clans, and this severely limits its ability to respond as quickly and efficiently as Omni-Tek. Thus the Council may appear to waver and procrastinate, which, to a corporation like Omni-Tek, trying to run a complex investigation, may be interpreted as an unwillingness to cooperate.

The peace-question-mark that we wrote about last year now appears to be in mortal danger. So, appropriately but unfortunately, we’ve changed that peace-question-mark into a war-question-mark. But the greatest fear right now is that this question-mark becomes an exclamation-mark, setting us right back to where we were fifteen years ago, at the outset of another prolonged and bloody conflict. It’s important, therefore, to truly listen to what is being said, no matter who says it, and not what we think has been said. It’s important to react appropriately and immediately to events that require our attention, even when those events bring forth uncomfortable memories. And it’s important to stand together, not apart, when faced with a threat that could very well lead us, God forbid, into a new civil war.

-Ramos Kawamoto, Editor-in-Chief

There are rumours of a "war of words" between Omni-Tek and the Council of the Truth, and many expect the amnesty to end soon.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
January 21. 29476 · 18:36 RST

Despite negotiations being terminated and all official communication being broken off between the Omni-Tek Corporation and the Council of Truth, as a result of last week’s revelation that clan-affiliated terrorists were behind the December 19th blast in Omni-1, sources report that, over the weekend, there has been a “war of words” between Omni-Tek and the Council of Truth representatives.

While there is little to no official information to be garnered, said sources emphasise that the amnesty may be terminated soon. Therefore, clan-members are advised to evacuate Omni-Tek held territories, and vice-versa, before the conflict intensifies.

Headline Services would like to emphasise that this is only a rumour, and until we receive official confirmation of a possible escalation of the current situation, we will treat it as such.

Omni-Pol enters the city of Sabulum in the perpetual wastelands in what they call an official and legitimate police action against suspected criminals. The operation is interrupted by clan-members critical of what they perceive as an intrusion into clan territory, and fighting breaks out between the two parties, prompting Omni-Pol to request the assistance of the Omni-Tek Armed Forces.

The Omni Herald
January 21. 29476 · 24:38 RST

Acting on reliable information that the city of Sabulum in the Perpetual Wastelands is being used as a base of operations by radical militant clans - including, Omni-Pol sources say, the terrorist group known as the Dust Brigade - Omni-Pol yesterday launched an official and legitimate police action against targets in the city, led by Captain Xeril Renton, and assisted by Captain Baxie Orbin of Enigma.

With the full compliance of the Council of Truth, and operating well within the boundaries of the Tir Accord and ICC regulations, Omni-Pol forces secured Sabulum Monday afternoon, and conducted a house-to-house search for suspected criminals, wanted for questioning in connection with a string of illicit activities, including the December 19th blast in Omni-1.

The police action proceeded according to plan, with few altercations, until around 1800 hours yesterday evening, when the Omni-Pol forces were attacked by clan-members from, amongst others, the extremist clans later identified as Clan Anarchist Syndicate and Eternal Fury.

After a prolonged confrontation, the clans were eventually forced to retreat, but not without heavy injuries on both sides. The fully insured Omni-Pol personnel did not suffer permanent physical harm, with one unfortunate exception: Captain Renton, the commanding officer of the Omni-Pol operation, was shot and killed by an unidentified clan-member. His insurance pattern was corrupted on regeneration - an accident, Omni-Pol sources say - and Omni-Med doctors are still attempting to reconstruct his body, although they fear that Captain Renton’s life-force may already have dissipated completely.

This unprovoked and illegal assault on a legitimate Omni-Pol operation gave the administration no choice but to impose martial law on Sabulum, and draft the OT Armed Forces into action to further secure and protect the city and its residents. These actions, Omni-Pol and Omni-AF spokespeople say, are well within the parameters of the Tir Accord, and were taken as a necessary response to illegal clan interference.

At approximately 2030 hours last night, clan-members renewed their efforts to take back Sabulum, launching a series of coordinated attacks on the city and on OT personnel.

Sabulum fell to clan-affiliated forces at around 2200 hours RST, with Omni-Pol and Omni-AF equipment destroyed, and OT personnel forced to retreat and regroup. Sabulum is currently held by insurrectionary militant clans with no backing from the Council of Truth, and in violation of the Tir Accord and ICC regulations, and in direct disobedience of Omni-AF regulated martial law.

It is expected that Omni-AF will move to take back Sabulum and secure the site for further Omni-Pol operations later today. It has been reported that Omni-Pol and Omni-AF intend to pull back once the operation has been completed, all suspects apprehended, and all evidence collected.

Henry Radiman publicly states the Council's support for the Omni-Pol operation in Sabulum, and asks clan-members to avoid further violence.

The Voice of Freedom
January 22. 29476 · 17:56 RST

Responding to reports of armed skirmishes between Omni-Pol and Omni-AF led forces in the perpetual wastelands, Henry Radiman spoke briefly today with Freedom reporters, stating that the Council was informed, but not consulted, about Omni-Pol’s so-called police action in Sabulum yesterday afternoon, and that they are “very concerned” about the current situation in the north.

“I was briefed by my people shortly after five o’clock yesterday afternoon,” said Mr Radiman to the Voice, “and the Council subsequently held a press-conference where clan-members were advised to stay out of Sabulum, and to allow Omni-Pol investigators to make their arrests and gather the necessary evidence without interference. We have not been officially notified of any escalation of the situation, but we are fully aware that there have been confirmed reports of fights between certain clans, not affiliated with the Council, and the Omni-Tek forces, and that Sabulum was placed under Omni-AF enforced martial law. While we do not agree with the methods, and question OT’s compliance with the Tir Accord, we would like to emphasise that further violence must be averted, and clan-members everywhere must remain vigilant but calm. It is in no one’s interest that this isolated incident leads to additional confrontations. I trust that Omni-Pol’s intentions are lawful and true.”

Adding to the confusion, the Council’s headquarters in Tir were subjected to a bomb-scare yesterday, when the building was found to be surrounded by explosives planted by what, sources say, could be militant OT-affiliated dissidents. Vigilant citizens quickly began defusing the bombs - most of which, it turned out, were not functional - while the building itself was evacuated. No one was injured in the incident.

Militant clans feel betrayed by the Council of Truth, and call on Omni-Tek to withdraw their personnel from Sabulum. The Omni-Pol and Omni-AF operation in Sabulum continues, however. There are no reports of arrests, but OT guards are posted throughout the city, and all buildings are entered and searched.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
January 24. 29476 · 17:55 RST

The northern city of Sabulum remains an issue of contention between the Omni-Tek Corporation and the clans after four days of scattered fighting and increasing tensions. An Omni-AF supported police action in the perpetual wastelands - an operation intended to root out extremist clan-members and terrorists reported to be holed up in Sabulum - has prompted the Council of Truth to put together an independent observational and peace-keeping force to appease complaints that the Council has acquiesced too quickly to Omni-Tek demands.

Speaking at a press-conference last night, a Council spokesperson used words such as “civic duty” and “vigilance” to enlist volunteers for the mission, but emphasised that the Omni-Pol operation in Sabulum is well within the parameters of the Tir Accord, and in accordance with ICC regulations.

Not all clans agree. Making a public statement for the first time in more than six months, Simon Silverstone - leader of the Sentinels, the largest militant clan - harshly criticised both Omni-Tek and the Council for recent events. Silverstone, who has never recognised the Tir Accord, calls Omni-Pol’s incursion into Sabulum “an act of war”. About Henry Radiman, he had the following to say:

“Radiman has, by abandoning a clan-owned city to the enemy, become a traitor to the clan cause. He still has the chance to redeem himself, but I doubt that he will heed my advice. The Sentinels will do their utmost to protect our brothers and sisters in Sabulum.”

Omni-Pol media liaison Burton Shogren said to Headline Services that Silverstone’s comments are baseless:

“The perpetual wastelands are not recognised as clan-held territory by the Tir Accord, and the city of Sabulum therefore falls under direct Omni-Tek control. Regardless, and as a concession to the Council, before initiating the current operation, Omni-Pol informed the Council of Truth of our intentions to enter Sabulum to apprehend suspected criminals, and the Council agreed to support our operation both politically and logistically. When rogue radical clans interfered with our lawful police action, we acted in accordance with the Tir Accord and called on Omni-Tek’s Armed Forces to support, secure, and protect Omni-Pol employees. Sabulum remains under martial law until the operation has been completed in a safe and satisfactory manner.”

Asked about the Council’s decision to send an official “observational force” to Sabulum, Shogren refused to comment, saying that Omni-Pol maintains only cursory contact with the Council.

Fears are growing that the Sabulum situation will escalate, prompting Omni-Tek - as well as clans like the Sentinels - to launch additional actions against the opposing side. For the time being, however, the situation appears to be under control.

ICC representatives conduct separate press-conferences at the Council of Truth in Tir and Omni-Tek HQ in Omni-1, followed by an on-site visit to Sabulum where informal talks are held between high-ranking OT officials and clan-members.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
January 25. 29476 · 16:25 RST

Meeting with an attentive and vocal crowd, ICC representatives spoke yesterday to clan-affiliated citizens gathered at the Council of Truth’s general assembly-hall in Tir. Emphasising that the Interstellar Confederation of Corporation’s primary role on Rubi-Ka is merely to monitor the activities of the Omni-Tek Corporation, the ICC fielded several politically delicate questions from the audience with increasingly evasive answers. In the eyes of a majority of clan-members, the ICC remains a largely ineffectual body, bought and controlled by the hyper-corporations that they officially represent, and while yesterday’s speech and Q&A session did initiate a process to change that perception, only time will tell if it’s a successful one.

At a similar assembly for OT employees in Omni-1, the atmosphere was, surprisingly enough, a lot more hostile, and scattered violence between crowd members during the Q&A session forced the ICC representative and OT officials to evacuate the site. While Omni-Tek has, in the past, been outspoken about its disapproval of an increased ICC monitoring presence on the planet, they have in recent years endeavoured to pacify the Confederation’s many complaints by implementing suggested changes and obeying edicts. The already shortened lease - which, sources say, Omni-Tek is attempting to extend indefinitely, citing the challenging political climate on Rubi-Ka - is probably a major contributing factor in Omni-Tek’s civility when dealing with the ICC.

Subsequent to meeting clan-members and Omni-Tek employees, the ICC conducted an independent inspection of Sabulum, focusing on clan claims of unlawful Omni-Pol activities and the harsh and unfair treatment of locals. The ICC delegation, which was accompanied by delegates from both the clans and Omni-Tek, was able to complete its assessment without interference as well as initiate an impromptu conversation between OT and Council envoys. The ICC is expected to make a formal statement in the next few days.

While both the Council of Truth and the Omni-Tek Corporation have declined to comment on the ICC’s apparent decision to involve itself directly in the conflict, it’s clear that officials on both sides are striving to accommodate the ICC in every way possible, mindful of the image they are portraying to watchful eyes across the galaxy. Any shift in the power-balance on Rubi-Ka will, without doubt, negatively affect the economy of every corporate-run and self-governing planet, and this is something the ICC - not to mention Omni-Tek - is hoping to avoid.

Sabulum remains the focal point of the growing conflict - physical and political - between the clans and the Omni-Tek Corporation. The city is now evenly divided between the two occupying forces.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
January 25. 29476 · 16:39 RST

Both Omni-Tek and Council sources now report that Sabulum - a small town in the perpetual wastelands that has become the focal point for a growing conflict between Omni-Pol and Omni-AF led troops and a number of clans - has been partitioned, unofficially, between clan and OT forces.

Locals remain anxious about the presence of both contingents, although the situation does appear, for the time being, to be under control. Yesterday’s visit by the ICC was conducted in relative peace, and the Confederation is expected to make a statement - including, sources say, recommendations to both Omni-Tek and the Council of Truth - in a few days time, after meeting with officials on both sides.

The conflict over Sabulum began when Omni-Pol launched an allegedly lawful police action in the city to root out suspected criminals and terrorists thought to use the city as a base of operations. There has been no word yet as to whether or not any suspects have been apprehended, although the operation has been continuously interrupted by armed hostilities, prompting Omni-Pol to call on the Omni-Tek Armed Forces for backup and support.

While small fights are still erupting within Sabulum’s city-limits, and tensions remain high, the current partitioning of the city appears to be keeping both sides in check while Omni-Pol continues - and eventually concludes - its operations there.

Clans launch an attack on Omni-Pol and Omni-AF personnel in Sabulum, forcing a full retreat.

Omni-Tek confirms that their operation in Sabulum has been terminated because of continued interference from rogue clans.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
January 29. 29476 · 18:45 RST

Omni-Pol has abandoned its operations in Sabulum - a city in the perpetual wastelands - and has withdrawn its forces, sources say, to permanent stations in the south, accompanied by Omni-AF troops.

The Omni-Pol police action, initiated last week in response to information that terrorist groups were using Sabulum as a base of operations, was intended to flush out and detain suspected criminals and radicals. The situation quickly deteriorated as clan-members arrived in Sabulum, provoking an armed confrontation between the OT troops and the clans, who regarded Omni-Pol’s presence in the clan-populated city as an act of war.

In response to relentless attacks by clan-members, Omni-Pol called on the support of an Armed Forces outfit to secure their operations in the city.

During the subsequent days, scattered fighting continued in Sabulum. The situation was temporarily alleviated by a visit from ICC observers, but a failed attempt by the Council of Truth to put together a peacekeeping mission sparked a war of words between the two sides, aggravating the already strained relationship - damaged by evidence of clan terrorism - and sparking rumours of an end to the amnesty.

By Friday, Sabulum had been divided evenly between OT forces and clan members. The situation appeared stable, but that evening the clans launched a concentrated assault on OT personnel and equipment, forcing a retreat, and leaving the clans in total control of Sabulum.

Following rumours this morning that Omni-Pol has completely abandoned its police action, the Council of Truth has been eager to minimise the potentially damaging effects this prolonged confrontation has had on their relationship with Omni-Tek. For the time being, Omni-Tek is not commenting on the situation, but there’s little doubt that they consider the participating clans’ actions to have interfered with what they have continuously referred to as a “lawful” operation, fully supported by the Tir Accord.

Omni-Tek announces an immediate end to the amnesty, and cuts off contact with all clan-affiliated organisations, including the Council of Truth. Security at OT-owned interests across Rubi-Ka is also stepped up, and clan-members are warned to stay out of OT-controlled regions.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
February 6. 29476 · 15:15 RST

In a sudden, but not unexpected move, the Omni-Tek Corporation has announced an immediate end to the amnesty, and has terminated all communication with any clan-affiliated organisation - including the Council of Truth.

The following statement was issued less than half an hour ago by OT spokespeople:

"In response to the Council’s continued unwillingness to cooperate with Omni-Tek to root out radical criminal elements on the clan side - as well as the illegal military actions against lawful Omni-Pol forces in Sabulum - the Omni-Tek Corporation has cancelled the amnesty, effective immediately, and terminated all contact with clan-affiliated organisations. Security will be increased at OT-owned interests across Rubi-Ka, and clan-members will not be welcome in any area under direct OT-control, as defined by the Tir Accord "

Shortly after, the Council of Truth issued an official response:

“Omni-Tek blames the Council of Truth for their decision to end the amnesty, and step up the conflict. The Council has attempted to accommodate Omni-Tek in any way possible, within reason, in the past few months, and expresses shock and concern over OT’s decision to abandon all communication and future negotiations. It is our hope that we will once again be able to find common ground, and avert civil war. Our planet has suffered enough: it’s up to the Omni-Tek Corporation to ensure that our children can grow up in peace and prosperity.”

There are already reports of violent confrontations between OT forces and clan-members, and all citizens - neutral, Omni-Tek, or clan - are advised to return to their own regions until the situation has stabilised.

There are reports of random attacks on both civilian and military personnel by masked commandos shouting Dust Brigade idioms.

The Omni Herald
February 7. 29476 - 18:58 RST

A number of Omni-Tek employees and OT-held interests were targeted yesterday by uniformed and camouflaged soldiers claiming to be associated with the terrorist clan called the Dust Brigade.

While no lives were permanently lost in yesterday’s unprovoked attacks, the Corporation is concerned about the probability of more violence in the near future, and intends to crack down with extreme prejudice on any and all persons and organisations affiliated with the Brigade or other radical militant clans.

The Dust Brigade is known to have been behind the blast in Omni-1’s entertainment district in December of last year, as well as a number of terrible attacks on citizens during the last civil war. Unconfirmed reports have also linked the Dust Brigade to possible sabotage on insurance databanks, as well as the illegal possession of life-force dissipaters and devices that are able to scramble suppression-gas receptors.

Omni-Tek employees are advised to stay close to major cities and to travel in company - armed and protected, preferably with experienced fighters - as long as the current threat-level remains high and all OT forces remain on alert.

Attacks by the terrorist group known as the Dust Brigade continue, affecting Omni-Tek personnel, clan-members, and neutrals. The attacks are short and brutal, and the Dust Brigade commandos appear incredibly well-equipped, trained, and coordinated.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
February 8. 29476 · 17:47 RST

For the second day in a row, masked commandos - believed to be members of the terrorist organisation Dust Brigade - attacked Omni-Tek employees, clan-members, and neutral citizens across Rubi-Ka.

There are still no reports of permanent injury or deaths resulting from the attacks, as all victims so far have been insured, but the apparently random attacks have been sudden and brutal, and Omni-Pol spokespeople fear that the violence may spread even further, and that all citizens are at risk.

Omni-Pol promises to put all their resources into investigating the incidents, and to apprehend the terrorists as soon as possible, although internal sources claim there are few clues, and no one from the Dust Brigade has, as of yet, been captured alive or questioned.

Omni-Pol officers raid the underground offices of the Voice of Freedom - the largest clan-affiliated media channel - in Omni-1, and charge the channel and its employees with corporate espionage. The Voice's editor, James "Tucker" Adams flees the city, and reports say that he intends to reopen the Voice of Freedom in Avalon, under the protection of the Knights.

February 13. 29476

Today, armed Corporation officers attacked the private underground facilities of the Voice of Freedom in Omni-1, citing criminal charges against the Voice, its publishers, and its journalists.

An unnamed, independent on-site clan-affiliated reporter was arrested by Omni-Pol and accused of espionage, a clear violation of the free-speech ICC regulations as stipulated in the Rubi-Ka lease.

Omni-Pol named one chief suspect in their so-called criminal investigation into the Voice’s legal transmissions from Omni-1: James “Tucker” Adams, an Atrox, owner of a bar in Omni-1, and identified as the Voice’s editor-in-chief. While these allegations remain completely unsubstantiated, the Omni Herald reports that Tucker “fled” Omni-1 prior to Omni-Pol’s illegal raid, and is now a guest of Lord Galahad at Camelot.

The silencing of the Voice is sure to raise ire amongst clan-members across Rubi-Ka: a champion of free-speech since before the last war, the Voice has constantly and consistently informed clan-members of political goings-on, and provided a balanced and accurate view of Rubi-Ka from a clan-friendly perspective.

UCC has so far not received any updates or information from prior or current Voice employees, but we are certain that the Voice, albeit silenced for the time being, will sound again, louder and clearer than ever before.

The Dust Brigade hit six top-ranking clan leaders and Omni-Tek officials in separate but coordinated assassinations. No warnings are issued, only the words "ashes to ashes, dust to dust".

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
February 13. 29476 18:42 RST

In the most precise and closely coordinated attack yet by the clan-affiliated terrorist group, the Dust Brigade hit six top-ranking Omni-Tek officials and clan leaders yesterday in six separate but simultaneous attacks. No lives were permanently lost as all those assassinated had updated insurance patterns, but the assaults were still brutal, bloody, and humiliating, and the after-effects are sure to be far-reaching.

Those hit were, in no particular order, Monty Meister Capo (OT), Luci Lovekitten Meloche (OT), SC Gestava Drake (OT), Cory Windguard Wagner (Clan), Lord Boxxoroxx Zembower (Clan), and Captain Baxie Orbin (OT).

Mr Drake was on a quiet date when the Dust Brigade landed and proceeded to fire at, and destroy, the president of the OT-affiliated military group Legion. The other targets were engaged in various everyday activities, and had received no prior warning of the attacks. According to witnesses, only one phrase was spoken by the masked commandos before they opened fire: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

It now appears that the Dust Brigade is trying to send a signal to both the Omni-Tek Corporation and the Council of Truth - as well as independent clans - that they accept no authority but their own, and the clans seem to be in as much danger from the terrorists’ persistent attacks as everyone else.

There have not yet been any confirmed arrests, or progress, in the ongoing Omni-Pol action against the Dust Brigade, and the authorities on both sides fear more attacks in the near future.

A coalition of high-ranking Omni-Tek officials submits a joint ultimatum to Philip Ross, demanding that immediate action is taken to halt any future attacks by the Dust Brigade. The deadline is set to 09:30 RST, February 15.

13 February, 29476

The Dust Brigade, the very uttering of the name brings disgust to the minds of any civilised person on Rubi-ka. These vile murderers have already caused much havoc and destruction, blowing up an apartment complex in Omni-1, attacking peaceful meetings, and most recently assassinated leaders on both sides.

This last action is the final drop. Cowardly attacking leaders in a simultaneous co-ordinated attack. No longer can we sit idly by. We will not put our hands in our laps and wait for the next detachment of masked terrorists to strike again.

Therefore, several Omni-Tek departments are now issuing this ultimatum to Mr. Phillip Ross. We demand action be taken, and we demand it taken now. Omni-Tek must take the fight to the Dust Brigade. All leads must be followed, all resources committed to ridding the planet of them. We will not be satisfied with a statement, we want to see effective operations carried out by Omni-Pol or Omni-AF.

Please understand that we do not want to defy Omni-Tek leadership, but we cannot simply stand by and do nothing anymore. It is our deepest hope that Omni-Tek takes heed of this plea, so we are not forced to act on our own, but make no mistake, act we will, if that is the only solution.

The deadline is Friday 15. February 9:30 PM RST. That is the time for the meeting of Omni-Tek faction leaders. If Omni-Tek has not taken action, which we deem sufficient, we will discuss our course of action on that meeting.

The following departments have signed this ultimatum and the list is growing by the hour.

Lovekitten, Gestava, Spiderguy, Venge, Ugluk, Kithrak, Satya, Equimon, Baxie, Brightside, Meister, Teedboye, Gaurd, Sunamun, Lyneve, Meka, Groupthug

- Gestava

Philip Ross answers the joint ultimatum, assuring Omni-Tek employees that the Corporation is doing its utmost to locate and destroy the terrorists. Omni-Pol releases a statement in support of Ross' answer, and also denies rumours tying the Dust Brigade to the Outzone.

I have been personally notified that several organisations and guilds associated with, and employed by, the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka have issued a joint ultimatum to the Corporation, and to me, demanding that action is taken in regards to the terrorists who have intimidated, attacked, and murdered citizens across Rubi-Ka.

Rest assured that action is being taken as we speak. Leads are being followed; the collective resources of Omni-Pol and Omni-AF are committed to the investigation of, and actions against, the terrorists; and our foremost priority is to assert our authority, our civil responsibility, and our military and legal governance.

We will, however, follow the tenets of the Tir Accord and its addendums, as well as ICC regulations and the Rubi-Kan lease contract, and we will not overstep our authority in regards to those citizens who have chosen to join the clans or to take a neutral stance.

This means that our investigation into, and all military and police actions against, the reported activities of the Dust Brigade must be conducted legally, safely, and in concordance with Omni-Tek’s official policies. Speed is crucial, but hastiness could play into the terrorists’ hands. They wish to see the conflict escalate into another civil war; this is their stated goal, and we must not allow cowardly murderers to shape our policies and the future of our planet.

Both I and the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka recognise the joint ultimatum issued by our high-ranking employees, but we do ask for moderation: Stay on course, follow policy, conduct yourself as an employee of the Corporation, do your duty to the Corporation, and, most importantly, remain steadfast in the face of evil. Only then will we, as a unit, as a family, be victorious. Only then will good triumph over evil.

Philip Ross
Omni-Tek Corporation, Rubi-Ka division

Omni-Pol’s resources are currently assisting in the investigation of what has now become an AF-run operation: the identification, locating, and destruction of the clan-affiliated terrorist group known as “the Dust Brigade”.

I am not at liberty to discuss any details of the ongoing investigation, but I will comment on a few matters that have come to my attention.

The media has claimed that the Dust Brigade operates from a “hidden location” in the Outzone: this is in all likelihood untrue. Access to the Outzone is strictly regulated, specialised equipment is reserved Omni-Tek personnel, and all communication with relays in the Outzone is monitored. While we are unable to maintain visual surveillance of non-terraformed areas, we do have full control over all OT-owned facilities in the Outzone, and any and all disturbances and/or intrusions are reported promptly. There have been no reports of activities by non-OT personnel in the Outzone, and thus we are confident that the Dust Brigade is based somewhere in the terraformed regions.

The Dust Brigade will be found and destroyed. Those apprehended will be put on trial, and they will have to answer for their heinous crimes. This is a given. Omni-Pol is using a great deal of its available resources to assist Omni-AF in any way possible, to expedite the investigations and stop the Dust Brigade’s terror-acts against the citizens of Rubi-Ka.

Burton Shogren
Media Liaison

The Voice of Freedom returns, and resumes broadcasts from an undisclosed location.

Amid fears of intervention from both the Dust Brigade and Omni-Tek, the Council of Truth controversially cancels the traditional march through the streets of Tir marking the inauguration of the Manual Labourer’s Guild back in 29191.

Clan Great Vikings of Rubi-Ka sponsors festivities outside the Tir West Gate as an alternative to the traditional march cancelled by the Council, despite warnings from both the Council and Omni-Tek. The event is considered a huge success.

April 15. 29476 · 18:00 RST

On April 18th, 29191 the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka finally signs a contract with the Manual Labourer’s Guild - a union of OT employees, mostly from the notum mines and refineries - outlining a number of changes affecting the workforce, including better working conditions, improved safety and medical benefits, retirement plans, and increased salaries. This is an important step on the road to the foundation of the independent clans, although it will take another eleven years before the word “clan” is used.

Every year, the Council of Truth is joined by the majority of clans in a celebration of this important day. While a true day of independence has yet to transpire for the free clans of Rubi-Ka, April 18th should still be observed in memory of those who dared stand up against the Corporation.

In last year’s April 18th speech, Henry Radiman said: “We have not won the fight, but we are well on the road to victory.”

This year, the celebration is expected to be somewhat muted, following strained relations between the Omni-Tek Corporation and the Council of Truth, and an increase in the violence between Omni-Tek forces and clan supporters. Still, loyal clan-members are arranging their own observances: The clan Great Vikings of Rubi-Ka has announced that they will sponsor festivities to take place outside Tir’s West Gate, at 2100 RST on Thursday, April 18th. The event is open to all clan supporters, regardless of affiliation.

Henry Radiman of the Council spoke briefly to UniClanCast this morning:

“The Council will not be arranging the traditional march through Tir and open festivities this April. We fear interference from both Omni-Tek forces and the possibility of attacks by the Dust Brigade - by arranging official celebrations, the Council may be accused of inciting to violence, and we do not wish to jeopardise an already fragile situation. We do, however, encourage the clans to pick up the banner and observe this important day in our collective history, in a peaceful and orderly manner. I applaud the initiative taken by GVRK.”

Clan-members rally outside the Council of Truth building in Tir. Shouts like “Radiman make a stand or get out of the way” echo through the streets of Tir as the clans - led by Opposing Force president Marilynn “Rorie” Shorts - protest the inactivity of the Council.

Following a long, unannounced absence, Henry Radiman finally speaks to the clans through an open letter published in the UniClanCast. He apologises for his absence, and announces the Council will go back in session.

July 26. 29476 · 15:41 RST

The following is an open letter from Henry Radiman to all clan-members, regardless of affiliation with the Council of Truth:

"One of Earth’s great writers once said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

"That very same statement holds true for me today. The reports of my death, or more correctly, my departure from the Council, have been greatly exaggerated. I remain with the Council of Truth, and my position is unchanged. But I have sown the seeds of my own rumoured demise, and I owe you all an explanation for my prolonged absence.

"I have been away from Tir and from the Council on a pilgrimage, to rediscover myself and the cause for which we fight. The events that transpired in the months before my departure had left me weary and disheartened. Our failure to find a peaceful and unified solution to the conflict that divides our planet was something that I found hard to acknowledge. And the continued absence of certain individuals who were close to me had taken its toll. More than anything, I needed time away from the world.

"But my absence may have done more harm than good, as witnessed by the dissatisfaction displayed by many of our clan members who congregated to demand answers and actions. I have now returned from my pilgrimage, and intend to resume my tasks with the Council.

"The Council will convene shortly to discuss recent events, and to plan ahead, because while a status quo may sometimes be a welcome compromise, we live in a status quo that has reached a boiling point. Action is needed. Commentary is needed. Policy is needed. The Council is needed.

“I thank you all for bringing me back from my prolonged reverie - naysayers and well-wishers both - and I hope that we can all stand together, now when our world needs cooperation, union, and fellowship more than ever before.”

Clans maintain scepticism towards the Council despite of Radiman’s return. Rumours are circulating, and vocal clans seem to be in favour of reforms.

Previously considered a staunch supporter of Radiman and the Council, the editor of the Voice of Freedom publishes an article nurturing the growing scepticism towards the Council.

Voice of Freedom
18:00 July 31, 29476 RST

by The Editor

Peace. It slipped through our fingers.

We were so close. The grains of hope handed to us a few months ago have now been washed away by the rising tide. The termination of the peace talks, the return of the Dust Brigade, and the extended inactivity of the Council have effectively put us back to square one.

It got so bad that last week, clan-leaders demanded that Radiman should step down and disband the Council. Then, out of nowhere, Radiman pops out of his burrow like a leet into a nest of anuns. Presumably to calm things down. Can he?

I’ve always been a great admirer and supporter of Radiman, and I’ve had respect for, and confidence in, what he has tried to achieve. But times, and circumstances, have changed.

The Council started out almost a century ago with the aspiration to unite the clans, but what now appears to have happened is quite the opposite: We’re drifting apart, dividing. Maybe change is needed?

The independent clans have become too powerful for the Council to remain effective and speak with a unanimous voice. The Council no longer has the backing it needs to bargain with Omni-Tek, and that’s why the negotiations broke down. The very nature of the Council depends on that bargaining power, because without it, it’s powerless and redundant.

Unless Radiman can pull another ace out of his sleeve and reunite the clans, I don’t see how the Council can ever again make a difference, or serve a purpose - political or otherwise. It would be reduced to a private club where a bunch of tired geezers might share a bottle of expensive sherry, complain about the mutant problem, and muse over “the good old times”. If the Council can no longer make a difference, then what do we need it for?

Let’s have a look at the alternatives:

Number one: We come together, all the clanners, and create our own “corporation”: A business run like any other business, where the bosses are fired if they don’t perform, and where every employee - clan-member - is under contract to perform specific tasks defined by management. This option might seem like a paradox. Isn’t this what we were running from in the first place?

Number two: Complete anarchy amongst the clans, with everyone pursuing their own, individual agendas. We’ve tried that. Didn’t work, did it?

Number three: We agree to disagree, and create a compromise. We let coalitions of clans join together in creating their own “council,” one with a stronger backing in the clan community, and with more realistic objectives. Maybe that could work?

Either way, there are a few things one would have to consider: What would happen to the existing achievements of the CoT? What would happen to the Tir Accord? Would OT still acknowledge it? Where would we find a leader as persistent and patient as Radiman - one who enjoys the same amount of respect within the halls of Omni-Admin and with Ross himself? Only one way to find out, isn’t there?

The only thing that’s absolutely certain is that there is nothing to gain from the situation we’ve been living under these last few months. Every day we fail to deal with the Dust Brigade, and every day we’re unable to uphold our end of the Tir Accord, we’re one day closer to another age of a total Corporate dictatorship.

The pressure mounts on Radiman and the Council as the Council reconvenes.

August 05 29476 · 18:13 RST

As the pressure on the Council of Truth, and recently returned head Henry Radiman, increases, the Council convenes for an emergency session in Tir tomorrow morning, spokespeople report.

The Council, which consists of representatives from the larger affiliated clans, has not officially convened since the Sabulum situation, prompting vocal protests from both affiliated and non-affiliated clans, who see the Council’s inactions as failure in leadership, and a certain sign that the clans may need a new unifying voice in the future.

Henry Radiman’s prolonged absence is also a controversial issue. In a commentary published by the Voice of Freedom earlier today, Daimoness of the Mercury Dragons observed:

“…by leaving us in the moment we needed leadership, (Radiman) not only showed a lack of courage and self-discipline, he also lost his credibility with many of us.”

These concerns are echoed by many, made evident by the last few weeks’ protests and commentaries.

The Council has refrained from commenting on Radiman’s absence, and gave no indication as to what the Council will be discussing tomorrow, which representatives will be present, or how long the Council plans to remain in session:

“The Council’s policy has always been to protect the identities of its members,” said a Council spokesperson. “If they wish to remain anonymous, we will honour their wishes. Mr. Radiman will, of course, be attending all sessions.”

UniClanCast will report from Tir if and when the Council releases more information.


An unidentified man is found dead in the Lush Hills resort, permanently killed with life-force disrupting weaponry. No clues to the man's identity or purpose on Rubi-Ka are found.

The Omni Herald
16:23 August 13, 29476 RST

An unidentified male in his late forties was found permanently dead yesterday in a private room at the Lush Hills Resort. Permanent death by unnatural causes is a relatively rare occurrence, and is cause for concern with investigators, who refuse to speculate about the possible use of life-force disruptor weapons.

The construction and possession of life-force disrupting weaponry, which may or may not have been used in this case, is forbidden by Corporate and ICC laws, and punishable by permanent exile and/or the death penalty.

No clues as to the man’s identity or the identity of his killer or killers have at present been revealed by Omni-Pol spokespeople. OP is therefore turning to the public for any information they may have regarding the victim. The man’s room was booked under a false name, using a counterfeit Omni-Tek employee ID, and there are no records of his arrival on Rubi-Ka, or his whereabouts prior to his death.

Amanda Anaya, Omni-Pol’s chief investigator on the case, stated: “We will be conducting an in-depth investigation into this incident. It’s very unusual for a citizen to be permanently murdered, and we need to find out the reasons for, and methods behind, such an unusual death, so as to prevent it from happening in the future.”

At present, Omni-Pol reports, no suspects or motives have been identified. In the past, clan terrorists have been linked with incidents of insurance-pattern sabotage, although it’s unclear if this is the reason for the victim’s death:

“We can’t rule out an act of terrorism or links to terrorist organisations,” said Anaya. “We are at present in close cooperation with OP-ATU in order to shed some light on the situation.”

The ICC calls all the member corporations to an emergency assembly to discuss the destabilised political situation on Rubi-Ka.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
16:04 August 14, 29476 RST

Corporate delegates of the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations (ICC) received notice this morning that the ICC will convene tomorrow morning for an emergency assembly, to discuss the destabilising situation on Rubi-Ka.

ICC regulations, as well as Omni-Tek’s official lease on Rubi-Ka, which specifies requirements for the mining, refining, and distribution of notum, are both contributing factors in the ICC’s decision to convene delegates at its Oceania, Earth facilities on Thursday.

Any future changes to Rubi-Ka’s situation would probably have a negative effect on the galactic economy. Markets are still recovering from the last Rubi-Kan civil war, when notum shipments were severely reduced through the course of the conflict.

A major concern is that the recent challenges by the Council of Ares and other clan organisations have placed the Council of Truth - the only clan body officially recognised by Omni-Tek, and a stabilising element on the clan side - in a precarious situation. Recent rumours of the Council’s association with the terrorist group known as the “Dust Brigade,” which was bolstered by repeated sightings of “Dusters” around the Council’s headquarters in Tir yesterday, exacerbates the Council of Truth’s already difficult position.

The ICC reportedly fears the outbreak of another civil war, and has voiced concerns regarding the state of Rubi-Ka’s neutral citizens, who are often caught between the warring factions. ICC regulations expressly state that all colonists and corporate employees - officially, the ICC recognises neutrals as Omni-Tek employees - have the right to security and peace, regardless of political viewpoint.

It’s believed that the ICC - with the support of the majority of the hyper-corporations - will propose the assignment of more ICC Peacekeepers on Rubi-Ka. Peacekeepers were first posted on Rubi-Ka in 29443 in the wake of the Corporate Wars.

Under ICC regulations, a majority vote in an assembly can empower the ICC with emergency powers, which include the ability to authorise the immediate placement of ICC Peacekeepers to ensure economic stability, prevent war, and protect citizens’ rights against corporate mismanagement.

According to the ICC, the proposal for tomorrow’s assembly was submitted by the Sol Banking Corporation, who will take the speaker’s chair to present the case to the delegates.

Omni-Tek has, for the time being, refused to comment on the situation, and repeated attempts to contact the Corporation’s delegates on Earth have been unsuccessful.

Omni-Pol investigations into the permanent death of an unidentified male found in the Lush Hills Resort end in brutal mayhem as Dust Brigade Commandoes turn up and start shooting at the investigators. Local patrons and guests at the resort come to the investigators' aid, and manage to kill one of the commandoes.

The Omni Herald
16:48 August 15, 29476 RST

The ongoing investigation into the Lush Hills Resort homicide was brutally obstructed yesterday by an attack by masked clan terrorists, who fired shots at Omni-Pol officers, the on-site investigator, and civilians.

OP Detective Winterfeldt, who was assigned to survey the exterior of the resort for any biological or digital traces of the homicide victim - currently a John Doe - was specifically targeted by the masked commandoes. Though she received terminal injuries, she returned to work today, telling the Herald that she’s adamant that Omni-Pol’s Anti-Terrorism Unit will step up their fight against the mounting Dust Brigade threat

As for her traumatic experiences which resulted in insurance-pattern restitution, Winterfeldt released the following statement to the Corporate press:

“The officers at the scene suffered worse, and those brave boys are still standing. Aside from some confusion, a throbbing headache, and a partial memory-loss relating to yesterday’s incident, I’m in tip-top shape. I don’t intend to let clan bullies browbeat me into submission. We’re going to pick up the investigation where we left off, with strengthened resolve.”

Omni-Pol says that one of the masked commandoes - who apparently had no insurance - was killed by Omni-Pol officers. The body has been brought to Omni-Pol’s criminal labs in Omni-1 for further examination. Investigators say that the person’s NCU may contain vital clues to the whereabouts of the Dust Brigade clan.

Asked if she believes there’s a direct link between Monday’s homicide and the terrorists, Detective Winterfeldt states that there’s no concrete evidence to that as of yet, but that the appearance of, and statements made by, the masked commandoes - as well as new physical evidence - indicate that the John Doe has links with the Brigade.

The John Doe, who was in his late forties, was found in a private room at the Lush Hills Resort on Monday. The Herald published a picture of the man on Tuesday, and has so far received more than one hundred tips from the public that might aid Omni-Pol’s investigation.

The ICC emergency assembly results in a close to unanimous vote in favour of granting emergency powers.

Rubi-Ka Hedline Services
16:53 August 20, 29476 RST

In a landslide vote this morning, the emergency assembly of the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations has granted the ICC emergency powers, effective immediately. The vote was 218 for, 6 against, with 39 abstained.

The emergency powers act states that the ICC can take action against, or in support of, any corporation or corporate colony without a majority vote, under the direct command of the Secretary General, and in the best interests of member corporations, the galactic economy, and the well-being of corporate colonists. The ICC emergency powers act has not been employed since the end of the Corporate Wars.

The vote was instigated by the Sol Banking Corporation, citing growing concerns over the current situation on Rubi-Ka. Sol B.C. stated, in their official address to the delegates, that the ICC has a responsibility to ensure the continued stability of Rubi-Ka in light of the Council of Truth’s weakened position, the continued attacks on the civilian population by Dust Brigade terrorists, and the last few days’ rumoured discord within the Omni-Tek Corporation.

Subsequent to the vote and the conclusion of the assembly, ICC Secretary General Isidra Derousse spoke briefly with the press, announcing plans for a press conference this evening where Derousse will outline the ICC’s immediate implementation of its emergency powers.

It’s widely believed that the ICC plans to send additional Peacekeepers to Rubi-Ka, under a military directive to ensure stability and to protect civilian colonists against corporate and rebel aggression.

Omni-Tek delegates refused to make any statement to the press following the passing of the vote, although Omni Prime is currently considering an official answer, and sources say that Omni-Tek may submit a formal complaint with the ICC in order to avoid an increased ICC presence on Rubi-Ka.

Headline Services contacted the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka for comment, but was told that since this is not a local matter, but a galactic one, OT-RK can not and will not comment.

The ICC announces, through Secretary General Isidra Derousse, they will use the emergency powers to deploy additional Peacekeeper troops on Rubi-Ka in order to protect innocent civilians.

13:01 August 21, 29476 RST

In a press conference last night, the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations announced plans to post additional ICC Peacekeepers on Rubi-Ka.

The ICC voted to enact the emergency powers statute Tuesday, in response to what they call an “increasingly destabilising situation” on Rubi-Ka. In particular, they refer to the recent upsurge against the Council of Truth - spearheaded by the Council of Ares, and by rumours of ties between the Council of Truth and the Dust Brigade - as a major contributing factor in their decision.

It’s still unclear how the deployment of Peacekeepers will affect clan citizens, although it’s evident that the ICC troops will primarily be posted in neutral territories. UniClanCast has spoken with the Council of Truth, who are expected to release a statement this afternoon.

Through investigations into the permanent death of a man found in the Lush Hills resort, Omni-Pol reveals evidence found in the deceased's NCU that suggests Council of Truth involvement in the funding and support of known terrorist organisations. A hunt for two prominent Council of Truth employees is started. The Council of Truth refuses to hand them over to Omni-Pol for questioning.

The Omni Herald
12:02 August 23, 29476 RST

The continuing investigation into the death of an as-yet unidentified male in the Lush Hills Resort early last week has finally yielded results, Omni-Pol media liaison Burton Shogren told the Herald this morning.

A concealed and unauthorised Grid access-point at the resort purportedly contained new evidence that may link the unexplained death to both the Council of Truth and to the clan terrorists known as the “Dust Brigade.”

The torture and murder of the forty-seven year was the subject of an extensive on-site investigation last Wednesday - led by Omni-Pol Detective Winterfeldt - which was brutally and fatally interrupted by Dust Brigade terrorists. Detective Winterfeldt was mortally injured, but she was back on the case the following day. She told the Herald that, minutes before the attack, she was contacted by an informant who provided vital clues that led investigators to the Grid access-point.

Shogren told the Herald that it’s not yet been determined whether the homicide was perpetrated with life-force disrupting arms, or if the victim simply lacked insurance, but traces of antimatter molecules in the victim’s room may indicate the former.

Omni-Pol is not yet ready to divulge the exact nature of the evidence they have come into possession of, linking the Council of Truth with the Dust Brigade, but Shogren says that the evidence is “solid, demonstrable, and of a largely financial nature”, indicating that the Council may have been providing funds to the Dust Brigade to finance their terrorist activities against Omni-Tek employees and civilians.

The Herald has been in touch with the Council of Truth, and a spokesperson for the Council says that they have not yet been made officially aware of the accusations, or of Omni-Pol’s findings, but that the intimation of any form of link between the Council and the Brigade is “ridiculous and baseless”, and “pure Corporate propaganda”.

Relations between the Council of Truth and the Omni-Tek Corporation have deteriorated for the past six months, and with the Council now under pressure from several clans to take a harder line against Omni-Tek, its future appears uncertain at best. Omni-Pol’s findings can only serve to make the Council’s position even more precarious.

The Council of Truth seems no closer to an agreement. The internal strife and bickering culminates in the resignation of prominent council-member Lord Galahad.

Philip Ross and Henry Radiman meet head to head in a last-ditch effort to conjure a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
16:16 September 05, 29476 RST

OMNI-1 (RKHS) – The Council of Truth’s refusal to hand over personnel to Omni-Pol for questioning has stirred top-level management into action. “Boss” Ross is expected to have a private dialogue with Henry Radiman this evening, in an attempt to resolve the issue.

While critics may regard this as little more than grandstanding on behalf of the Corporation, political experts see it as a sign that relations between the Council of Truth and Omni-Tek are not improving.

Not even the probable deployment of ICC Peacekeepers - a decision that’s been sharply criticised by both sides - appears to have united the two political opponents.

Two leaders, diverging paths

For a while last year, it appeared that the growing openness between Omni-Tek and the Council of Truth, and the developing friendship between Ross and Radiman, might help forge a new future for Rubi-Ka, but the explosion in Omni-1 appeared to permanently derail the relationship.

The two leaders have not spoken face to face since, and insiders say that there’s an increasing air of mutual bitterness and distrust between Ross and Radiman.

With Henry Radiman and the Council of Truth now under suspicion for collaborating with terrorists, experts anticipate that relations will cool even further. Philip Ross has yet to comment on Omni-Pol’s investigations, but the Council has denied any wrongdoing on behalf of both the organisation and of Radiman himself.

Last resorts

The scheduled conversation could be seen as a last resort for a diplomatic solution to Omni-Pol’s request. Omni-Pol has stated that, if necessary, they can and will enter Tir to take the relevant personnel into custody, and bring them to Omni-Pol headquarters in Omni-1 for questioning.

Though the Council and the Corporation would both prefer to avoid any kind of situation in Tir, the Council has repeatedly stated that, without solid criminal charges being pressed, Omni-Pol can not forcibly remove clan citizens from Council-held territories.

With the ICC currently evaluating Omni-Tek’s complaint about their decision to post additional Peacekeepers on Rubi-Ka, it’s probably in the Corporation’s best interests to avoid a confrontation with the Council of Truth at this point. Complicating the issue, however, is the fact that the ICC has also urged the Corporation to deal with the terrorist threat in an immediate and efficient manner, which makes Omni-Pol’s investigation a high priority issue.

The ICC rejects Omni-Tek.s formal complaint, and retains its decision to grant emergency powers.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
17:08 September 09, 29476 RST

NEWLAND CITY (ARKP) – The ICC decided this morning to reject Omni-Tek’s formal protest regarding the deployment of Peacekeepers on Rubi-Ka. ICC Secretary General Isidra Derousse just informed the press that the Peacekeepers currently in orbit around Rubi-Ka will begin preparing for transfer to an orbital station, and subsequent planetfall.

Last week, the ICC held back troops en route to Rubi-Ka, pending a formal inquiry into the allegations of mismanagement and corporate favouritism lodged by the Omni-Tek Corporation.

Omni-Tek’s complaint has, during the past week, been efficiently processed by the ICC.s Office of Colonial Affairs, and their conclusions were voted upon yesterday evening in an ICC assembly.

“A speedy, efficient, and fair process by the Office of Colonial Affairs, and a majority vote passed by member corporations, has determined that Omni-Tek’s allegations of mismanagement and favouritism, and their objection to the deployment of Peacekeepers, are without merit,” Secretary General Isidra Derousse told the press. “Our original decision to deploy Peacekeepers in an effort to stabilise the Rubi-Kan political situation has thus been upheld. I have ordered the Peacekeepers in orbit around Rubi-Ka to begin preparations for immediate deployment.”

Local unrest over Peacekeepers’ role

With news of the imminent arrival of ICC Peacekeepers, locals have voiced concerns regarding what role the ICC troops will assume, and what effect their presence will have on an already fragile situation.

“Now that it’s finally official that the Peacekeepers will land, it’s only natural to ask what part they will play in the ongoing political games on Rubi-Ka,” Ramos Kawamoto - Editor-in-Chief of the controversial publication TAG, and notorious political commentator - told Headline Services. “Amid all the rumours and objections, we’ve never really been informed what, exactly, the Peacekeepers will do here, and how many there are. Where will they be posted, and what kind of orders have they been given? These are all interesting questions, and they need to be addressed by the ICC if they are hoping for any kind of public backing to their presence.”

Omni-Tek disappointed with conclusion

High-ranking Omni-Tek officials have told Headline Services that they find ICC’s processing of the complaint “hurried”, and of “questionable integrity”, and that Omni Prime is considering further political actions.

“We’re very disappointed with the outcome of this process, we have good reason to question the rushed manner in which it was conducted,” states an anonymous Corporate source. “We will comply with the ICC’s directives, but we intend to lodge an appeal. We feel the decision was made with little to no actual knowledge of local affairs, and was probably just an attempt by Derousse to save face. After all, her initial decision to launch what amounts to a joint, military attack on Omni-Tek’s interests on Rubi-Ka by rival corporations will be remembered in the future as the ICC’s greatest, and gravest, political mistake.”

The Council of Truth disappears amid rumours of a coup d'état. All Council offices are emptied and all representatives go AWOL.

12:00 September 18, 29476 RST

TIR (UCC) – As of this morning, the Council of Truth is no more. Rumours began spreading in the clan community early yesterday evening about the possible fall of the Council, and the Council remains incommunicado at this time.

While little real information has been garnered yet, witnesses say that the Council’s headquarters in Tir have been completely abandoned by all delegates and officials, as well as most or all Council employees and volunteers.

The Council’s armed forces have also left Tir, possibly to escort Council delegates away from the city under guard.

Developing story

It’s not yet known what or who triggered this dramatic development in the Council’s rapidly intensifying crisis, or when or why the decision was made to disband the Council.

Rumours that there was a military coup d’état on the Council in the early hours of this morning, and that Henry Radiman and his closest associates have been arrested or forced to flee Tir, remain unconfirmed.

UCC will follow this developing story throughout the day.

ICC Peacekeepers make planetfall after weeks of deliberation pending the ICC's processing of Omni-Tek's formal complaint.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
13:30 September 18, 29476 RST

BOREALIS (ARKP) – After numerous delays, the ICC Peacekeepers have made planetfall and are being rapidly deployed to their permanent stations. Initial deployment is expected to be complete within a few hours.

The Peacekeepers will primarily be deployed in neutral territories, to guarantee the protection of civilians in what the ICC has labelled a “progressively destabilising situation”.

The Peacekeepers’ broad mandate also includes ensuring the continued mining and processing of notum, and delivery of processed notum to off-world shipping facilities for further distribution.

While no Peacekeepers are to get involved in direct confrontations between clan-members and Corporation employees, there is some debate regarding the scope of the ICC’s involvement, which may include the containment of large-scale armed conflicts if and when civilian lives may be under threat, or notum mines, processing facilities, or shipments may be at risk.

Commenting on the ongoing deployment of Peacekeepers, ICC Secretary General Isidra Derousse said that the Confederation is “pleased that the precarious political situation on Rubi-Kan can finally be monitored and controlled, and we’re confident the Peacekeepers will fulfil their directives without undue interference to local affairs.”

Updated: Breaking news

Following substantiated rumours that the Council of Truth may have fallen, and the revelation that Tir may no longer have an active guard force, it’s now increasingly likely that ICC Peacekeepers will be immediately deployed to Tir County to prevent any outbreak of violence.

The Council’s disbandment may trigger the annulment of the Tir Accord, giving Omni-Tek the authority to re-enter clan territories without prior consent or motive. The ICC will in all likelihood attempt to contain the situation while a short-term solution can be found, and negotiations for a long-term settlement can begin.

No ICC representatives will comment at this point, and no Council officials could be reached.

Both wanted Council of Truth employees are found, but are permanently killed by the Dust Brigade as they are being escorted back towards Omni-1 for questioning.

The Omni Herald
17:16 October 10, 29476 RST

OMNI-1 (TOH) – During the last week’s intense man-hunt, Omni-Pol managed to track down the two wanted Council of Truth officials Max Spiva and Carlene Solari. The successful investigation came at a high cost however, as violence erupted causing casualties within the investigation team, as well as the permanent death of both runaways at the hands of the Dust Brigade.

After Omni-Pol last week for the first time revealed the names of the fugitives in a bid to have the local community help in the search, the man-hunt - the largest in Rubi-Kan history - came to a close with elaborate civilian assistance.

The team of investigators were working around the clock over the weekend, and were finally rewarded late Monday evening as Carlene Solari was located in Wailing Wastes. Max Spiva was found and apprehended in Newland Desert last night by a group of neutral rangers.

Both met with the same destiny as they were being escorted back towards Omni-1 for questioning. The escorts were brutally attacked by Dust Brigade terrorists and both prisoners were permanently terminated. Several investigators and volunteers were also mortally wounded in the assaults.

“It was obviously a huge blow for us,” Omni-Tek Media Liaison Burton Shogren told the Herald this morning. “We naturally wanted to question the two about their involvement in, and support of, acts of terrorism. Their deaths have set the investigation back a long way.”

The failure to secure the two prisoners has highlighted the problem posed by the Dust Brigade, and the need for an increasingly hard line towards the terrorists.

Omni-Pol still have the battered NCUs of the two former Council of Truth officials and are hoping they will be a source of useful information.

“We are certain there are clues within their NCUs, and our technicians are hard at work examining them.” Shogren commented. “As I said, this has set us back, but not permanently. On the bright side, the incident has allowed us a better insight into the Brigade’s operational methods that will prove very useful in future investigations and actions.”

The glue that held the fragile peace together, the Tir Accord, is annulled by Omni-Tek. After the Council has stepped down from its duties as 'government' of the united clans, Omni-Tek claims the agreement is no longer valid. ICC Secretary General, Isidra Derousse, immediately voices her concerns, and plans to lodge a formal investigation into the decision made by Omni-Tek.

17:23 October 18, 29476 RST

ANDROMEDA (UCC) – After this week’s revelation from Philip Ross the Omni-Tek Corporation will no longer adhere to the Tir Accord, the neutral ICC observers have voiced considerable concerns about the statements made by the local Omni-Tek leader. The ICC Secretary General said in a Grid-link press conference this morning that the ICC will consider a formal investigation into the resolutions drawn up on Omni Prime.

Philip Ross declared in an informational session with several department leaders and executives a few days ago that Omni-Tek will no longer abide by the Tir Accord as a consequence to the disappearance of the Council of Truth.

While immediate reactions to Ross’s announcement were scarce, opposition and concern is starting to mount in the political environment.

“This was a very unfortunate turn of events,” Isidra Derousse, the ICC Secretary General said in a Grid-link press conference this morning. “The agreement (the Tir Accord) was the major contributor of stability on the planet, and the peace was dependent on it. We will have to look into this more closely, to examine whether or not this was a correct approach by Omni-Tek.”

A formal investigation into the resolutions drawn up by Omni-Tek, and the treatment of the accord is being considered within the next few days.

“As I have understood, the Council of Truth only disappeared, it never ceased to exist, and that brings Omni-Tek’s decision into question.” Derousse continued. “This is definitely grounds for investigation, and we will start the process immediately.”

After the abolition of the Tir Accord, the city of Tir experienced a rush of Omni-Tek employees walking freely around the city. The militaristic, proactive clan Sentinels - often branded terrorists - led by Simon Silverstone, ousted the ICC Peacekeepers and took control of the city. Both Omni-Tek employees and neutral citizens were killed on sight by the new guards.

17:13 November 22, 29476 RST

TIR (UCC) – The Sentinels, led by Simon Silverstone, launched an attack on Tir this afternoon and has taken control of the city.

Yesterday, Silverstone was spotted in Tir talking to several clan leaders and local residents, and witnesses say he was preparing and rallying for the attack.

“Tir has been invaded, violated by the black tide of the Corporate machine and been reduced to just another cog in the wheel,” he was quoted as saying by our reporter in Tir before he continued. “Tomorrow, Tir will again be standing proud for its citizens, lighted up by the indestructible commitment of people with nothing left to lose, and the Omni-Tek rubbish will be thrown into the bin where they belong.”

Now it’s a fact. Tir has been “liberated” from the ICC Peacekeepers and the visiting Omni-Tek employees by soldiers from the Sentinels.

It is still unclear what Silverstone’s intentions are, whether he plans to install himself as “governor” or whether his sole intention was to bring it back under a unified clan control.

The ICC declares an end to Omni-Tek's absolute monopoly of notum mining, opening up for all organisations to drill the precious element. The new rules stipulate, however, that Omni-Tek retains its monopoly on off-world distribution of notum.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
10:00 November 29, 29476 RST

ANDROMEDA (RKHS) – In a press conference yesterday, ICC Secretary General Isidra Derousse announced some of the restrictions of notum mining on Rubi-Ka will be lifted. The new system will be set in effect immediately and will allow private organisations to mine notum in designated areas defined by the ICC.

In the press conference, Derousse stated that the reasons for the changes in policy and lease conditions came as a consequence of Omni-Tek’s invalidation of the Tir Accord and as “punishment” for increased political instability.

The new regulations will effectively end Omni-Tek’s absolute monopoly on the valuable resource. However, Omni-Tek will still control the refining and shipping of the notum.

“This is a ludicrous effort by the ICC,” Omni-Tek Press Liaison Burton Shogren commented. “Omni-Tek has adhered to every single point stipulated in the lease of Rubi-Ka, but it’s difficult when the ICC continues to reinvent the rules. Our lawyers are wording the appeal as we speak.”

Derousse however, remained adamant it was the correct decision to make, but wouldn’t reveal what impact this might have on Omni-Tek’s bid to renew their lease of the planet.

“The lease was signed on completely different terms and premises, many of which are invalid today, and our decision will not be revoked. As to Omni-Tek’s application for an extended lease of Rubi-Ka: no comment.”

In an editorial in the radical publication the Voice of Freedom, the editor looks at ICC's decision to end Omni-Tek's monopoly on notum mining, and brands the decision the opening of the fourth Rubi-Kan Civil War. He calls it The Notum Wars.

Voice of Freedom
17:02 December 05, 29476 RST

by The Editor

Booom! Pow!

The colours are lighting up the sky like the fireworks over the Council of Truth building in Tir on April 18th when I was a kid clutching at my mama’s leg. Unlike those happy memories, this time around the sounds are hostile, violent and brutal, and the atmosphere tense and insecure. I cover my ears and look at the burning sky pretending it is fireworks I’m looking at… but I know it isn’t, I know all too well it isn’t.

What happened to the general feeling of hope and optimism that was starting to lure its way into my otherwise jaded heart?

I know, I know… everything wasn’t all dandy and rosy, with sugary sprinkles on, but it was definitely better than what I’m feeling now.

The Council blew it, sure, and the clans were at unrest, no arguments there, but I could sense the tired willingness to cooperate; to at least attempt to sort things out. I mean, the Tir Accord was declared obsolete; something I thought would give the Corporation incentive to start their habitual unsatisfactory behaviour. But when that failed to happen, I was really thinking we were on to something here.

I should have known better of course… When old man Ross pleasantly surprised me, I should have known I could count on the ICC to tear it all down. For god’s sake, look at what they did! And the worst thing is: I think they’re under the conviction they did the right thing.

So they open up for anyone who wants to mine notum to do it. Can they even do that? I guess they can, but look at the reasoning behind the whole thing. I’m disgusted.

They have effectively started what is turning out to be the fourth Rubi-Kan Civil War. The last one ended with the signing of the Tir Accord, this one started with the ICC declaring a carte blanche on notum mining.

Do we even know what kind of consequences this might have? I mean, everything that seems too good to be true has an uncanny tendency to come back with a vengeance and bite us viciously in the behind. That’s a universal law.

Still, I don’t know why I bother some times. What’s changed? Really? We’re fighting the same war over and over again, there’s peace, then there’s war again and the only difference is the time and the name.

So, whatever, let’s call this one The Notum Wars.

Reports regarding a possible cyborg attack, suspected to start within the holidays are discussed within Omni-Pol. The conclusions are that the cyborgs, at the current time, do not pose any treat towards Omni-Tek interests on the planet. The reports is dismissed and filed.

Additional reports regarding cyborg troop movements are ignored by Omni-Pol as idle rumors. The consequence of this, leads to a series of successful raids performed by the cyborg forces. Only the quick response of the ICC and the citizens of Borealis prevent the cyborgs from achieving their goal to take control of the weather control system.

After an intense study of their computer network, Omni-Tek finds a major security gap in the network that may have accounted for Cyborg intelligence. While engineers worked on repairing the damage, a taskforce is sent to eradicate all cyborg key personnel and facilities. The mission is partly a success as several key installations is destroyed, but the brain behind the attacks managed to avoid detection.

An unnamed neutral organisation pays a band of mercenaries a total of 100 million credits to increase security in Newland City. Clan-members are from this moment shot on sight in the neutral city as an answer to the Sentinels' treatment of the neutral population in Tir.

11.45, January 21.29477 RST

“In response to Clan Sentinel aggression in Tir, mercenaries have been hired to rid Newland City of Clanners.” - Adam Smith, Newland City press representative.

It has been revealed that this deal is funded by a neutral organization. “To protect their interests we will at least not immediately, reveal the identity of who brokered the deal. The community is however highly pleased with this support it has received from our gracious donors.”

According to reliable OmniGlobe sources, the deal cost the neutrals at least 100 million credits.

Loren Warr is the leader and spokesperson of the mercenaries (and also the twin of the well known mercenary, Ian Warr). When asked how this came about, Loren answered: “Being neutral, symbolizes the essence of the human spirit and of freedom of choice, so we are in this by conviction as much as contract.”

Asked whether the mercenaries’ affiliations with the Omni-Tek Corporation in the past didn’t conflict with this view of the neutrals, Loren answered: “No, not at all. As I see it, the Corporation is the protector of freedom and independence. Its tolerance towards other factions is admirable, especially when it is taken into account what it really could do were it so inclined. Like a friend of mine put it: Mercenaries protecting Newland City may cost a few million credits. But anyone kicking a Clanner butt is priceless!”

In response to the announcement from Newland City, Omni-Tek called a press conference where Philip Ross took questions on the issue.

“Indeed Omni-Tek supports this initiative to try and stabilize the appalling situation in the neutral areas. Despite claims, the corporation has no hand in this matter. But we have good relations with Newland City officials and are confident that this arrangement will improve the lives of the Newland population.”

Asked by the Voice of Freedom representative about what situation exactly Mr. Ross was referring to, he responded: “For months, Clanners have been relentlessly attacking neutral notum mining bases; Omni-Tek does not condone that. That must be crystal clear.”

“As if that was not reason enough, this aggression undermines the economy of the entire Rubi-Ka population. When business suffers, citizens suffer. Commerce is the life blood of any society.”

“And last but not least, we support the right of the neutrals to defend themselves against Commander Fisk and his team of Sentinel terrorists. They have overrun Tir and boisterously sworn to exterminate neutrals. It is barbaric.”

“I stress that we are not involved in this arrangement but we do give it our full moral support. We have been involved in the training of Mrs. Loren Warr in the past and are confident in her abilities to deal with the situation.”

“Isn’t it “Mister Warr”, Mr. Ross?” Gridstream Productions asked (referring to the fact that the Warr twins are atroxes) as the conference drew to a close. “I am afraid I am not the person to solve that mystery for you Mr. Tarryk.” Mr. Ross answered with an almost invisible smile, “But I am sure Loren will be happy to respond to that if you brave asking her - or him.”

A small force of cyborg troops is located near the city of Old Athen. Whilst these forces were quickly defeated by clan operatives, Omni-Pol, having learned from past mistakes sends out several teams to survey for any other cyborg movements. Vital data about the cyborg threat is recovered during this mission.

Data recovered two days earlier implies that the cyborgs had been producing ground based artillery at several key installations and factories. Further more, an Omni-Tek scientist had been located within one of these bases. Scout teams were immediately deployed to assess the situation.

Omni-Pol launches a full scale attack on the primary cyborg complex in the northern part of the perpetual wasteland, successfully neutralizing all factories in the area. The captured Omni-Tek scientist is killed during the attack. While official reports state that she was killed by cyborgs, then several eyewitnesses claim the scientist were executed by Omni-Pol personnel. An internal investigation is launched, but proves inconclusive.

Despite the destruction of their factories Cyborg activity around the city of Athen increase dramatically. Whilst the city guards were able to defeat these groups, it quickly became clear that something larger was at play and that the cyborgs were organised and focused. Key clan members arrange a meeting between themselves and omni-pol operatives inside the city of Tir. The sentinels learn about this, and immediately dispatch troops to the area. During the following skirmish, the Omni-Pol operatives manage to escape.

Having found the main Cyborg base and combining their forces with hundreds of clansmen in a deal struck in Tir days earlier, Omni-Pol soldiers and employees engage the cyborgs in Walling waste. The battle lasted for several hours and despite heavy casualties coalition force is victorious. A special taskforce is put into place by Omni-Pol to monitor all cyborg movements the next few months. But there is no indication of further confrontations. All files are sealed pertaining the cyborg’s recent actions.

The IRRK reports that strange meteor showers in orbit saw the mysterious appearance of new forms of hostile flora to Rubi-Ka, although Omni-Med and OTAF evacuated and closed off all infected areas, sending in a joint task force to eradicate the pests and despite a spokesman for the OT department of agriculture says the emergency was over and the farmers back on the plantations were back in their usual routine rumours persisted that some of the weeds were still growing wild in and around Hollow Island.

A senior Omni-Interops official is found murdered in Omni-1 Entertainment’s sewer system. Omni-Tek suggest that know criminal, and ex Omni employee Dave “Diamondcut” Duster may have been behind the killing and warned citizens to be on the lookout for the criminal.

OTPC reported that, JAME (Jobe Association of Metaphysical Exploration) under the leadership of Lord Kaldrani Skallagrim and Lady Giljabet Skellibjalla have finally been able to realize their long standing vision by stabilizing the portal between Rubi-Ka and what has been termed "the Shadowlands." The new conduit was successfully opened into a stable wormhole-like state for a duration of 60 minutes and allowed for supplies and volunteers to be ferried across. This portal, a closely guarded secret until now, is now believed capable of providing safe travel through to the parallel dimension. While the experimental stages of this technology resulted in an undisclosed number of fatalities, revolutionary strides in both portal techniques and the application of nano-technology have resulted in this phenomenal achievement.

OMNI - HQ, 27 August 29477

Today, JAME (Jobe Association of Metaphysical Exploration) under the leadership of Lord Kaldrani Skallagrim and Lady Giljabet Skellibjalla have finally been able to realize their long standing vision by stabilizing the portal between Rubi-Ka and what has been termed “the Shadowlands.” The new conduit was successfully opened into a stable wormhole-like state for a duration of 60 minutes and allowed for supplies and volunteers to be ferried across. This portal, a closely guarded secret until now, is now believed capable of providing safe travel through to the parallel dimension. While the experimental stages of this technology resulted in an undisclosed number of fatalities, revolutionary strides in both portal techniques and the application of nano-technology have resulted in this phenomenal achievement.

JAME Research Station was erected within the Shadowlands shortly after the portal technology was discovered and tested to ensure the conduit indeed remained as stable as expected. Only an unexplained blowout of several power conduits in the research facility hampered these early efforts.

“In the recent months several successful attempts have been made to recreate the conduit and improve the security and stability of the technology and equipment currently used to create this passage into uncharted territories,” exclaimed Lady Skellibjalla

Lord Kaldrani Skallagrim has decided that now it is time to share this breakthrough with the world and has announced that what he himself calls “the portal”, will be opening and taken in active service in 14 days time. New colonists will be offered the opportunity to partake in an experiment exploring the odds of surviving in the hostile Shadowlands environment under the supervision of the scientists themselves. The existing inhabitants of Rubi-Ka will be offered the opportunity to aid in the exploration and colonization of this newly discovered dimension.

A mysterious being calling itself Ergo appears at several location across Rubi-Ka, accompanied by Yuttos helpers this being seems to exist in several locations at once with some kind of shared consciousness. Ergo speaks about the Shadowlands and claims to be some kind of ancient protector or curator of the realm.

Strange visions are reported by several Omni employees, speculation mounts that the opening of the Shadowlands portal by JAME is somehow connected to these strange hallucinogenic experiences and few believe the cover story provided regarding possible illegal stims having hallucinogenic side effects.

Omni Tek announces that a Multi-Department Omni Taskforce has been established to try and determine the cause of recent paranormal reports of ‘visions’.

A rash of criminals flowing out of several Rubi-Ka jails had both Omni-Tek and Clan officials baffled. Omni-1 Entertainment, Old Athens, Tir, Hope and Rome jails were all hit in a massive wave of attacks. Clan officials reported they experienced major power outages in the highest security sections, followed by massive fluctuations in their Grid facilities. They were able to re-establish control of those sections within minutes of the occurrence, but when they conducted cell checks several extremely dangerous criminals were found to be missing. Members of "The Dusters" under the leadership David "Diamondcut" Duster himself are suspected of being involved due to several eye witness reports.

A recent rash of criminals flowing out of several Rubi-Ka jails has both Omni-Tek and Clan officials baffled. Omni-1 Entertainment, Old Athens, Tir, Hope and Rome Red jails were all hit in a massive wave of attacks over the last couple of days. Clan officials have reported they experienced major power outages in the highest security sections, followed by massive fluctuations in their Grid facilities. They were able to re-establish control of those sections within minutes of the occurrence, but when they conducted cell checks several extremely dangerous criminals were found to be missing. Immediate manhunts were called and are still ongoing as of this reporting.

Omni-Pol officials claimed that they were overrun by a massive wave from their prisons general population just prior to the power outages. A few of the detainees were able to get past initial security but were quickly re-apprehended and placed back into custody. They, along with Clan officials made mention of a fluctuation in the Grid facility but claimed, “it wasn’t anything that doesn’t normally happen” and “we have contingencies for this (situation) already in place.” An unnamed Omni-Pol bureaucrat made a brief appearance and issued a public statement to a crowd of assembled media representatives. When pressed for further information, the Omni-Pol official replied with “those who have been removed from the jails will be found and returned. I have no further comments at this time.”

Reported sightings of what are believed to be members of “The Dusters” sprinkled into the investigation and are being followed up on presently by authorities. One unaligned individual even claimed to have seen David “Diamondcut” Duster himself, helping a large Atrox connect to a nearby Grid terminal. This Atrox has been identified as missing and is known as Johann “Brawler” Severitz to officials. Brawler is wanted in four cities across Rubi-Ka, and claims no allegiance to either side of the conflict anymore though he was once an Omni-Tek notum miner. His crimes include: treason, murder and burglary. He was being held in the Hope jail, located in the Area of Andromeda. Several other notable criminals missing from the Hope jail are: Steven “Thefixa” Clemente, and Darque “Hivilocity” McKesson. The list continues to grow as more reports are filed with the ICC.

The recent reports of the sudden appearance, and subsequent disappearance of Diamondcut and The Dusters, followed by this epidemic of villainy erupting onto the streets of Rubi-Ka bears watching. Omni-Pol officials have recently stated, “All escaped criminals will be found, and returned to custody.” Clan officials have made no other statements regarding the recapture of their escaped convicts.

Omni Pol reacts to the continued reports of visions appearing to Omni personnel. These visions share a common theme about the ‘unlocking of new discoveries’.

Philip Ross uses the planetfall anniversary celebrations to address Omni Tek employees in public regarding the recent mysterious visions.

Complete transscript of Ross’ Planetfall Address:

Citizens of Rubi-Ka, Omni-Tek Employees, welcome

First I want to thank everyone that helped defend this part of the city yesterday during the incidents that prevented me from meeting you then.

I am also informed by Omni-Tek departments that the investigation into the recent ‘visions’ that some employees have had is moving forward.

Now let that matter wait, we’re here to honor Planetfall day, even if we this year are a few days delayed.

Many long years ago our forefathers touched upon destiny when they made Planetfall upon this planet.A moment in history, when we stepped out from the old and into the new, leaving an age behind us. A moment and when the soul of mankind, long suppressed, finds utterance.

That moment was 775 years ago when the first brave pioneers set foot upon OT3934-12; the planet we now know as Rubi-ka. It is fitting that at this solemn moment we make the pledge of dedication to Omni-Tek, her employees and to the still larger cause of humanity. At the dawn of its colonization of Rubi-ka, Omni-Tek started on it’s unending quest, and trackless centuries are filled with the striving and grandeur of her success and her failures.

Through good and ill fortune alike we have never lost sight of that quest or forgotten the ideals which gave it strength. All that you see around you we built in those 775 years, something that happened through blood, sweat and tears of men…

Nay, heroes we must not forget.

Let us remember the crew of Captain Yves Boulez who first arrived in this solar system…
Let us remember Min-Ji Liu, the first human to ever set foot on Rubi-Ka’s soil…
Let us remember the pioneers who soon would follow them and disappear…
Let us remember those who stood at the dawn of this planet’s history, filled with vision to become what we are today.

The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity, compared to the greater triumphs and achievements that awaited us then. Nevertheless, the past is over and it is the future that beckons to us now. That future is not one of ease or resting but of incessant striving so that we might fulfill the pledges we have so often taken and the one we shall take today.

As all of you have heard, through wisdom and hard work, mankind has yet taken the step to a new future, and perhaps a new tomorrow. Again, after 775 years mankind will step out of the old and into the new; again, leaving an age behind.

Like the pioneers of old, new pioneers are moving as we speak to the the city of JOBE to ensure that again OMNI-TEK may continue it’s unending quest, for endless trackless centuries to come. Let this day be remembered not just as the day we made Planetfall, but also made the first steps to c…

(Ross is interrupted by an aide delivering a message)

Fellow employees, during this speech, a force from Omni-Tek Armed Forces moved towards Jobe to put force behind our claim on the portal.
They are under attack.

Driven by these…‘visions’…reactionary forces have attacked. Therefore my order must be clear.


I give the Omni-Tek armed forces…No…All Omni-Tek Employees present the order to go to aid them.
That is all. I thank you.

JAME addresses partisan concerns that access to the newly discovered Shadowlands may fall foul of political manoeuvres. Philip Ross makes an official press release calling on Omni Tek employees to colonize the Shadowlands and in a more startling development Henry Radiman reappeared and called for the re-creation of the Council of Truth to ensure that clan members would not be neglected in the exploration of the Shadowlands and made a full statement to the clans.

Official JAME Release

Lady Skellibjalla has released this announcement on behalf of of JAME (Jobe Association of Metaphysical Exploration):

A final agreement has been reached and as promised by the creators of Jobe, the Shadowlands will be open to all!

However, Omni-Tek employees and clan members will need to provide certain services to pass, while the neutrals - untainted by the conflict as we are - will be required to pay only a small fee for entry. Full control of the portal will remain in the hands of JAME for the visible future.

Our aim is that eventually, all citizens of the planet Rubi-Ka will enjoy unfettered access to the knowledge of the Shadowlands.

The scientific knowledge gained from investigating Shadowlands technology will be available to all in Jobe. To protect the integrity and quality, exclusive rights have been given to the Independent Professionals Society and a handful of Jobean merchant associations to handle this business, and we bid everyone welcome, regardless of side chosen in the conflict on Rubi-Ka.

The scientists have received assurance that they will continue to be unaffected by the conflict to do their work. They also want to use this opportunity to warn people not to try and destabilize, let alone meddle in the business of the research scientists or the portal technicians. Any intrusions will be swiftly dealt with by Jobe security installations, which are already in place.

To travel to the Shadowlands as swiftly as possible, travelers are advised to talk directly to the Portal Technicians as soon as possible.

Official Message from Philip Ross

Today, as the Shadowlands portal is opened, Omni-Tek CEO Philip Ross released this official statement on behalf of the corporation:

Employees of Omni-Tek,

The path to a new tomorrow has been revealed by scientists and scholars bred and reared in our great corporation, forever loyal to Omni-Tek. It is engineered by our spirit, illuminated by our ingenuity and paved by our courage and determination to become all that we can become. It is the path into the Shadowlands.

By the wayside of our history lies the evidence of countless pioneers braving the unknown to bring us further ahead, towards perfection. The sacrifices of people like the Omni-Tek employees Boulez and Liu who gave their lives 775 years ago so their kind might prosper, have lead us into this new age of knowledge and experiences. They were of flesh and blood as you are. As they landed and gazed upon the blasted landscape they were exhilarated. They were determined. And as their craft broke down, they undoubtedly became scared of what awaited them, terrified of the lonely death they would suffer on this merciless planet…

But they continued for the good of mankind. They got the message back what awaited us here. They did not let us down - they did not let you down! They realized that it is Loyalty to our cause that makes us omnipotent, all else is incidental.

And now it is your turn not to let them down. Be loyal and be determined!

Citizens of Rubi-Ka, my decree is clear: Colonize the Shadowlands.


Statement Released from Henry Radiman

After more than a year of self-imposed exile, Mr. Henry Radiman the former leader of the Council of Truth, has resurfaced. His influence is felt unexpectedly strongly in the clan community and he released this statement to them today, now as the Shadowlands Portal is being opened:

People of Rubi-Ka,

This is a solemn moment, and I will speak to you from my heart.

I am a religious man. I believe in a God - A power, greater than our imaginations can fathom. The world is benign and at the same time indifferent, chaotic and at the same time filled with purpose. With Meaning!

All that we have gone through as a race, often obscures this fact, that we are constantly striving for something that we do not know what is. How can we do that without there being a purpose out there somewhere, guiding us at the same time that it drives us on. The meaning is our vehicle, its fuel and our destination. We are but passengers, but that is no small matter. The journey itself is for us, and because of us!

We are God’s celestial experiment, and this is the hour when we will finally meet our maker. How mankind has yearned for this moment, now becoming reality. For within the Shadowlands, the Source of all life rests and awaits us.

I believe it is our destiny to become one with the Shadowlands. I believe that Rubi-Ka is our Hill, that the Shadowlands are our cross and that the time has come for us to redeem mankind forever!

This is what I believe.

Share this vision with me, and let us seek the truth together within the Shadowlands!

Explorers of the Shadowlands come into contact again with the mysterious being called Ergo, just like the creatures manifestations on Rubi-Ka, it warns of the conflict that rages throughout the Shadowlands between the darkness and the light, the Unredeemed and the Redeemed. Explorers find they will have to ally themselves to one or other side in the conflict in order to proceed through the strange new world of the Shadowlands. Back on Rubi-Ka the speculation even begins that this ancient conflict may have been influencing events in the real world.

Dust Brigade units manage to pull off a series of attacks on Rome and Borealis. The target seemed to be members the recently formed Newland City Initiative (NLCI) who seek the removal of the mercenary presence from Newland City.

Speculation mounts that Loren Warr, the spokesperson for the Newland mercenaries may have hand in the attacks on the Newland City Initiative. Itel of the NLCI gives an interview mere feet away from Miss Warr claiming that the initiative would press on regardless.

Another unprovoked Dust Brigade attack, this time on a wedding party being presided over by Henry Radiman himself. Whilst officials made little comment, public opinion debated whether the Dust brigade were now presumed linked to Loren Warr, as a holographic message from ‘The Lady’ delivered further warnings, or whether this ‘Lady’ was indeed a new ally of the Dust brigade as the message suggested.

Dust Brigade commandos bomb the Borealis apartment of Katelin “Falikos” Phare, temporarily killing the owner and injuring two visitors. The motive for the attacks remained open to debate but was presumed linked to the Newland situation.

The Newland Guard Initiative successfully hold a fundraising event, raising over 145 million credits for their campaign to rid Newland of the mercenary presence.

The Omni Tek Press corp published a thinly veiled attack on Henry Radiman suggesting links between the former Council of Truth leader and the Dust Brigade.

After a rally in Old Athens, a meeting between Henry Radiman and clan leaders Anthony ‘Cogs’ McDuff, Commander ‘Caid’ Nottoris and Jenae ‘Tussa’ Godfray in the Council of Truth building is interupted by the appearance of a strange vision. After these mysterious events the assembled leaders decided upon the reformation of the Council of Truth with the blessing of Radiman.

At a science symposium a small Omni Tek sub department announces that they had made a breakthrough in allowing nanomages to survive outside of Rubi-Ka by use of a special Notum Infused Suit. It was claimed a prototype suit was almost ready for production.

Mere days after announcing their research Omni Tek sub department Red Tape report that suspected corporate sabotage was responsible for lost data and a stolen prototype of the Notum infused suit that may set the research back years.

Charles ‘Kithrak’ Houston, former Director of Red Tape requests clan assistance in the recovery of the prototype Notum Infused Suit. It was revealed that terrorist mercenaries believed based in Milky Way and possibly linked to recent attacks Newland were also responsible for the theft of the prototype suit.

The Newland City Council begin talks to seek a resolution to the mercenary situation in Newland.

A coalition of Omni Tek and Clan forces lead an expedition to Milky Way and fought a running battle with mercenary forces that resulted in the successful recovery of the prototype Notum infused suit.

Licensed explorers discover the chaotic central core of the Shadowlands known as Pandemonium, this area is deemed extremely dangerous and volatile and even the most battle hardened of veterans estimated it would be some time before further exploration in large numbers would be viable.

The first steps are taken by the clans to begin the reformation of the Council of Truth as the clerical staff present the rules for joining the council.

Strong Public support for the Newland Guard Initiative is reported by the Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka.

The arrival of a new gunship to the Camelot knights in Avalon sparked a mysterious Cyborg attack that were repelled by Clan forces. Clan officials refused to comment on the possibility of OTAF involvement given the close proximity of Omni bases in the area.

In an unexpected move Philip Ross donates funds to the Newland Guard Initiative. Ross stated that he had personal reasons for supporting the initiative and that this did not mean any change in stance on neutrality by Omni Tek itself.

IRRK News Wire Staff
Februrary 04 29478, 25.12 RST

IRRK (Newland City) – The Newland City Council met again in Newland to discuss funding and procedures for the Newland Guard Initiative (NGI). On hand were representatives from J.A.M.E. and the Newland Council.

In a chilling turn of events it was discovered that the Newland Council bank account had been hacked and a total of 100 million credits has gone missing.

Many citizens offered what they could to make up for the missing money and steep charges of J.A.M.E., but one citizen in particular was able to pick up the bill alone. Phillip Ross showed up to the meeting in time to learn of the progress of the situation. He also agreed to pick up the outstanding missing funds.

Mr. Ross mentioned that his reasons for picking up the tab were, “his own,” and that the money provided is from his personal account and not tied to Omni-Tek. Mr. Ross did mention a strong desire to see the true neutrality of Newland show.

How much one accepts his statements will vary. But it’s clear that the Newland Guard Initiative is at least firmly underway.

But again, questions remain, what’s to come next? How will Loren Warr react?

Newland City Council make an official statement declaring their intent to form a truly neutral defence force for the city with backing of JAME equipment. This is seen publicly as a great success for the Newland Guard Initiative and would call into question the validity of the mercenary presence in the city.

IRRK (Newland City) – Late this afternoon, Newland City Council publicly declares acceptance of JAME equipment contract, and begins recruiting efforts for the Cities new Defense Force.

Below is the statement by Councilman Tharno in it’s entirety.

"Good afternoon,

It is with great pleasure that I stand before you today. After many months of discussion, investigation, and careful deliberation, the Council of the Independent City of Newland, at this time declares our intent to create a City Militia. A Militia OF and FOR the citizens of our City.

We will take the protection of our homes, loved ones, assets, and most importantly, our lives… into our OWN hands. We formally accept the services offered by JAME to this effort. With equipment and training provided by the advanced, and rugged frontiersmen of JAME, and staffed by our own determined citizens, our Newland City Militia will maintain peace and order for generations to come.

Thank you for your time. Good day."

This is truly the moment that many neutral citizens have been waiting for, the public declaration by the City Council to remove the mercenaries, and instate a new defense force.
The Militia of Newland is presently accepting applications. Contact the City Office of Administration for an application and instructions.

The body of former Newland City Council secretary Amahnda Dwemse is found in an apartment in Newland. Dwemse had spoken out previously about the mercenary presence in Newland and her death deemed highly suspicious by the ICC authorities.

IRRK News Wire Staff

IRRK (Newland City) – The body of an outspoken former Newland City Council Secretary has been found, and attached to the grizzly spectacle a very dark message for the city inhabitants.

“This is a Council of Fear,” was a common phrase for some weeks after Amahnda Dwemse’s highly publicized outburst against the Newland City Council. Protesting the Council’s inability to make a decision on the Newland Guard issue, the secretary went to media representatives to tell things, ‘Like they are’.

She was quickly dismissed from her position with the Council for breaking confidential trust. After her dismissal she became even more active in her personal campaign to stir the Council to action. Many citizens joined in and supported her cause, though the effects this movement actually had on the Council are debatable.

She made news a second time a short time later in a more ominous fashion. Ms. Dwemse’s disappearance was unexpected, and took the Neutral City by surprise. The ICC was called in to investigate but could find no proper leads to follow. Over the weeks there have been many reported sightings and false reports, but no credible leads, until late last night.

At about 2200 RKST citizens of Newland Apartments in City Back Yard #2 reported screams and the sound of gunshots from her apartment. The ICC rushed to the scene to find a very disturbing spectacle. Evidently Ms. Dwemse had been abducted and kept as a hostage since her disappearance, she was returned to her home where she sustained multiple close range plasma weapons burns, and due to the presence of a blue ash covering most of her torso, appears to have been killed by a Soul-Scattering perma-death ranged weapon.

Next to her was a small data pad with a warning to Newland Residents. “I can protect you from the Clans, I could’ve protected her. But if I’m not wanted, why should I bother. Can you protect yourselves from me?”

There is heated debate at this hour over the source of the message. Many claim that local Mercenary Commander Warr is responsible and is using the death of Ms. Dwemse, a very outspoken opponent to attempt to regain influence over the City Council. Others believe that Omni-Tek Shadow Operatives had a hand in the situation. While still more people believe this to be a ploy by the Dust Brigade to attempt to sway popular opinion against Omni-Tek.

The ICC is investigating the scene and medical staff are examining the body for any possible clues. This comes at a bad time for the already strained City of Newland. Tensions are high as the Council prepares to change Defenders for the City. What effect this will have on that process remains to be seen.

A planned demonstration of the new defence laser weapons designed by JAME and intended for use by the Newland militia goes badly awry in Elysium. Mercenary sabotage is suspected.

Newland City finally evicts Loren Warr and the mercenaries, replacing them with the newly formed Newland Militia. The return of true neutrality to Newland rekindles the debate over the Sentinels treatment of neutrals in Tir.

FJRK (Newland City) – Celebrations were muted and somewhat cautious in this once-bustling desert town, as Newland City opened up its arms to re-embrace a lost neutrality.

At approximately 1700 RST on February 10, Loren Warr and her band of mercenaries were escorted out of Newland City, and the Newland City Militia, fully adorned in Non-partisan armour and sporting the latest in JAME weaponry, moved in to fill the security void left by the termination of the Mercenaries’ contract for services with the Newland City Council.

“I do miss Newland City, it was quite a nice place. I especially miss them swims in the lake outside, the ocassional bite or two from all them fishes in the water. Hopefully with this new initiative, true justice will be prevailing in Newland City.” “Riotsmurf”, a General of clan Leet, stated recently.

Riotsmurf echoes a cautious optimism that seems to be held by virtually every citizen of Rubi-Ka. Businesses in Newland City were seen stocking up on supplies and dusting off old crates of inventory in anticipation of the inevitable financial windfall that the city is expected to reap as a result of it returning to its place as a central travel hub for all factions.

Another member of the clans, Dr. Cindi “Razishlyat” Bolieu, a Veteran of the clan Forsaken, offered her optimistic words, and an ominous warning: “Congratulations to the city of Newland. This is truly a terrific announcement, and a great day in the history of Newland. Let us hope that the scars on this program do not come back to haunt Newland [City].” No one truly realized how ominous this warning was, until late into the tranquil evening hours.

It was at that time that Loren Warr, accompanied by Ian Warr with several of her Mercenaries in tow, made their way back into Newland City, and towards her old post at the eastern end of city’s main street. Screaming “bring out the Council!”, Ms. Warr repeatedly taunted the new guards, and commanded nearby citizens to scour the area in search of any Council member. Though none could be located, a Newland City clerk quickly rushed into Council chambers and sounded the alarm, while Ms. Warr made her demands clear.

“I demand severance pay!” she exclaimed when asked as to the reasoning behind her return to Newland City. It is not known at this time whether there is any legal basis, or any clause in her initial contract for services, that compels the Council to so much as consider such a payment.

As the minutes ticked past, Loren Warr and her aide became increasingly angry and agitated with the lack of acknowledgement by the Newland City Council to their threats. The tension in the air was pervasive, triggered by comments from Ian that he and Ms. Warr should “beat on one of these guards.”

By this time, the Newland City Council realized that Loren and her brother might be too much for them to handle on their own. Council security contacted the ICC’s security detachment in Andromeda, and soon after a distress message was being broadcast over all open air comm channels across the planet, calling for any and all available citizens from all factions to assist in the defence of Newland City. Members of all factions responded the call to arms, and poured in through the grid and Whompa exits ready to confront Loren Warr and her mercenaries.

By the time a sufficient force had gathered, Ms. Warr and the Mercenaries had targetted and attacked the closest member of the Newland City Militia, while horrified onlookers stood back, watching the entire event. Despite Ms. Warr’s assertion that “these guards are weak - pathetic,” they stood their ground courageously, displaying an uncanny level of tactical co-ordination that soon resulted in more than five of them all working in unison to repel the attack. As an ever-increasing number of citizens moved in to join the battle, Ms. Warr’s army quickly found themselves out-numbered and out-gunned.

Loren Warr issued the call to retreat, but the call came too late. Soon after, both Warrs lay dead on the ground, surrounded by the corpses of her body guards. Some of the remaining Mercenaries who had somehow survived the initial assault attempted to capitalize on the chaos and flee, but a few sharp-eyed citizens noticed their retreat and proceeded to root, and then slaughter, the survivors.

Was this stunning humiliation in Newland the last we,ll see of Loren Warr? No one at this time will speculate. However, what is for certain, is that Ms. Warr seems loathe to relinquish her reign of terror over the peaceful, neutral city, and stands poised to continue to blackmail the Newland City Council through her patternistic disposition to the use of violence.

No one from the Newland City Council was available for comment at press time.



The Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka explore the continuing speculation of links between the clans and the Dust Brigade. The theory is popular in particular amongst Omni security sources who have always been suspicious of co-operation between those factions that oppose or seek to disrupt their lease of Rubi-Ka.

Henry Radiman makes a speech on the steps of the old Council of Truth building in Tir making a renewed call for the reformation of the council.

A full transcript of his speech is as follows:

"Greetings, my friends.

The time is upon us. A time of rebirth. A time of brotherhood. A time of peace among neighbors and a time of coming together to do that which is great, and ultimately, of doing what is necessary.

In this chamber some time ago, we received a calling to reconvene a Great Council of Truth. That calling was ethereal, surreal and even strange to be certain.

However, the visage of our beloved David Marlin was unmistakable. The spirit of that great man is within all of us. His wisdom of the past and his vision for the future of a place where all men are equal and at peace should inspire and encourage all of us to undertake this great task. It is the task of rebuilding the Council of Truth that I speak about today.

Today I renew his call to come together with renewed purpose. To come together to rebuild the Council of Truth to its former glory for all Clansmen on Rubi-Ka. The longer we delay with this task, the more Omni-Tek can take our land, kill our children and steal our lives.

We must act soon to renew our purpose. We must act soon to rebuild this great body for debate and governance. We must act soon to rise up together to send a message to the corporation:

We shall be heard! We shall rule our own lives! We shall reap our own benefits from our own labors!

We will soon act, my friends. We must be patient in building the Council of Truth. Our path is clear and our purpose is noble. To quote the ancient Old Earth American president, John F. Kennedy, peace and freedom walk together.

Thank you all, and good night."

By denying claims that the Sentinels had issued arrest warrants for Dust Brigade terrorists the Sentinels leader Simon Silverstone inadvertently increased speculation of a link between the Dust Brigade and the Clans.

Prominent Clan leaders urge participation in the public rally planned to build support for the reformation of the Council of Truth. Cathern “Vixentrox” Flowers, Janae “Tussa” Godfray and Maximillian “Foxferal” Sionnach all addressed the crowds at the Tir Whompa station calling for recognition of a new fledgling council.

With the reformation of the Council of Truth an impending reality public focus returns to Henry Radiman and calls into question the legitimacy of his involvement in the new council. The rumours of possible terrorist links surrounding the veteran Clan leader refuse to die down.

The Dust Brigade launch a surprise attack on Omni-1 but were repelled by Omni personnel who reacted to news of the Dust Brigade presence in the city.

According to reports from the Morningstar station in orbit Omni Tek used some obscure diplomatic protocols to allow a large transport vessel called the 'Longhorn' to arrive planestide without any of the customary ICC security scans taking place.

IRRK (ICC) – According to sources aboard the Morningstar space station, an Omni-Tek transport named the “Longhorn” passed silently through Rubi-Kan space using an obscure diplomatic protocol which prevented the vessel from being scanned by orbital ICC sensors.

This diplomatic protocol is normally reserved for vessels carrying top executives of hypercorporations, the ICC or humanitarian groups, to prevent unauthorized scanning of computer databanks and cargo. However, a search of the interstellar diplomatic transport registry reveals no mention of any vessels, owned by Omni-Tek or otherwise, named the “Longhorn”.

Moreover, the ICC has no listing for the Longhorn filing an interstellar travel itinerary with its offices, nor did the vessel make any contact with any other vessels, colonies, or outposts through the course of its journeys. The Longhorn slipped into Rubi-Kan atmosphere relatively unseen; tracking contact from the Morningstar was lost within seconds after the ship passed through Rubi-Ka’s ionosphere.

For their part, Omni-Tek Corporation representatives had very little to say about this report. Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka media liaison Burton Shogren declined the IRRK’s request for an interview on the subject, as did officials in Omni-Pol.

Another Dust Brigade attack shakes Omni-1 Entertainment and leads some employees to suggest increased security forces should be deployed on the streets of Omni-1.

The Vanguard Clan move into residence in Old Athens to provide additional protection and infrastructure to the city. Vanguard leader Alan Jacobi pledges that a share of profits made by the Vanguard during their tenure would be used to help rebuild the city.

An exploration team doing historical studies in the area discover an entrance to a secret crypt not far from the city of Home on the coastline of the Broken Shores area. Found beneath the ancient twin pillars altar, whose purpose has never been fully explained, the crypt appears to be populated by as yet unknown residents. Citizens are urged to help explore the crypt.

The first meeting of the new Council truth is held in Tir. Henry Radiman declares that he is stepping aside from involvement to allow a new generation of Clan politicians and leaders to emerge. Despite winning the election of leadership, Sentinels leader Simon Silverstone refuses the position leaving the knights of Avalon to take on the role. The founding members pledge that they will pursue peaceful means wherever possible to further the clan cause on Rubi-Ka.

The Omni Tek press corp immediately issues its reactions to the newly formed council and raises doubts about its peaceful intent given the prominent support for the militant Sentinels clan amongst the new council representatives.

A group of explorers lead by Innersanctum managed to penetrate the inner realm of Pandemonium in the Shadowlands and slay the Beast, the ultimate guardian of the Shadowlands. A portal opened taking the explorers back to a mysterious crypt on Rubi-Ka and an encounter with a strange version of the Ergo personality called Number Nine. This being spoke ominously but cryptically of the future and the implications of mankind truly controlling the source having defeated its guardian.

Debate rages as to the possible meaning and context of the messages relayed by Number Nine and the relevance of the Source in Pandemonium being linked to a crypt on Rubi-Ka itself. Most believe the messages are a warning of some manner and that some ancient balance may have been disturbed by the conquest of Pandemonium.

Investigations into a mysterious crash site in Hope were cut short by the arrival of heavy Omni-Tek troop transports, leading to open conflict between clan forces and the Omni personnel. It was unknown why Omni-Tek dispatched such a large force to recover what they described as a ‘crashed reconnaissance team’.

Dust Brigade forces attack Omni-Interops facilities in Omni-HQ. Despite being repelled the attacks raise concerns about security in Omni-1 and questions about how the Dust Brigade managed to strike in the heart of Omni operations in the city.

In a further audacious move Dust Brigade forces also attack Omni-Med facilities in Omni-HQ leading to increased calls for a re-evaluation of the security measures used to protect Omni-1.

Dust Brigade units engage Clan forces in Old Athens issuing cryptic warnings about the clans ‘not being ready’ and ‘being unprepared’, unprepared for what remained a mystery as none of the terrorists could be captured alive.

Clan journalists report on encounters with elite Omni Tek forces known as the Unicorn Company. These 'ultimate soldiers' have not been known as being deployed on Rubi-Ka before and rumours soon start as to the possible reasons for their deployment.

Reporter Kemlyan Jakos
July 29, 29478

FJRK – Over the history of Mankind, there were always events that have changed our understanding of the universe. From ancient ■■■■ sapiens first walk on the moon, to the landing of the Atlantean and Rimor on Rubi-Ka. Pursuit of knowledge and information has always been foremost in our unrelenting drive forward.

However, some such events are ominous foreshadows of things to come. Some of them mark a change so great that it threatens our alliances, our ways of thinking and most importantly, the ways we go about our daily lives. So it happened, this humble reporter witnessed one such event right here on Rubi-Ka.

It was a day not unlike any other. I found myself in Hope pursuing witnesses to the crash of the ship just to the northwest for possible insight on where it could be from. Many speculated that Omni-Tek had something to do with it, but a few seemed to think that it was something not of this world.

Just as I had started to pour my own insight in to the situation, two of the infamous Clan Borg Hunters came running full speed into Hope, heading straight for the Whom-Pahs. I followed them through to Stret West Bank where I stopped to speak with them. The frantic calls for assistance from the hunters to the public Clan frequencies brought many interested in hearing what had befallen them.

I’ve never seen such brave soldiers so scared.

They reported that a group of very elite Omni-Tek troopers was literally tearing the crash site apart. Based on the Hunters’ descriptions, it was very dangerous situation. Nonetheless, I spent time convincing the group to taking me to the scene, to see it firsthand.

What I witnessed was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever seen. There were Omni-Tek soldiers there, not of the common sort. These soldiers were wearing high-tech armor and weapons I’ve never seen before. It was obvious that they were affiliated with Omni-Tek however, as they had a multitude of Omni-Tek support equipment.

As we soon found out, these soldiers were not to be messed with. Anyone caught in sight of these massive guards was quickly dispatched, but I managed to sneak away in the fray and get close enough to detect a few communications and see something that I will not soon forget.

The soldiers called themselves Unicorn Company, and it seemed that their task was to secure vital cargo from the crash site. The cargo, I can say without a doubt, was not anything produced by normal solitus-like breeds on Rubi-Ka. Nor was it of the Shadowlands. It was something different altogether, but before I could make out exactly what it was, the Unicorn Company soldiers managed to get it into their dropship and make a speedy getaway.

I’m uncertain what this all means, I’ve never witnessed anything like this before. But it obvious that something not human is among us on Rubi-Ka. Maybe those crazy people speculating about aliens were right.

Philip Ross makes a press release regarding the sale of land to members of public for construction purposes to allow colonists to own their own sections and build their own towns and cities.

The press release in its entirety:

Fellow citizens of Rubi-Ka, I look out upon you every day and see that each step we take makes us stronger. It can be attributed only to hard work, dedication and loyalty that we have made it this far. You, the loyal citizens of this enigmatic planet, are at the front of the line in making these steps of discovery and exploration. You have all worked hard to forge this barren planet into a place that we can proudly call our home. It is for this reason that I have decided that now is the time that you, the true heroes of this planet, shall reap the rewards of our unrelenting progress.

We all know that Rubi-Ka holds many wonders upon her surface. Such beauty all around us from the depths of the Omni Forest and the endless dunes of the northern deserts to the waterfalls and the rivers of the central plains her landscapes are some of the most diverse in the universe. What once belonged to no one person is now set to be in your hands, the hands of the people who have worked so hard make it what it is today. Each one of you has fought hard to claim this planet as rightfully ours, and now, you may claim a small piece of land as rightfully and legally your own. Citizens of Rubi-Ka, this is my gift to you. We have all been waiting for this day.

This, my friends, is a formal announcement. As a gesture of my absolute appreciation for everything that you, the inhabitants of Rubi-Ka, have done to make this world what it is today. Let it be known that soon selected plots of only the most pristine Omni-Tek land shall be opened up for auction. You have earned your credits, and now, I present you with something worth spending those credits on. Any one of you with the capacity, either alone or en masse, to purchase these plots of land shall have full ownership of them, with no restrictions. This was always our land; now it can be yours.

A press release from Omni Prime states that the message accredited to Philip Ross the day before regarding the purchase of land was an elaborate hoax contrived by a terrorist group and transmitted from a building in the terrorist held city of Old Athens.

OTPC – The Board of Directors of the Omni-Tek Corporation has released a statement regarding a “fake message” by Philip Ross.

Upon investigation the Omni-Tek Corporation has discovered that the message from Philip Ross is false. We have definitive proof that this was an elaborate hoax contrived by a terrorist group and transmitted from a building in the terrorist held city of Old Athens. Again, please disregard this falsified message, as it did not originate from the Omni-Tek Corporation or Mr. Philip Ross.

A reporter and an advisor from Omni Prime backed up by Unicorn troops question citizens in Borealis on their opinions about Philip Ross.

The ICC announce that they will be opening up areas of Rubi-Ka for purchase and construction.

Unicorn troops move into Omni-HQ amid rumours that Philip Ross had been placed under house arrest for some as yet unknown reason.

In a shocking turn of events Philip Ross addresses the planet and tells citizens that not only is there an imminent invasion of Rubi-Ka by Alien forces, but that Omni Tek had advance warning and his recorded announcement was triggered automatically by the alien vessels breaching the orbital defense permiter around Rubi-Ka. Ross himself is revealed to already be off world in discussions with the Board of Directors on Omni Prime.

OTPC – Suddenly a transmission came trough and announced, “Friends, the time has come, we must gather as one. Make your way to either outside Newland, Old Athen hill or the southern end of Rome Red for an important address.”

A group of loyal Omni-Tek employee’s, as well as myself, headed toward Rome Red. The crowd grew impatient with waiting and upon seeing my hastily placed press badge started to ask me what was going on. My denial of any knowledge about this was ignored. Their attention was diverted when suddenly a message flashed into our NCU of the well-known CEO of Omni-Tek on Rub-Ka, Philip Ross.

“Good evening fellow inhabitants of Rubi-Ka,”

"I come to you this evening with grave news. A hostile enemy force from a race we have not yet encountered has arrived in near planet orbit. They have NOT come in peace and mean to take our homes away from us through violent means. Omni-Tek has been aware of this pending invasion for some time and we have been taking steps to prepare for the defense of the planet. This message was triggered to auto run if any of these enemy ships breach our outer planetary security defenses, as I could not keep the population ignorant of this danger. It is with a sad heart that I find myself off planet speaking to the Board of Directors on Omni Prime about the continuing defense of this planet we all call home. But my friends, we shall be strong and def-- "

Ross’s transmission was cut and static ensued.

Most of the Omni-Tek employees scoffed at this message. A few believed there was more to the message that never made it to them.

The Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka report on the latest news of the Alien invasion as the invaders assault several of the major cities on Rubi-Ka. The offer of additional troops by the ICC is accepted by Omni and neutral sources although Simon Silverstone of the Sentinels dismissed the offer as "completely unnecessary".

**Rubi-Ka under siege: News from the front **

Communications on, to and from Rubi-Ka restored!

In one deft, sweeping move, Unicorn Company forces acting on orders from Omni Prime last week disabled an alien nanowarfare frigate orbiting behind one of the Rubi-Kan moons, then proceeded to board it and completely disassemble its communications jamming devices. This strike restored full communications to Rubi-Ka, which has been in a veritable communications blackout since the alien attacks began over a month ago. Some sources report that Omni Prime is now using the disabled frigate to decrypt alien communications, though information of that nature has been dubbed “Top Secret” by Omni-Tek leadership.

Alien attacks reported throughout major cities Rubi-Ka!

Sources from all parts of Rubi-Ka are reporting that aliens have managed to break through major city defenses and wreck havok in the streets of these paragons of defense. Reports state that their attacks have been focused around transportation network systems such as Grid exits and Wompah terminals. Speaking only on the condition of anonymity, an Omni-Trans employee told one source that the aliens appear to have hacked in to the transportation networks and used these means of transportation to infiltrate the cities. Most reports state that the attacks were minor incidents, although several people have said that at least one massive battle raged in Omni-1, where a full invasion force led by an alien general emerged from the southern Wompah terminals and attacked everything in sight. Citizens of all major cities on Rubi-Ka are advised to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the nearest guard.

Impending martial law looms over Omni-Tek Cities!

Recent alien attacks have been growing more and more bold. In response to attacks on Rome and Omni-1 by aliens who reportedly managed to break in to the Omni-Trans network and hack wompah and grid systems, Omni-Tek has began to issue sanctions to impose martial law on the two cities. Thus far, all that is known about the proposal is that current Omni-Pol guards will be replaced by elite Omni-Tek Armed Forces soldiers in order to better protect the cities. Some insiders also report that rumors of barring neutral visitors and the possibility of a curfew are also being discussed, however both issues are unconfirmed. An Omni-Admin official is quoted as saying, “It’s for our own safety.”

Aliens keep striking, Rubi-Kan forces keep striking back!

The alien invasion force seems to be on a full head of steam just over one month after the initial attacks on Rubi-Kan soil. There seems to be no stopping the invasions, but brave fighters from all over Rubi-Ka are continually repelling them on all fronts. Battle commanders from all sides say that the fight is tough, but that protection of the homeland is now a priority over what one Omni-Tek Organization Leader states are “petty territorial squabbles.”

Official press release from ICC promises more soldiers!

In a public press release and an official transmission to the leaders of Rubi-Ka’s neutral city governments, the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations pledged to send more of their own elite soldiers to help neutral and other Rubi-Kan citizens repel the alien threat. Sentinal leader Simon Silverstone dismissed the offer as “completely unnecessary,” while Omni-Tek and Neutral leadership both agree that more fighters for the effort are welcome.

Clan forces unite to repel the alien threat!

Most of the major Clans have united in the northern territories, coming together to defend fledgling Clan cities in unison from the relentless alien attacks. Many outside observers have described the cooperation between even the most fundamentalist Clans as surprising, but Clan leaders are stating in cooperative press releases that now is the time to reunite and re-forge the alliances that made the Clans successful in the first place.

JAME calls upon all scientists and researches to unite!

In a move that goes against their usual Pro-Omni-Tek stances, JAME has sent communications out to well-known scientists and research teams throughout Rubi-Ka, including Clan, Omni-Tek and Neutral officials. In their broadcast transmission, the JAME scientists say that only with complete cooperation amongst the research teams of all sides, can Rubi-Ka truly be called united against the efforts to hinder the alien attacks. JAME is currently researching ways to decrypt alien communications to better predict and prepare for impending attacks.

Outlying settlements ravaged by the alien menace!

upon the restoration of communications, Rubi-Kan communications arrays in the major cities once again started recieving transmissions from outlying settlements on the fringes of habital territory. These transmissions tell of atroceities and sheer slaughter dispensed by the alien invasions on the defensless outlying settlements. Several search and rescue teams dispatched to the sites report that not one survivor was left behind and that any building that isn’t completely decimated has been thouroughly searched and stripped of information, which could reveal the locations and defense systems of other settlements. City leaders are advised to be vigilant in their defense.

Finally a message for our brave fighters:

I have a new batch of leet fur gloves…I repeat, I have a new batch of leet fur gloves.
John has a big moustache…I repeat, John has a big Moustache.
The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain…I repeat, The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

As the alien activity escalates the Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka report that ICC blockade runners clashed with Alien vessels in orbit around the planet as on the ground all factions took action against the invaders.

**Rubi-Ka under siege: News from the front #2**

Philip Ross releases official statement!

Though many people aren’t sure just how or why Omni-Prime has allowed it to get through, Philip Ross has issued a statement intended for all of Rubi-Ka to hear. In it, Ross clearly and simply states, “Rest assured, citizens and employees, I will return!” The transmission was followed by sounds of a struggle and static interferance. As of this time, nobody is sure just when or even if Ross is coming back, and if he is, how he has or plans to escape Omni-Reform to do so. Some sources say that Ross has already escaped, while others say that Omni-Reform is attempting put on a facade that Ross has managed to escape when, in fact, thay have brainwashed him and made him a tool of Omni-Prime. Expect immediate coverage of Ross’ return if and when it happens.

Alien attacks resume in greater force!

After a few quiet days on all fronts, aliens have resumed their onslaught. Skirmishes have been reported from many places on Rubi-Ka, including Tir, Galway County and Omni-1. These attacks are reportedly massive, with possibly hundreds of invaders storming unsuspecting cities. As of yet, the reason for the relative peace of the days before the massive attacks is unknown, though many sources speculate that the aliens were taking their time to analyize gathered data, build their forces and plan their attack before beginning their siege.

Silverstone to lead Sentinels and Clans against alien attacks!

Simon Silverstone’s involvement in the recent attacks on Tir is well documented, however Silverstone has announced his intent to take an initiative in all attacks on Clan territory. A Vanguard spokesperson said that assistance in Old Athen was unnecessary, which was met with no official reply from the Sentinel leader. Some believe that this could lead to a mild conflict within the Clans, as to who defends what. However, past incidents have proven that all present Clans work together in unison to fight off the alien threat, wherever it may be.

ICC Blockade Runner clashes with alien fleet!

An ICC ship attempting to penetrate alien forces lined up around Rubi-Ka with vital troop and supply support was nearly destroyed in its attempt to punch through a weak spot in the line. Several alien frigates attempted to disable and board the ICC ship, the Feint, which later crash-landed near ICC’s Rubi-Ka headquarters. The ship suffered 67% casualties, but surprisingly, no cargo loss. Survivors all say that the alien forces were attempting to preserve the cargo holds, presumably to investigate it and find out what it is we require to survive. All crew members have been recognized with ICC commendations for bravery.

Knights effectively halt Alien onslaught in north Avalon!

Although their leader is still in the Shadowlands, Camelot’s brave Knights have gathered en masse to fight the alien invaders with vigor and passion in a display that should serve as inspiration to all of Rubi-Ka. Alien activity was reportedly the strongest there after the initial Knight resistance, though no matter how hard the aliens hit, strong Knights continued to push the alien attacks right back where they came from. Reports state that invasion attempts in north Avalon have all but ceased as the aliens have decided to focus their attempts on more vulnerable targets. One Knight commander was heard shouting just before falling in battle, “No invader shall survive on our soil!”

Unicorn Company commandos siege fringe territory beacheads!

Omni-Prime has launched an all out assault on alien fortifications in outlying territories on Rubi-Ka. Rumors are currently circulating as to the nature of the attack, though Omni-Prime will only say that they’re attempting to resecure and re-establish colonies in barely-habitable territories of the planet. Unicorn Company’s first moves were made last week, securing beach fronts and various inland positions of strategic importance after discovering that the aliens were attempting to secure an on-planet stronghold, presumably to relieve their overworked orbital dropships.

Jobe offers citizens rewards for alien artifacts!

Jobe leadership has issued a statement which says that all alien artifacts can be turned over to any Jobe official effective immediately for a handsome reward. However, Jobe has been very clear as to what denotes an artifact and it seems that the more common alien weapons, bio-organic mass, and other such relatively common alien technologies aren’t a part of this list. One Jobe official says, “We’re looking for things that may date back to their origins. We can’t say where or how one would find such things, as we do not know. But if you do, please notify us immediately.”

Neutral authorities crack down on an alien-worshiping cult!

The Newland Militia and ICC, working jointly in Borealis and Newland, have uncovered and harshly struck down a cult known as the “5th Column.” An ICC representative cited that the alien-worshippers were planning an ongoing campaign of terror against targets in the two neutral cities, as well as potential for expanding their operations in to other territories. Though most of the cultists resisted violently and were killed in the joint strike, one cult leader being dragged out screaming was heard shouting “They are our saviors! They are the only true path to bliss! Resistance means only eternal damnation!” No statements as to the fate of the surviving cultists have been made.

Finally a message for our brave fighters:

The horses are on the track…I repeat…The horses are on the track.
Mary had a little lamb…I repeat…Mary had a little lamb.
Use the Force, Luke…I repeat…Use the Force, Luke.
The reets are out to roost…I repeat…Tre reets are out to roost.

The Council of Truth is attacked by mysterious Shades during one of their regular sessions.

The leader of the Vanguards, Alan Jacobi, has released a general statement on Sunday, in reference to the attack by fanatical neutral shades on the Council of Truth in Tir Saturday.

“The Vanguard organization condems the attacks on the Council of Truth. The clans should not have to bear the burden of the fears of terror, and so we shall not allow ourselves to act rashly on their behalf. Athen will, as it always has, remain open to neutral customers; we shall not punish the entire class for the actions of a few bullies.”

The take-over, which happened about half-way through one of the Council’s regular monthly meetings, was launched by an organized force of at least four neutral shades, possibly professional assassins. The meeting was running a week after the regularly scheduled date, as it was postponed last weekend in observence of an archaic Earth holiday, as well as the seemingly annual onslaught of strange happens that coincide with said holiday. For this reason, many sources speculate that the attack was a barely-planned, spur-of-the-moment move on the part of the neutral forces. The Tower’s security system was taken over by an unknown person or persons, and all doors within were locked, trapping the Council members inside.

The entire attack came to an end when fighting broke out amongst the terrorists and the Council of Truth representatives. Fixers reportedly evacuated those who were unfit for combat from Truth Tower. Those left inside fought valiantly with the terrorists inside, all of which were eventually killed after a few Clan casualties. The terrorists had claimed that the insurance policies of those in Truth Tower had been hacked and nullified, however those who were slain by the terrorists were able to confirm that these threats were untrue. Lastly, Alan Jacobi regained control of the security system after reportedly being rendered unconcious and thrown in to a storage area on his way out, and awakening at a later point in incident.

While many Clanners are pointing fingers at the whole of the neutral population, New Dawn’s Council of Truth representative, Xeavier Humbold feels that such hasty decisions are “…unwarrented and overzealous.” In a brief interview on his way out of Truth Tower, he stated that “Neutral forces can’t be held to blame for the actions of so few persons. New Dawn will be launching its own independant investigation in to the matter, and has the cooperation of various Neutral authorities.”

Transcripts of the Council of Truth meeting reveal that the motivation behind these attacks was freedom of passage for all Neutrals through the Sentinel-controlled city of Tir. The Sentinels are vigilant in their anti-Neutral policies and attack any Neutral citizen on sight within the city’s walls. Sentinel commander Simon Silverstone was unavailable for comment immediately after the attack, though nobody expects him to give in to the demands of the terrorists. A heated debate still rages amonst clanners as to who is at fault for the attack, though no clear conslusions have been drawn.

Due to the continued alien activity Omni Tek announce that they are declaring all their assests on Rubi-Ka to be under martial law.

Omni-Admin, OTRK
November 26th, 29478

As of this date, Omni-Tek interests in Rubi-Ka are under martial law. Martial law has been imposed for various reasons, not the least of which are the attacks on Omni-Tek interests on Rubi-Ka, as well as other cities coming under siege by the alien threat. These attacks have both the direct consequence of putting our cities and interests under immediate threat of invasion by these hostile forces, as well as opening us up for attack by opportunistic groups of people on Rubi-Ka. In that light, Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka has petitioned Omni-Armed Forces for a batallion of elite troopers to protect both of our major cities: Rome and Omni-1.

Both of these glorious cities have recently been besieged by the alien invaders, as many employees no doubt have seen. Where they have been known in the past as safe havens, free of outside threat, where hostile forces surived not nearly long enough to disrupt operations, they are now apparantly vulnerable to alien infiltration. We at OTRK are working hard to better secure our transportation systems and upgrade our defense, the latter calling for more potent forces to both protect us from hostilities and to enforce the laws and regulations that have long stood under the juristiction of Omni-Pol.

Furthermore, Omni-Admin would like to extend an open invitation to all Neutral citizens looking for more adequate safety and protection from these unbiased invasions within the walls of our grand cities, Rome and Omni-1. Our defenses will not harm you, nor will our employees harass you. You are welcome here, and you may consider our homes your own. During your visits to Rome and Omni-1, however, we encourage you to take in to consideration the significance of this gesture and, should you feel the need for more perminant protection, find an application to join our organization and recieve the full benefits of doing so.

The return of Philip Ross to Rubi-Ka in strange circumstances leads to much speculation about who controls Omni Tek interests on Rubi-Ka during the invasion. Is Ross still in charge or have Omni Prime taken over control directly?

November 26th, 29478

In an almost unbelievable series of events, Philip Ross has wound his way back to Omni-Tek on Rubi-Ka, ending his several month long disappearance. Accounts from all over Rubi-Ka piece together an intruguing story of action and thrill, worthy of a grand, best-selling work of fiction. There is no doubt in this reporter’s eyes that the tale of Ross’ return will become legendary prose. But you’ll read the full, true story here first, as only an investigative journalist can tell it.

It all started with a shuttle crash east of Omni-2, known by the occupying Clanners as Old Athen. Alien fighters intercepted Ross’ craft, which somehow broke through the alien blockade, and managed to shoot it down in the wastelands just outside of a newly-constructed city. Several of Ross’ collegues were reportedly killed in the crash, though Ross and one bodyguard, as well as most of a legion of Omni-Prime troopers survived the crash and helped Clanners, led by a rescue Clan team, fight off an alien attack squad. Ross and his entourage managed to disguise themselves as ICC personnel and, with the help of the unknowing Clanners, made his way to the safety of ICC to hide out for a few days and plan his return.

Days later, Ross emerged in ICC Headquarters with his bodyguard, both disguised as ICC diplomats, and made his way through neutral areas to gather a group of people capable of defending him from assassins that were rumored to be stalking him. Telling most of the people we spoke with that he was an ICC Envoy who had to meet with Omni-Tek administration about leasing issues, he managed to evade recognition and convince these Neutral citizens, along with some Omni-Tek Employees who were also in the area, to help him get to Omni-1.

As they entered Omni-1 Trade from ICC Headquarters, Ross’ intelligence proved correct, and a single shade assassin appeared in front of him and began to shout various obscenities, apparantly to distract the crowd and Ross as a group of shades crept up behind everyone to make their attempt at Ross’ life. These assassins, however, were spotted before they had their chance and the citizens escorting the disguised Ross managed to take them out with ease. This upset the so-called leader of the group, who had been raving the whole time, and she revealed the true identity of the ICC Envoy as Philip Ross. Ross aknowledged this truth and announced his speech, which was made just moments ago, as one that would be held in a place where “all could gather.” Ross proceeded through Omni-1 to meet up with a liaison sent from Omni-Prime, who escorted him back to his office.

Ross’ return eventually led up today’s speech, announced just minutes before it began, and held in a place where, truly, all could gather: ICC Headquarters. Many attended, from all sides of the conflict, and the headcount numbered in the hundreds. Some came to support Ross, while others came to heckle and boo, but there was one clear message Ross presented, seemingly at the insistence of his Omni-Pol liaison who was breathing down his neck. The theme of Ross’ speech was unity between all peoples of Rubi-Ka to fight off the alien threat, which Ross said would be necessary to ensure that the invading force of aliens don’t completely take over Rubi-Ka and wipe us out in our entirety. Some were agreeable to this, while others fought it harshly. There were very few, however, who were neutral to the idea. Even the Neutrals, themselves, were very vocal.

Will Ross’ speech have any effect on the land control wars? That remains to be seen. Recent statistics show that land control wars are already down drastically since the invasion forces arrived, and if Ross’ speech has any effect, territory conflicts will come to a veritable halt while aliens are dealt with. Still, some extremists are bound to continue their efforts and minor fluctuations in land control are expected to continue.

Another issue to address is the Omni-Prime presence on Rubi-Ka. Are they truly our friends? Is Mr. Ross under their control? Ross’ Omni-Prime companion seemed very insistant on having him say certain things, even interrupting him at one point and apparantly have him move on to the next topic. Nobody can say what role Omni-Prime had in Ross’ speech, or will have in the future operations of Omni-Tek on Rubi-Ka, but suspicion seems to be mounting on all sides in the midst of the alien attacks. Only time will tell what the future holds.

In an unexpected move the ICC remove immigration fees for travel to Rubi-Ka allowing a new influx of citizens to make their home on Rubi-Ka.

December 16th, 29478

IRRK (ICC) – The Interstellar Confederation of Corporations (ICC) has announced today that taxes and surcharges usually levied on applicants for official Rubi-Ka citizenship have been removed as of midnight yesterday.

This allows immigrants and explorers seeking a new life on Rubi-Ka to arrive planet side with a minimum of red tape

An ICC spokesman said last night: “We feel that given the pressing danger presented by the alien forces currently attacking the planet, and the fact that diplomatic communication with that enemy has not been forthcoming, we were obliged to accept a petition made last week by the Omni-Tek Corporation to lift the current restrictions on individuals being granted Rubi-Ka citizenship.”

They did confirm though that the required additional licenses to mine notum, own cities and enter the Shadowlands would still remain in place.

The spokesman was not able to release the exact details of the petition sent by Omni Tek, but it is understood to have included further demands that the ICC did not feel were warranted, sources close to the ICC suggest that Omni Tek may have even requested permission to move an expanded military force onto the planet, but the ICC after careful deliberation felt that this was not warranted and that Omni Tek had sufficient resource on Rubi-Ka to defend itself, but had no objection to accepting the request for allowing easier access to the planet for their employees.

The clans are understood to have expressed deep concern to the ICC representatives on Rubi-Ka regarding the military aspect of the petition and a last minute addendum to only allow registered Omni-Tek employees onto the planet under this new waiver was rejected, presumably because the ICC feared reprisals from clan forces if they were seen to be allowing Omni-Tek to use the alien threat as a cloak for a major redeployment of military forces on Rubi-Ka.

Despite the diplomatic wrangling the waiver was agreed, and got a cautious welcome from Clan leaders when questioned.

Ramon Bauer of the Vanguard read a short pre-prepared statement from their leader Alan Jacobi:

“We welcome these new citizens to Rubi-Ka, and should they make the correct declarations and choose not to join Omni Tek then they are most welcome in the city of Athens and we look forward to trading with them.”

Sentinels leader Simon Silverstone, speaking from Tir was more to the point:

“Waiver or no waiver, my rules remain the same, only those who declare themselves loyal to the clan cause are welcome on the streets of this city, I don’t care where they come from, or what political manoeuvre made it easier for them to get here, as long as they are able bodied and ready to bear arms against Omni-Tek then they are alright by me.”

Omni-Tek officials expressed their gratitude to the ICC and denied that any additional demands had been made. The official statement from Omni-Admin read:

"Omni-Tek welcomes all new employees to the planet of Rubi-Ka in this hour of need and is grateful to the ICC for granting our petition to waiver the immigration levies against new citizens.

We are saddened by the fact that at a time when all the citizens of Rubi-Ka should be showing solidarity against a common enemy that our political adversaries would seek to make ground and sway public opinion against us over an issue such as this.

There were no additional requests in our petition to the ICC and of course citizens arriving on the planet have freedom of choice and we in no way wish to influence their decision to join us here at Omni-Tek. We feel that our reputation speaks for itself and in terms of job security, safety, accommodation and reward a career with Omni-Tek is the best way to spend your life on Rubi-Ka."

Omni-Tek issue a special requisition for additional resources to be directed to the war effort against the alien invaders

Janurary 8 29479

(OTPC) – In our continued effort to reinforce our defence forces against the increasing alien presence Omni Tek will be enforcing several requisition orders for resource allocations

Power and raw material allocations are required from all departments to bolster the support of additional military installations on Rubi-Ka. These requisitions are purely the redistribution of non-essential resource to be to those departments serving under the interim jurisdiction of the Unicorn Company and Omni Prime security.

We would like to assure all employees that these requisitions will in no way effect normal day to day activity in controlled areas. All grid, transport, insurance and civilian defence facilities will continue to operate normally

Rumours start to circulate about the escalation of Unicorn Company activity on Rubi-Ka.

Janurary 8 29479

IRRK – The IRRK has received reports over the last few days that seem to point to a marked increase in Unicorn Company activity on Rubi-Ka.

Whilst it is no secret that the Unicorn forces have been drafted to Rubi-Ka to assist in the defence of the planet against the alien threat, confirmation of their exact numbers and strength on Rubi-Ka have not been forth coming from Omni Tek.

Independent reports received in the last few days though are pointing towards a sizeable build up of Unicorn forces on the planets surface itself. We have managed to obtain leaked cargo manifests from several transport vessels recently commandeered by the Unicorn officers that suggest some kind of base has recently been constructed on the planets surface itself.

In addition several large troop transports were tracked by the observation facilities in Borealis heading out of standard airspace. Whether these vessels were using cloaking technology to evade further detection or headed out of orbit is unknown, but it would seem strange for large units of Omni-Tek forces to be leaving the planet under current circumstances.

The location of any possible fortified base remains a mystery however, but rumours circulating amongst neutral intelligence sources have suggested that this base may even be outside the approved terraformed areas of the planet. It is know that some regions on the fringes of current populated areas are suitable for inhabitation due to limited environmental engineering carried out by Omni Tek in recent years during several abortive attempts to increase the size of the terraformed regions of the planet.

Speculation has been mounting that the Unicorn forces may be engaged in some form of ground war against alien forces, perhaps if the Unicorn company has built a base on Rubi-Ka the invading forces have already found it, perhaps the Unicorn Company has discovered an alien foothold on Rubi-Ka?

Whilst these questions remain unanswered one thing is certain, the alien conflict shows no sign of ending.

Reports start to filter in about mysterious alien transmissions that are coming from the planet's surface itself.

Janurary 09 29479

(FJRK) – In an alarming development Clan listening stations intercepted a series of mysterious broadcasts. These communication signals appeared to share all the recognisable signs of being made by the alien forces currently laying siege to Rubi-Ka.

Whilst interception of such transmissions is now not uncommon as clan intelligence services have improved their ability to track alien activity ten fold in the last month these particular signals have raised concerns amongst senior clan officials as triangulation analysis suggested that the signals originated on the planets surface and were being beamed into space.

All previous intercepts have been communication between the invasion fleet and landing craft. Whilst no success has been had in decoding any of the alien signals no transmission from a landing craft to the orbital fleet has ever been detected before, even during known assaults on the surface.

To add further confusion to the situation the source of the transmission seems to have been far beyond any population centre on the planet. No senior clan officials were available to comment although it is believed that the Sentinels have requested copies of the intercepts for their own communication experts to analyse

The Independent reporters of Rubi-Ka report that several former Omni-tek employees that used to work in outzone mining facilities have gone missing.

Janurary 20 29479

IRRK – Information has come to light over the last few days that a dozen ex-Omni-Tek employees who had retired to Neutral territories have gone missing.

All of the employees used to be miners that worked in the outzone mining camps that Omni-Tek is known to have briefly tried to develop in the 29460s. However, the outzone areas were deemed to dangerous to develop at the time after a rash of deaths amongst employees and contractors caused project costs to rise.

All of the neutral citizens that are confirmed as missing this week worked in or around one of these mining projects throughout 29461 and 29462.

Further investigation of this strange coincidence revealed that all official records of the outzone camps have been removed or marked as confidential within the standard Omni-Tek channels. One prominent neutral historian who did not want to be named was adamant when we spoke to him yesterday that until recently the archives had been present. “I had no reason to be overly interested in the old mining records for the outzone project, but they were most certainly in the catalogues of available data until very recently.”

There were no reported mysterious circumstances reported around any of the disappearances. The citizens just seem to have vanished, their grid-mail going unanswered and in some cases their apartments locked from the inside.

When approached about the subject, Omni-Tek would not make an official comment, instead quoting standard Omni policy, “Previous employment records were not a subject for public debate or discussion”.

They did however confirm that no arrests had been made in neutral territories, in relation to the missing individuals

Clan journalists question whether there is an Omni-Tek conspiracy towards events happening in and around the outzone areas.

February 1 29479

(FJRK) – There are important questions for all citizens of Rubi-Ka that are not being answered
We here at the Free Journalists of Rubi-Ka are receiving more and more reports that pose very serious questions for the general safety of clan citizens.

What is the meaning of recently intercepted Alien transmissions apparently sent from the outzone? Why have several citizens linked to old outzone mining projects mysteriously disappeared? Who is the Unicorn Company reporting to and where are all their extra resources actually going?

Misinformation and secrecy are hardly new traits for the bureaucrats at Omni Tek but when the safety of the entire planet is at stake silence and subterfuge are hardly the most welcome of tactics.

It is time for Omni Tek to disclose security information both new and long hidden from the public in respect of whatever it is that lies in the outzone. History tells us this is not the first occasion when there have been unexplained happenings in the outzone. and is about time that the ICC intervened and forced Omni Tek to allow our leadership access to all information that might help in the defence of all the cities of Rubi-Ka, and not just Omni Tek holdings.

Knights of Avalon Spokesperson Sir Tristram Solis was less the circumspect when questioned on the possible meaning of recent Alien and Unicorn activity:

“The continued presence of elite Unicorn troops on Rubi-Ka, which apparently do not report to the planetary government and only to Omni Prime, is belligerent and The Knights of Avalon view this as a hostile act on behalf of Omni Prime. It is indicative of their attitude to this invasion.”

“It is clear” Solis continued, “…that they would be quite happy for these aliens to destroy us leaving them free to retake the entire planet. Until such time as there is co-operation on planetary security and clan forces are given the opportunity to repel the invasion force on an equal footing then we will continue to oppose the Unicorn presence on Rubi-Ka.”

Whatever the situation in the outzone it is clear that there are questions to be answered - are you listening Omni Tek?

Omni-Tek issue a security instruction that allows freelance operators to help fight the alien threat in the Outzone. The Unicorn company established a base in one of the old outzone mining facilities and have requested citizens help in fighting the alien threat.

February 9 29479

OTPC - Omni-Tek Security Instruction 657///a45#2


All citizens of Rubi-Ka should be aware that under instruction from Omni Prime and the supervising Unicorn command on Rubi-Ka permission is hereby granted for all veteran fighters with experience of facing the alien threat to operate on a freelance basis under Unicorn authority in the outzone.

Increased volume of alien activity has been confirmed in the outzone and the Unicorn Company has established a base of operations in an old abandoned Omni-Tek facility previously known as Mining Staging Area Alpha-44.

All interested citizens should report to the Unicorn security administrator on site for further instructions.

***Additional Policy Addendums*

Police Action / Marshall Law sub-directive 12///b

This mandate is open to all factions, and Omni-Tek is graciously granting full immunity from normal security protocols for those Clan members arriving at the mining base to serve as freelance operatives for the Unicorn Company.

Omni Prime would like to assure all loyal citizens that this immunity applies only to the directed area due to the extreme nature of the threat, and that rebel sympathising clan members will still be subject to Omni-Tek police actions in all standard terraformed areas of Rubi-Ka.

Transport Requisition sub-directive 564///c1

Unicorn Transport frigates will be arriving at a temporary landing area in Andromeda and departing every ten minutes to take those seeking freelance contracts to the Unicorn base.

Please note this is an exception under standard military override protocols to previously issued sub-directive 564///c barring sub orbital flight over the outzone areas.

Omni-Tek CEO Philip Ross is shot by an unknown assailant whilst making a speech in Omni-Entertainment. He is rushed to Omni-Med facilities in a critical condition. Omni-Pol begin immediate investigations into the events.

May 7 29479

OTPC – Omni-Tek CEO Philip Ross, while giving his highly anticipated speech on the state of the corporation, was shot by a sniper in Omni-1 Entertainment district.

It was shortly after 19:00 Saturday when the twin suns began to rise over Omni-1, that Omni-Pol raised security patrols, and word began to leak that Philip Ross would be making a public appearance. Eva Pouaris (Director of Omni-Reform) gave word to organization leaders that the speech was taking place.

Employees flocked to the site and waited for Mr. Ross to appear. Around 19:30, a large Omni-Tek gunship landed on the Entertainment platform, delivering Ross, Eva Pourais, Ivan Sergeyich (Director of Omni-Pol) and Rita Prestin (Director of Omni-Med). The moved to the edge of the platform, waving to the gathered crowd, and within moments Mr. Ross stepped up the podium and began his speech.

Half way through his speech the sound of a weapon firing echoed through the city, as Mr. Ross took a hit directly in the chest (as was reported by witnesses and Omni-Med) and fell to the ground. Panic and fear gripped the Omni citizens, and department leaders as several rushed the platform to try and assist Mr. Ross, while others took to the air in Yalms to search for the Assassin.

With help from the Department leaders and many employees, Ross was taken back to the gunship and flown to an Omni-Med facility in Rome Green for treatment. Rita Prestin is personally handling his treatment, and in a statement delivered from outside the facility said, “Philip Ross is alive, in critical condition”.

She also addressed some questions regarding insurance patterns for the CEO. “As most of you may know, he has always been against the insure technology for himself. As well there is the issue of his age. Having turned 75 this year, he may be too old for the insurance even if he did in fact have it.”

Omni-Com, who in fact keeps all records of Insurance on Rubi-Ka, could not be reached for comment. For now all we can do is wait and hope for the swift recovery of our CEO.

OTPC will follow this story closely.

Omni-Med issue an update on the condition of Philip Ross who is still in a deep coma under protection in a secret medical facility in Omni-One.

June 2 29479

OTPC – Today Rita Prestin, Director of Omni-Med, alongside Omni-Prime representative Korbensen, made a statement on the condition of Philip Ross.

“My statement today is going to be brief. As you know then we have been under hard pressure to help Mr. Ross in his recovery, but this took an unexpected turn as he slipped into a coma”

“We thought it was due to the stress he had suffered from the wound; however this proved not to be the case. What we first thought to be a minor infection has turned out to be several thousands nano-particles that are spreading from the infection in the wound. Much like a virus.”

“To be honest, we can’t be entirely sure what it is that we are dealing with as this time. I wish I could explain in more detail, but we are still waiting on the completion of the lab tests. These tests should hopefully tell us more about what this virus is doing to Mr. Ross, and what course of action we should take.”

“Until we have a better understanding of what we are dealing with I have nothing more I can add.”

She followed up her statement on Ross with a general warning to Omni-Tek citizens.

“On a side note, I have been asked to warn the public of a possible airborne contagion that could result in several forms of mutation. Right now we have only a few cases of this, so there is no need to be alarmed, but it is always good to be on guard.”

She listed the following as possible symptoms to be on the look for.

  • Minor skin irritation or change in skin color
  • Periodic loss of memory
  • Scratchy or sour throat
  • Large growths on the outer body
  • Nanobot initiation failure

With Phillip Ross still in a coma after the attack in Omni-One, and with no sign of any improvement in his condition, Omni-Tek announce the appointment of an interim CEO. Tarkhan Zora, the Unicorn liason to the Omni-Prime board of directors will assume control of the companies assests on Rubi-Ka whilst Ross is incapacitated.

From The Offices of Omni-HQ
Omni-Tek Press Release

For immediate distribution to all authorised grid channels

Subject: Acting CEO assigned to administer Rubi-Ka holdings

Due to the on-going illness being suffered by Omni-Tek CEO on Rubi-Ka, Philip Ross, the Omni-Tek board of Directors has today issued an order that takes immediate effect, placing Tarkhan Zora in senior command of the company’s interests on Rubi-Ka.

Given the situation on Rubi-Ka the board considered Zora’s background and experience to be vital to making the tough decisions necessary to protect the companies interests in these troubled times.

Tarkhan Zora has been the Unicorn security advisor to the Omni-Prime board of Directors for the past two years and has served on Rubi-Ka on several occasions during his lengthy and distinguished career.

Tarkhan Zora will assume immediate command of all Omni-Tek departments. There will be no changes to the serving Rubi-Ka board and all department heads will continue in their duties in order to minimise the upheaval during these very difficult days.

Zora has also been given two additional mandates that also take immediate effect. Firstly as an experienced Unicorn commander Omni Prime would like to reassure citizens that riding Rubi-Ka of the Alien threat will be the new CEOs primary objective during his interim tenure.

Secondly the board are authorising the use of Marshal law directives A32X1 to A32X7c so that Unicorn agents can also be deployed to join the existing Omni-Pol investigation in order to track down and prosecute those responsible for the assassination attempt on Mr Ross.

Still on route to Rubi-Ka from Omni-Prime the new CEO Tarkhan Zora releases his first address to the people of Rubi-Ka.

Transcript of the speech in its entirety:

"To all fellow employees of Omni-Tek

It pains me that this message must be delivered by a transmission, but the journey to Rubi-ka has taken a few unexpected turns. I assure you, however, that we are still on track, and I shall arrive safely and soon.

First of all, I would like to personally thank all of the department heads here on Rubi-Ka for maintaining things in troubled times. The past year, for us, has seen an extended absence of Philip Ross, and the policy-makers on Omni-Prime have seen fit to put me in charge of all operations on-planet, so that this particular absence wouldn’t hurt as much as the last.

To be left leaderless, without guidance, is unimaginable for any good soldier…but your vigilance in dealing with such problems has been admirable, to say the least.

None among you may be particularly adjusted to my particular style of leadership. You’ll find me to be firm, but fair, in my dealings both with employees, civilians, and rogue factions of discontented Omni-Tek employees and property operating on the surface of Rubi-Ka

But you may all rest assured that all crimes committed against the rightful authorities of this planet shall be punished in swift, powerful form, and justice shall turn a blind eye to no single man, woman or otherwise This is how I was raised, and this is how things will be here from this point on. Tolerance for those who work against Omni-Tek ends with these words.

I understand that this may be a change of pace for those who are used to the irregular debates and the former war of words between Omni-Tek and rogue establishments, but I assure you that the change is for the better. Somewhere along the line, control was lost. I feel it is my task to regain that control - all of it. It may not happen overnight, or even in any of our lifetimes. But the foundation for a better future must be laid, lest the structure built atop it come crumbling down.

As employees, you will all find yourselves receiving my advice from time to time, and my advice to you today is to toughen up. Stay armed, stay vigilant, stay strong. If my time as a Unicorn Company commander has taught me one thing, it’s that the dogs of war can be let loose at any time, and you must always be ready to act. The winds are the calmest before the storm.

Please do not consider my words a warning, but rather, a precursor to things to come. Once again, be always ready. Your company is counting on you to act when action is needed.

Thank you for your attention. Omni-Tek protects"

The independent election of a mayor in Newland is concluded and Zephrem Toog King is announced the winner by 60% of the votes. King, a local business entrepeneur, states that his vision is to reinstate the city as a center for commerce and trade between factions. Omni-Tek does not publish any comments on the election, but it is widely believed they do not recognise the political freedoms taken by the citizens of Newland

As a preludium to several weeks of criminal activity on Rubi-Ka, six unidentified men manage to get away with an excess of 467 billion credits in a hi-tech robbery of the Jobe Bank on the Plaza island. The gang used chemicals and explosives to make their way into the vaults and then later fled the scene using evacuation devices. Investigations soon come to a standstill and the police are stumped.

In one very long and eventful day, Omni-Tek's Unicorn Company move into Borealis in an effort to secure the area's vital communication relay to prepare for the arrival of the Goliath class battlestations. The citizens of Borealis immediately organize protests. The very same day, in a shock operation, the CoT member clan Unionists seize control over 4 Holes and manages to hold the facility secure. It is later established that while the Unionists clan acted on their own volition, they were given broad support from the members of the Council of Truth.

May 30, 29480

The Omni-Tek central command has issued a new directive to all Rubi-Ka departments and operations today that authorises new measures and security spending to aid in the defence against the alien threat.

With the ICC already authorising the deployment of the Goliath class battle stations in orbit around Rubi-Ka Omni-Tek is increasing its military readiness in order to support their arrival. All departments are authorised to increase defence related spending by up to fifty percent.

In addition the central command has given the Unicorn Company forces wider powers to commandeer any company assets where appropriate to bolster the defence of those assets.

The Unicorn Company has already begun this necessary work by reinforcing the defence of the vital communication facilities in Borealis. Unicorn forces have moved into the area and are securing the area from potential threats. Employees are instructed to co-operate fully with the Unicorn and Omni-Pol forces as they conduct these vital security operations.

Voice of Freedom · Breaking News
May 30, 29480

In a shock development the Unionist Clan has seized control of the 4 Holes Mining operations in a hostile action against Omni-Tek. It would appear from initial reports that the Unionist forces took advantage of Omni-Pol troop redeployments towards Borealis to forcibly remove Omni-Tek security forces from the area and effectively take full control of the facility.

Satellite news feeds recorded multiple outbreaks of small arms fire and some explosions from in and around the facility during the early hours of yesterday morning. It would appear that up to thirty clan members might have been involved in the operation. No casualty figures were available this morning and Omni-Tek has yet to comment on the losses at the time of this report. Eyewitness accounts filtering in through the grid-feed do suggest however that up to ten Omni-Pol personnel may have had to involuntarily reclaim.

This morning it would appear that the facility is firmly under Unionist control and Omni personnel were being denied access to the facility at gunpoint. Mining operations appeared to be continuing as normal although reports suggest that no notum was actually leaving the facility.

The Unionists motives have yet to be confirmed but given their long-term hostility to Omni-Mining operations it is unlikely that their choice of target is a co-incidence and they certainly have the expertise within their membership to keep the mining operation running, however quite what they intend to do with any notum they can mine remains to be seen.

Vanguard forces extends their security cordon out beyond the walls of Old Athen to include the streets of West Athen. It would appear that the move was made at the request of local business leaders; however the timing of the decision may not have been unrelated to the recent events in 4 Holes and Borealis.

Voice of Freedom
May 30, 29480

Vanguard spokesman Ramon Bauer was quick to quell any rumours that this was anything other then a business deal.

"This deal was struck after the citizens of West Athens made a personal request to our leader Alan Jacobi to extend the protective services we provide in Athen itself to the enclave of West Athen. After agreeing terms and signing all the relevant contracts our security forces moved into the area and have begun to provide security as per the terms of those contracts.

We are of course aware that current events mean any military expansion of individual clans may be seen in a different light then it might have done even a week ago, but we would like to assure all the clans that this was a contractual obligation that was signed some weeks ago, and we pride ourselves on never failing to fulfil a contract so did not deem it necessary to postpone our deployment in West Athen."

Local citizens seemed to welcome the move, several local businesses have issued grid-feed releases in support the Vanguard presence in the streets of West Athens. “If anything”, one anonymous chatter posted on a local grid channel, “with everything going on the last few days it’s quite a relief to see increased security on our streets. If the Unicorns come knocking here like they have in Borealis I’ll be glad to have some Vanguard forces here to meet them!”

Omni-Tek state that although their deployment of military forces to Borealis was in full compliance with ICC regulations, they will not react with hostility towards members of the clans who visit the city unless fired upon. The heaviest Unicorn forces are moved to the satellite communications disk in the hills outside central Borealis. This move greatly suggests that the protesters made a point with the giant corporation, but this is never confirmed from Omni-Tek Admin.

From the desk of Omni-Admin Administrator Jessica Lonare
June 14, 29480

Loyal Employees and citizens of Rubi-Ka

In light of continued and malicious accusations of wrong doing against the corporation we would like to clarify that our deployment of forces to the Borealis area was done in full compliance with ICC regulations and with the co-operation of ICC forces. The hand over of protective services was peaceful and orderly and our presence in Borealis is purely for the protection of the vital communications installations.

It saddens us greatly to see the clans try and gain political advantage from our legal actions when there are those within their own ranks flagrantly breaking the law and illegally seizing equipment and installations that are vital to the defence of the planet.

We are aware of the concerns of those non-employees who are not registered members of the clans and at no time have our security forces fired first at the ordinary citizens of Borealis. The security situation will remain under review and we will begin consultations with local government to ensure that they can focus their energies on our true enemies, those who would threaten the security of the planet through illegal force of arms.

We urge the Clan leaders to re-exert control over their rebel factions as we cannot negotiate under the threat of terrorist action and illegal occupation of corporate assets.

Omni-Tek releases an operational directive for their employees. The directive grants corporate employees to engage the Unionist forces in 4 Holes at will.

Directive: AZ-999/01a
June 14, 29480

The corporation hereby grants all employees license to engage Unionist forces in 4 Holes. All combat trained employees can now follow full “open hostility” rules of engagement against Unionist forces found in illegal occupation of corporate assets.

In addition, for the purposes of this directive, any opposing forces found supporting the Unionist offensive may be treated as hostile combatants.

Key Unionist personnel have been identified as priority targets, in particular those involved in the supervision of the illegal removal of company property, namely the Unionist Foremen that are overseeing the mining operations. These individuals will undoubtedly be guarded but we call on all employees to aid our security forces in liberating the facilities in 4 Holes.

The legacy clan Pilgrims announce their intention to abandon the Council of Truth and indeed populated areas of the planet on a whole to return to their original purpose, dedicating themselves to the exploration and search of knowledge of Rubi-Ka. Several caravans of Pilgrim members are seen filing out of the major cities in the following days, returning to the nomadic life the clan has led for decades.

August 15, 29480

Always an enigma, the Pilgrims clan today announced that they were abandoning the Council of Truth and indeed Rubi-Ka society as a whole. In a shock move followers were informed yesterday that the clan’s leadership had agreed to a plan that will see all their members move permanently into the Outzones.

The Pilgrims have long held that there are greater mysteries on Rubi-Ka then have yet been discovered, and now seem set to try and prove their theories with extended exploration in the non-terraformed areas of the Planet.

Pilgrims leader Kreista Tobarl apparently addressed the clan in a personally recorded message that explained the move, and our sources understand she quoted the “ongoing disillusionment with the political and military process on Rubi-Ka” as the primary reason for this drastic action, and also indicated that the Pilgrims would cut all official links with clan infrastructure and advised that they no longer considered themselves to be a “clan.”

“We are children of the cosmos,” explained one prominent Pilgrims representative, “the factions and stigmas that have been forced upon us by society no longer mean anything to us. We will be one with the planet as has always been our destiny.”

Sources indicate that Pilgrim members have already started to depart the major cities and unconfirmed reports suggest that at least three large caravans of Pilgrim transports have already been sighted leaving populated terra-formed territory.

In a second dramatic twist affecting the Council of Truth in a matter of hours, the once militant Eco Warriors clan surprisingly renounced violence and announced that the legacy clans Gaia and Eco Warriors are merging in an effort to focus their politics on the peace movement. It is reported that some elements within Eco Warriors are unhappy with the clan's new direction and have vowed they will not lay down their arms, among them their former leader known only as Red.

August 15, 29480

In a second dramatic twist affecting the Council of Truth in a matter of hours today, the once militant Eco Warriors clan has surprisingly renounced violence and announced that the Gaia clan will be officially integrated into the Eco Warriors.

Eco Warriors spokesman Hedric Fauge issued the following statement: “Today marks a new era for peaceful co-existence on Rubi-Ka. Today my brothers and sisters, citizens of Rubi-Ka, we lay down our arms as a gesture of peace towards our mother world. We have seen that the paths of war only damage the very essence of what our creed tells us to preserve. No longer will we harm the world that sustains us.”

“That is not to say that there is not work to be done. Rubi-Ka is still torn by division and war and we, strengthened in our resolve and now joined by our friends from the Gaia family, will seek to end the hostility on the planet so that all may live in peace.”

Gaia leader Sister Elsabet echoed her new allies’ words, “In the Eco Warriors we have found the perfect home, together we are a stronger force for peace than as divided voices. If we can come to the conclusion that conflict is not conducive to the welfare of the planet, and find faith in the peaceful and democratic process where once the Eco Warriors favoured the gun, then there is hope for all.”

News that the Gaia have effectively disbanded came as a shock to most Clan watchers this afternoon, “I am sure some of the true idealists will persevere with the original Gaia charter” observed Leco Raitham, professor of Politics at the Tir Centre for Political Study, “but to all intents and purposes they no longer exist as a meaningful Clan structure. I would also expect the peace movement on Rubi-ka will receive a significant boost with the influx into the ranks of Eco Warriors. Whether this will translate into any more influence on an increasingly militant Council remains to be seen.”

It is also understood that some elements within Eco Warriors are unhappy with the clan’s new direction and have vowed they will not lay down their arms. It is believed however that these are a very small minority.

In a last address to the population of Rubi-Ka before he makes planet fall, Tarkhan Zora encourages the company employees to stand firm against the clans, and at the same time assures that the corporation is doing all it can to investigate the shooting of Philip Ross.

From the office of Tarkhan Zora
For immediate release · all authorized Gridfeed channels

Loyal Employees,

I will shortly be arriving on Rubi-Ka and had hoped to personally deal with these issues however I wanted to assure everyone that we continue to investigate the assassination attempt on Philip Ross and rest assured we will find the culprits.

Omni-Tek is not in the business of drawing any premature conclusions and quite contrary to the opinion of certain Clan leaders no accusations against them have come from this office. We are simply exploring all avenues of investigation. I will take the earliest opportunity to meet with the Clan leadership face to face and express my concern at their apparent willingness to escalate the tensions on Rubi-Ka.

As a gesture of good will we have authorized Omni-Med to seek the co-operation of all employees in investigating the possibility that the facility in the Longest Road known as Biomare may be linked to the attack on Mr. Ross. It is well known that this facility is no longer considered to be part of Omni-Tek’s operations on Rubi-Ka and I have instructed all Omni departments to treat those remaining in the facility at this point as criminals and traitors to the company.

I place my trust in you, the loyal employees of Rubi-Ka, so that the Clans will not succeed in their attempts to cast doubt on the good name of Omni-Tek. I can assure any who ask that Tarkhan Zora expects loyalty and obedience from all employees. Those that choose to operate outside of our rules and regulations as those responsible for this facility seem to be doing can expect to feel the full force of Omni-Tek law regardless of the fact they were once under our employ.

In the meantime we will of course continue all other avenues of investigation, the declared faction of any suspect is irrelevant. Criminals are criminals and will be dealt with accordingly. Those who have broken no laws have nothing to fear from me.

Tarkhan Zora
Acting CEO Omni-Tek Corporation (Rubi-Ka)

A group of elite commandos from Omni-Pol's 6th Directive brutally attacks clan and neutral citizens in Borealis. Using an unknown device, the two operatives simulated the same power signature as a city controller emitt and successfully called an alien ground attack to the streets of the city.

25th September, 29480

Three days ago, Borealis came under assault from two agents of the 6th Directive. Also known as D6. This was a brutal attack on Clan and Neutral citizens, which resulted in the death of over thirty individuals.

The attack started little after 10pm Rubi-Kan Standard Time in-between the Fair Trade and Gridpoint. Agents Vidyaraja and Iviin attacked Clan citizens who were refusing to leave the current Omni-Pol occupied city. Neutral citizens who aided said Clanners were also shot at, some even killed.

The Clan and Neutral forces began to increase in number to the point that the two members of Directive 6 set off an EM Charge. Later investigation of the sensor logs in Borealis confirms that the frequency matched that emitted by a fully charged City Controller, except amplified by several hundred times.

As most are no doubt aware, a fully charged City Controller often emits enough of a power signature for Aliens to attack, because of the sudden EM surge in Borealis, this called forth an attack within seconds. The D6 agents escaped during the fight, at this time there is a general warning out to all Neutral Citizens to avoid D6 Operatives at all costs.

Omni Armed Forces carries out a successful operation against one the clan captured mining facilities in 4 Holes.

November 21, 29480

The operation was carried out with a moderate amount of forces. They met some minor resistance which didn’t managed to threaten the objective, and only caused a few casualties. Before leaving the facility an explosive expert planted an explosive charge inside the mine and later remotely detonated it from safe distance.

According to official Omni-Tek sources, “The operation was carried out to stop mining operations in the area and prevent the occupying forces from stealing more Omni-Tek property.” The same official stated that “notum worth approximately 15 billion credits was destroyed together with mining equipment for approximately 40 million credits.”

The explosion did not permanently destroy the mine but disabled its use for a time ahead and skilled Omni personnel should be able to fix the damage done once the facilities in 4 Holes are back into corporation control.

The attack will be big set back for the occupying forces and will also prevent them from funding weapons and equipment for future hostile attacks on Omni-Tek and its employees.

ICC long range sensors pick up the signals of two of its own ships, the ICCS Anthonius and the ICCS Kirkpatrick, accompanying four Goliath class battle stations. The stations are estimated to arrive in Rubi-Ka space orbit within three weeks.

November 24, 29480

IRRK – At 22:50 Rubi-Ka standard time on the 23rd November 29480, ICC Long-Range Scans picked up the signal of two ships and four spike like vessels in close proximity.

The vessels, the ICCS-Kirkpatrick and the ICCS-Anthonius have been in hyperspace since 29479 after Rubi-Kan authorities gave the order to have the Goliath’s deployed.

Without the accompanying ships, the Goliath Battle stations, which are capable of doing 4.4 LS/U would have reached Rubi-Ka in around 29485. However, thanks to the Kirkpatrick and the Anthonius they’ve created a hyperspace slipstream in which the Goliaths can fit, coasting their engines at an amazing 26.4 LS/U. Thanks to this ingenious method of piggyback transport, the Goliath Battle stations will arrive in orbit of Rubi-Ka in little under three weeks.

The Goliath Battle station, a three-legged station has two modes. Travel mode, in which the ‘legs’ fold up and touch, protecting the central core and dorsal control centre before it enters hyperspace via the ventral engines. Battle mode, the ‘legs’ lock in place from the upright position and torpedo bays, batteries and cannons along with the highly classified Nano-phasing Reflect shield generator go to standby.

When the stations arrive in Travel mode, it will take a fair amount of time to get all four stations into Battle mode and primed. Unfortunately, since the ICC has never simultaneously gone through the activation sequence of four stations, which requires careful manoeuvring thruster co-ordination so as not to move the stations out of orbit, it may take longer than expected.

We were however able to get a deep space transmission to Trigan IX ICC Military Shipyards, the origin of the battle stations and discuss the technology. While a significant amount of the information on the vessels is classified, we were able to get the following questions answered:

IRRK: So, what sort of defensive capabilities are we looking at on these Goliath Class Battle stations?

Trigan IX Rep: The outer armour of the battle station is a twenty-inch heavy metaplast alloy, otherwise known as HMA. This is a development on the existing metaplast body armour, to the point that the multiple layers we’ve integrated are fused together on a molecular scale. Alongside that, we’ve got the Nano-Phasing Reflect Shield Generators, a total of four in each Goliath, one for each arm and one for the central core.

Atop those, we have twenty six mounted anti-aircraft plasma guns, capable of 1200 rounds per minute. Ithaca Shock Cannons and MTI Shatterpacks to defend against incoming missiles and to scramble sensors respectively.

IRRK: Now, the part that everyone’s been waiting for, offensive capabilities?

Trigan IX Rep: *laughs* There’s Four Omnidirectional Laser Arrays, a six-barrel three-sixty degree pulse battery. Six Gripon Torpedo Bays capable of launching multiple yield warheads of generic or specific standard, four Arwen Double Axis Missile Batteries. Then finally, mounted between the hyperspace drive, straight down through the central core is the SBC Sol Chrionis Orbital Ion Cannon.

IRRK: How long do you think it might take for you to install the stations themselves above Rubi-Ka?

Trigan IX Rep: Standard Deployment of a station can take about eight hours, but since it requires the associated ships to remotely fire the thrusters to lower the arms it may take a little while longer as they move through each station itself.

IRRK: A few days then?

Trigan IX Rep: No more than two, I’d say. Then once the relevant parties set up a transport up to the stations, be it a digital grid-stream, whompah link or shuttle then it’ll be well underway.

IRRK: Thank you very much for answering the questions we’ve had, goodbye!

Trigan IX Rep: Goodbye!

During his State of the Corporation speech, Tarkhan Zora announces that he has been assigned permanent CEO for Omni-Tek, Rubi-Ka division. Immediately following the speech, both news sources and the public protest the aggressive tone in the speech, but Omni-Admin has no further comment. The CEO effectively uses words that wage a fresh war on the clans and those of the neutrals that work against the corporation.

December 03, 29480

Transcript of Tarkhan Zora’s “State of the Corporation” speech:

Employees of Omni-Tek! We are at war, and it is in my best interests to protect what we hold dear.

In the past few months, our technological advancements are coming along in leaps and bounds thanks to an increased ability to harness both what this planet owes us, and what we take from those who seek to oppose us. Our skies are getting darker, but we are working with the ICC to sanction the use of advanced military hardware on Rubi-Ka.

We will defend both against the clans and the alien threat, right now, the placement of Goliath class battle stations is taking place in orbit of this planet, we will secure as many as possible, all four if need be and use them to take control of the skies and the land.

The weapons on these stations can take out land and air targets alongside revolutionary armour and defensive capabilities. It is up to you, colleagues of Omni-Tek to assist in the defense of these stations and ensuring that they do not fall into Clan hands.

The neutrals at this time do not pose a threat and quite frankly would be best to either sign up to the nearest Omni-Tek recruiter or if they’re thinking of oppositional action, save us the trouble and shoot themselves or ask the nearest Unicorn officer to do so.

These stations will last a hundred years, and when we renew our lease in forty-nine years we will ensure that these stations are operational and once again, under our control. The future of Omni-Tek is in safe hands, the future of Omni-Tek is in Unicorn hands and we will press forth under a banner of strength, integrity and an unyielding iron fist against opposers.

Phillip Ross, one of the most influential men in Omni-Tek’s history has shown little progress out of his coma as a result of the attempt on his life. As a result, Omni-Med Command on Omni-Prime requested his transfer back to his home planet and subsequently he was moved at 0600 on Friday.

Under jurisdiction from Omni-Prime and Omni-Admin, my interim leadership has hereby been upgraded to complete Chief Executive Officer Status of Omni-Tek’s Operations on Rubi-Ka for an indefinite period of time. While I wish Former CEO Ross a speedy recovery he will not be coming back to oversee Omni-Tek’s interest in Rubi-Ka.

As a result of this, I hereby remind all Omni-Tek employees that we are at war with the clans. Any fraternization of your colleagues or conversations that aren’t done via a series of bullets or attacks must be reported to your nearest Omni-Reform officer so that said individuals can be corrected for their behavior and sent down the right path. It is imperative that we draw a line between friend and foe. Omni-Tek is your friend; the Clans are your foe.

Omni-Pol, Omni-AF and subsequent tactical divisions have reported a total of one thousand, eight hundred and sixty-one sentinels killed since Ms Serugiusu started offering assignments in Omni-Trade. The high volume amount of deaths has forced the clans to review their tactical procedures, NOW is the time to strike against those who seek to oppose us. NOW is time to rise up and defend your corporation, your shares and interests. NOW is the downfall of the Clans at OUR hands!

Our notum profits are at an all time high, grossing almost 100 billion a week, we’re buying new security and weaponry from the Primus Shipyards and Armouries. Technology that can wipe this planet clean of any threat that is upon us. We are the superior race, we have the superior power and we own this planet. This planet owes its notum to us and we will take every last bit of it ensuring that our employees, our needs prosper above all else. We will keep enough to allow our nanomage colleagues to survive but ensure that we quell the opposition that is attempting to gain a foothold upon this planet. The Alien threat is upon us, and is growing ever stronger, with news of a massive attack force due to reach our skies in little under two weeks.

Rome Red suffered massive losses from the onslaught that took place on the nineteenth of November and we are taking every step necessary to ensure that the estimated total of six million aliens does not threaten Omni-Tek territory. Omni-Trans sent a hyperspace fleet from the Morningstar station to intercept our weapons shipment and Goliath Battle station from the Targor system last week, but as you know, this was frowned upon by the ICC who stated that we would have to assist in the transportation of the weapons intended for all factions of Rubi-Ka.

I for one will not support assisting the Clans or the Neutrals. Infact Omni-Tek employees found to be assisting them will be tantamount to betrayal; the only allowance of conversation between you and them is either in an attempt to get them to the nearest Omni-Reform station, or to give them a head start to run away before you shoot them.

Betrayers of Omni-Tek will be dealt in the same way as opposers, warrant for arrest, reformation, and depending upon severity, permadeath. Consider it within your own interests to stay loyal to the company that has looked after you for so long or find yourself faced against the iron fist.

We have always lead the way in technological advancements, rising far beyond clan and neutral theft of our technology. We set the standard and others follow, come the arrival of our Goliath Stations, we will be introducing factional research. This will allow us to work further into the development of clan and neutral extermination techniques. This will be based on the knowledge that you learn out and about on this planet and in the Shadow lands and I expect that you, as loyal employees, will use as much as the experience you can to further your benefits. If we were to fall behind, it may result in us having to make the decision to employ stronger enforcement techniques to ensure that the clans do not gain further liberties within our territory.

While currently against ICC Regulation, we are working within the supreme ICC Court, to get the Omni-Tek Flagship; The Constanople and a squadron of the Omni-Tek fleet here to further put the fear into the Clans and Neutrals. As some of you may know, the Constanople itself is an Ion Cannon equipped vessel, and will allow us an added bonus in defense. It is a case of when we can get it legalized by the ICC.

The time is now for our rise, our success and our ultimate domination of all opposition, the fate of Omni-Tek is in your hands. Since Omni-Tek’s acquisition of this planet, our profits have seen an increase of over five hundred percent in the exportation of resources.

Notum is THE resource of the corporation, one which we will ensure that we have a complete grasp over, once the full four holes mines have been reclaimed we will resume full exportation of the notum resources available on this planet. Our outpost here is increasing in power; Omni-Prime’s realization of this has meant that they are further creating space stations closer and closer to this position. It won’t be long before this planet will be deep within Omni-Tek territory and we can call upon the company to flood this planet with Omni-Tek personnel and outnumber our enemies one thousand to one.

I can guarantee, that even as we stand here, there are people recording this conversation, ready to pass on to their neutral and clan masters. So know this, Neutrals and Clans; seek employment with Omni-Tek, or seek termination. That is all.

Adrienne Portman, commander of the extremist clan Red Freedom, escapes imprisonment in the Andromeda area. Rumors immediately surface that the escape was orchestrated by several member-clans of the Council of Truth.

December 11, 29480

There have been rumors the past few weeks, about what has been going on, ever since the red armored commandos appeared in 20k. Just minutes ago, an Omni-Pol official made a statement on behalf of the Omni-Pol Director, Ivan Sergeyich.

The notorious Adrienne Portman has escaped from a hidden prison in the Andromeda area this past Saturday. A search mission, with the sole purpose of arresting Portman, ended in failure today, despite heavy support from the employees of Omni-Tek.

There are many details which are not known at this time. However, it has been pointed out that the Council of Truth, the governing body of the Clans, has been active in the attacks on various Omni-Tek installations and outposts the past few weeks. There are even rumors saying that the Clan called Red Freedom, formerly led by Portman, has been involved in several, if not all, major actions over the past few weeks.

Red Freedom was thought to have been wiped out, but it seems the reports of their demise has been greatly exaggerated.

The four Goliath class Battlestations arrive and enter orbit around Rubi-Ka. As the stations are fully automated and in need of no crew, the ICC escorts ensures the stations are operational and then leave Rubi-Ka space. While their original purpose was to protect the planet from the alien threat, clans and Omni-Tek forces immediately clamour to take control over the stations. The battles are small in scale, but it does not take long before the fighting forces unlock the codes to use the devastating orbital weapons against hostile forces on the ground.


A diplomatic vote taken by the representatives of the Council of Truth ended in the election of Aideen Landau as the new Speaker of the CoT. Following Simon Silverstone in this highly media exposed position, Mr. Landau promises to continue fighting Omni-Tek.

Council of Truth Press Release: New Speaker Speaks Out
January 13, 29481

Good day. My name is Aideen Landau. I am a product of Omni-Tek.

I am writing this press release because a group of individuals have placed their faith in me as a speaker. They believe that I would be a good voice for their cause, and that my words may serve some benefit in this troubled day and age. As of January 6th, 29481, I am the official speaker for the Council of Truth.

After being elected to this position, it was asked that I pen a press release regarding the development. There are those who think my capacity for rousing speech is a talent - Truthfully, I have never seen it as such, but I am pleased to know that there are those inspired by my words.

However, when confronted by the task of writing a press release, I have found myself lacking the proper muse, and without the ability to piece together a coherent statement on the matter. So, instead, I have decided to come to you today not as the speaker for a council, but as myself. I am often loathe to put words in the mouths of others, and find myself uninterested in speaking for those that have chosen me as their head. Their words may not be my own, and may not echo the same sentiments I share. So, my words reflect upon no one but myself, nor should they be taken as such. These are simply my opinions.

I am a simple person, both in thought and in action. I do not, nor will I ever, claim to be anything more than I am - An individual, who has been gifted with the trust and respect of others. This gift from them, those who would look up to me as a leader, has always inspired curiosity within me; After all, as I said, I am a simple person. To believe that my words and actions will echo throughout history is a humbling notion, one which I do not take lightly.

I find this simplicity, however, marred - The nature which I have chosen for myself disrupted. It is disrupted by the scream of my genemate as it died during a skirmish with Omni-Tek troops. By the wailing sound of a widow who has learned that her husband will never again seek comfort in her arms. By the sight of dead bodies, both friend and foe, strewn across the fields, their silent rest shattered by the roar of turrets and cannon fire.

The natural tendency of things is to place blame on others, to find solace in knowing the why and how of grief. I have seen grief, and have experienced it personally. And despite my simplicity, despite the calmness of spirit which I have worked so hard to achieve, I can only lay my blame on something without a face, something I can never know the pleasure of physically hurting. An entity. A corporation.

Something that I ask everyone who works for my clan is “Why?” It is a question that is no question at all. Something that leaves the individual to not only find a response, but discover what they were responding to in the first place. And in the many, many years I have asked this question, the overwhelming answer remains “Because I must.” We live in a world with individuals who believe they have nothing in their lives left but the will to fight, and every day I see more and more weary eyes staring out into the open air, tired and disillusioned, afraid and cold to the world around them.

All individuals must have something in their lives they want, some goal they hope to accomplish. But so many have only the goal of death awaiting them - Vengeance, fury, and hatred. I find that this is a truth I cannot bear to witness. No one should be forced to live their lives in such agony, and such fear.

I and my clan have no regard for the corporation or it’s allies. I will fight with my last breath to ensure that others may have the chance to learn peace. That some day this planet may be rid of the infection that has blighted its surface - That it may be expunged, sweated away with the fever that this land has developed. I can only hope that my actions will lead to that day, if even in a minute fashion.

Tarkhan Zora is quite familiar with my name, I am sure, given the recent actions of my clan to overtake mining operations in Four Holes. I hope as well that he is familiar with my face, and the sound of my voice. I hope he is familiar with my clan, and familiar with the Council which I have been elected speaker for. I rest assured, though, that if he is not familiar with any of these things, then he will be enlightened soon enough. He will spit my name in fury, curse the ground upon which I walk, damn me to any number of the hells which may exist, and I will enjoy every last moment of his suffering. I will become as a thorn unto his side, and relish in the knowledge that little by little the tyrannical vision of his company is failing.

All of this I do not because I cherish war, but because I cherish the peace which it will attain. A peace I plan to fight for, and a peace that will be achieved. For too long we have allowed Omni-Tek to believe that we are lap dogs, kept upon a short leash and to be struck with rolled-up paper after daring to let loose a bark. Tarkhan Zora believes we are simple house pets, little more than a nuisance. But we are not dogs - We are wolves, wild and furious, cunning and dangerous. See how our fangs gleam.

As said, these are simply my words. They are a loose collection of my beliefs, set down as a statement. I do not claim to speak for the Council of Truth or anyone else. However, I offer the following question.

They are my words. But I was elected by those who believe in them. Can their aim be far from my own?

I am a product of Omni-Tek, both in body and in soul. It was an Omni-Tek cloning vat that created my form and released me into this world. It was an Omni-Tek gun that forced me to fire my first bullet. It was an Omni-Tek soldier that killed one of my closest friends. It was Omni-Tek who made me the person I am today. I have no recourse but to pay these debts in full.

To all others indebted to the corporation of Omni-Tek, I say to you that now is the time to begin repayment. Now is your time. Now is our time. Raise your fists to the air and cry havoc.

From today onward, the wolves run free.


Aideen Landau
Leader of The Unionists
Speaker Elect for the Council of Truth

A press release from ICC delegate Gerulf Riechstain was released to the public today. The clerk from Mr. Riechstain's office also informed media that they are planning to schedule meetings with both Omni-Tek Board of Directors and The Council of Truth in the near future.

Dear People of Rubi-Ka,

Since the deployment of the Goliath Battlestations in orbit around Rubi-Ka the ICC have kept a close eye on the situation.

The ICC have since the deployment received reports stating that the powerful weapons that were placed here under the condition that they are used against the Kyr’Ozch invasion, now are being the centre of a new conflict that causes devastation and turning away the focus from the threat that only a united Rubi-Ka can stand against.

These fully automatic battlestations are every day defending the planet against the invasion forces, but these attempts to control them alone and not only use them against the invading threat but also against each other as an offensive and powerful weapons makes them far from as effective as they can be.

We urge the people of Rubi-Ka to unite against the invading threat and continue to focus on securing the planet and the flood of Notum that not only the people of Rubi-Ka depends on but billions of people on other planets. So we urge both Omni-Tek and The Council of Truth to respect our all heritage, our common blood and not to fall for the temptation to use the Goliath Battlestations to destroy us all.

Gerulf Riechstain
ICC Spokesman Rubi-Ka

Many travelers discover that there is much about the history of Shadowlands to learn from the yuttos. Reports of several of these otherwise secluded, knowledgeable creatures wandering Shadowlands starts flooding the media.

For anyone who travels Shadowlands regularly, the sight of yuttos usually means a chance to strike a bargain. Creators of nifty technological gadgets and curators of history, these cloak wearing, staff toting creatures now seem to have loosened up a little in terms of what they say about what. Alongside scientists and researchers from Jobe, both Scheol and Adonis have been temporary home to a score of people trying to learn more about the history of the Xan, the mega-civilization that inhabited the world millennia ago. Oblivious to the ongoing conflict on Rubi-Ka, the yuttos offer stories and a helping hand for those who care to listen to what they have to say.

After many long months of diminishing activity, the terrorist organization Dust Brigade once more make themselves visible on Rubi-Ka. To the surprise of many, they seem to have put a rest on their continuous attacks on the large cities of Rubi-Ka and instead, started excavations of mysterious sites and artefacts.

Citizens of Rubi-Ka are surprised to discover a hidden cache in Perpetual Wastelands, fiercly protected by several Dust Brigade troopers. These well-known terrorists seem to have turned their interest towards an unconspicuous dig site, trying to uncover mysterious ruins and remains of technology. Reports from the few who have managed to break through their defenses speak of ancient but highly potent findings, some of which they could only catch a glimpse of.

So far, none are able to find more information of what the Dust Brigade has found, why they want it and how they plan to use it, but one suspicion is raised; the technology and remains of personal armor that pioneers have found carry many resemblances with Xan artefacts found in Shadowlands. Speculation fly high and both Omni-Tek and clan sources comment that extra intel resources have been put to learn more about the Dust Brigade activity. It seems the terrorists do the same, as every attempt of controlling the area for longer than a few minutes ends with the site and the major installations back in their hands.

The well-known vehicle manufacturer Phasefront, opens a franchise on Rubi-Ka. A massive, floating showroom is installed on Newland Lake, and speculations run high concerning the business deal between Newland City Council and the corporation.

On the opening day, so many people queue up that the floating stage threatens to tip over; Order is quickly restored, however, and people are able to make purchases from the large selection. Soon, hoverbikes and hoverboards are seen zooming all across Rubi-Ka.

Phasefront, founded in 29451, is devoted to producing vehicles of high quality. From the beginning, the corporation produced specialized vehicles, retrofitting ships and personnel transporters with high quality customized upgrades. During this time the reputation of Phasefront increased on the interstellar market and the best engineers in vehicular technology were offered jobs in the creative design team. The “Wraith” hoverbike production model was available under military contracts in 29477, but all offensive weaponry was stripped before products were offered on Rubi-Ka.

ID Chips issued to all Omni-Tek employees. Council of Truth and Newland City follow suit, offering ID chips to their citizens.

Omni-Tek issues ID chips intended to be carried by employees at all times. Employees are subject to punishment if failing to show proper ID to Omni-Tek patrols.

Following the corporation’s example, clan ID chips are quickly introduced and distributed by the Council of Truth members. The chips are met with enthusiasm by the clan population.

A batch of two hundred neutral ID chips are sent to Newland City’s mayor Zephrem “Toog” King, who is told that carrying these chips is considered compulsory for all citizens claiming neutral status. The order is met with high suspicion from the local authorities.

Some claim the chips were designed to track and spy on all neutral citizens and many refuse to register for them. After negotiation, a compromise between Omni-Tek and the neutrals is reached. The Newland City Council are to manufacture their own identification chips and then distribute them among neutral citizens.

The requirement to be in possession of a chip at all times within Omni-Tek controlled areas remains.

Security forces officers and scientists are in search of volunteers ready to take dangerous assignments. The unusual collective operates from an outpost in Holes in the Wall near Borealis.
Due to increased criminal activity new bounties are offered to the general public for locating and eliminating known criminals, dangerous beasts and other creatures considered to be a threat to public safety.

A large Omni-Tek patrol in Borealis meets resistance from a large group of people shouting slogans and protesting the corporate permanent presence in the city.

The group is later identified as Borealis Freedom Fighters, a controversial group of radical neutrals who aim to force Omni-Tek forces out of the city by any means necessary.

A fight ensues between the two parties. The Borealis Freedom Fighters uses hit and run tactic and then pull back out of the city after the initial strike. Omni-Tek forces follows but are unable to catch them. Meanwhile, the fight on the streets which was sparked by the two groups continued.

The commanding officer of the patrol is later demoted for losing control over the situation.

An Omni-Trans transport shuttle is shot down by Red Freedom forces. Omni-Tek Armed Forces rescue the pilot and repel the clan attackers, but fail to secure the cargo, which is reported missing from the wreckage. The shuttle carried goods from Omni Prime. Corporation officials refuse to disclose any information about the cargo, citing "the contents are not a matter of public opinion".

IRRK (Borealis) – What was to be a routine mission turned into a nightmare for the pilot of an Omni-Tek transport from Omni Prime. Prior to landing the shuttle was struck by several light rockets which caused severe damage to the engines forcing the shuttle to crash into the Milkyway region.

According to the report after the ship had crashed the pilot managed get out of the wreck where he found himself surrounded by Red Freedom commandos who insulted and beat him until the arrival of Omni-Tek forces, who were forced to use heavy mech’s against the clan attackers. The skirmish lasted for over half an hour and led to the retreat of Red Freedom, but not before they had managed to secure the cargo which contained important supplies for Omni-Tek Armed Forces. What these supplies were is not known at this time.

There are unconfirmed rumors that Jaunay Curtis, one of Red Freedom’s commanding officers, executed some of her own men due to their apparent inability to defend the position. While she herself escaped to safety.

Omni-Trans liaison Timothy Hadrik has stated that he is very happy with the swift arrival of Omni-Tek forces to the area, which likely spared the pilots life, and that it should be a text book lesson as how to deal with Red Freedom in the future.

No one had expected Red Freedom to have the ability to shoot down an Omni-Tek transport. Doing such would require them to know when and where the transport was to arrive, something which can only be done if they had direct access to the Omni-Trans Mainframe.

Some sources have claimed that an attack earlier this month on an Omni-Tek base in Clondyke could have triggered this event, but this can not be confirmed as the entire base crew and the officials there were coldly executed in combat with clan forces. It may come as a surprise since we at IRRK have not heard anything of this raid, meaning that the truth behind it was hidden by someone in the top ranks of Omni-Tek.

Jessica Lonare, the appointed administrator of Borealis, addresses a crowd in the city, but friction between audience and security forces escalates into a riot.

The announcement that Borealis administrator Lonare would give her public address in the streets of the city generated considerable interest and a large crowd gathered, including the engineers who had built droids intended for city security. The engineers were accompanied by their sympathizers.

During the speech Administrator Lonare order for droids to be dismantled as they had not been built according to Omni-Tek safety regulations. The announcement angered the crowd and chaos ensued during which one of the engineers was shot. The situation escalated into a street riot.

After Jessica Lonare was evacuated the Omni-Tek forces put a swift end to the conflict.

FEB 10 29,482 - BOMBING IN OMNI-1 HQ
Unknown attackers detonate a bomb during the monthly Omni-Tek Affiliate Meeting.
As the participants were leaving the Headquarters an unidentified probe approaches and explodes. One guard is killed and several people are injured. The bomb causes considerable damage to the nearby buildings. None of the department Directors are harmed.

Several prisoners break out of jails in West Athen, Newland and Omni-Trade. Their wardens offers considerable bounties to those who can find them.
The prisoners are all transfers to the three facilities from Home. Several statements claim things were out of the ordinary about these inmates before their transfers. As a major crisis for the penitentiaries on Rubi-Ka, the prison wardens offer hefty bounties for the capture or neutralisation of the criminals.

During a break-in at a high security facility in the city of Jobe, five criminals access undisclosed sensitive data via the manager's computer terminal. Afterwards rumours suggest that the facility was contracted by Omni-Tek to develop advanced nanite based weaponry.

IRRK (Newland City) – Early this morning a small group of masked men armed with hammers and sidearms entered a high security facility in the city of Jobe, overpowered the guards and employees, disabled the security grid and got away before local police officers could respond.

In the early morning hours, a group consisting of five people entered the facility and requested to speak with the manager. Once he arrived he found the guards tied and gagged on the floor and soon after found himself in the same position with his access card removed from his person. Security cameras have revealed that ran on an independent system than rest of the security grid have revealed what happened.

According to sources in the Jobe security facility, the robbers quickly entered the manager’s office and emptied his safe for any valuables as well as using the manager’s personal computer to get access to yet undisclosed data. Several copies appear to have been made before the robbers destroyed the terminal and left the building. The whole incident took less than twenty minuets and was over before local police forces arrived at the location.

Due to the data stolen, Omni-Pol investigators were sent to the location on the request of the owner of the facility. Nothing has been confirmed as to what was stolen but a few rumours have spread, claiming that the facility had been contracted by Omni-Tek to conduct experiments on advanced nanite based weaponry.

We tried to get a comment on this rumour, but only got a single reply, from one of the Omni-Pol officers who wishes to remain anonymous:

“It is clearly the work of professionals and due to our ongoing inquiries in this case we are not able to disclose any more details. That is all.” With that, the officer quickly had all news reporters escorted out of the premises.

41 bodies were recovered in and around the swamp area near 10-3. Initially discovered by a local Bronto farmer, the bodies appeared to be mainly neutral citizens and one Omni-Tek escort. Some bore a sign around their necks reading: 'Omni Collaborator', all seem to have been executed. Red Freedom involvement is suspected.

IRRK (Borealis) – A bronto farmer was walking near the 10-3 outpost when he discovered a partially covered corpse in a mud ditch near the main road. The deceased had been killed with a single shot to the head.

Omni-Pol was contacted and a crime-scene team was sent to the location. They discovered the remains of 41 people in and around the swamp area. Additional teams under the direct command of Special Investigator Malkavie Corvin were dispatched to the area, as several of the bodies had a sign around their necks, with two words written on it: ‘Omni Collaborator’. Because of Mr. Corvin’s involvement it is rumoured that Red Freedom is responsible.

Sources claim that the victims appear to be neutral citizens, as well as an Omni-Tek escort. Investigators say the scene bears signs that the group had been ambushed and then executed, all by a single shot to the back of the skull from a high calibre pistol. The same sources claim the bodies have been in the swamp for at least a month, which would mean that it happened around or shortly after the revelation of Knight Involvement with Red Freedom in early October.

When IRRK approached Mr. Corvin and asked him about the case, he refused to comment. Clearly he was not happy with our presence, or with the fact that he has been unable to produce any results in the investigation against Red Freedom. Regardless, it appears that the radical organization is on the move once again after their sudden silence. There is serious concern for the safety of whomever leaked the logs of their meeting with the Knights.

The Newland City Council releases a statement from Mayor Zephrem Toog King, regarding the actions of the Borealis Freedom Fighters. The statement declares no support for the organization and their methods, labelling them "unspeakable crimes", but sympathises with their cause.

"Today I need to address the tragic incidents that occurred in the last weeks in Borealis. Most of you have heard about it or even witnessed it yourselves. However, let me inform you that the group that calls itself the Borealis Freedom Fighters has once again committed unspeakable crimes. Reports of bombs going off and snipers shooting indiscriminately at anyone who comes into their cross hairs have surfaced. While the Council does understand the motivation of the Borealis Freedom Fighters and sympathizes with their cause it cannot condone their actions.

Borealis is in a difficult and delicate situation which cannot be solved through bombs and bullets. Those actions will only make it worse for the population. Peaceful negotiation and protest are the keys to solve this problem and in creating a solution that is favorable for all.

Newland and its Council has never and will never support the Borealis Freedom Fighters. Should they come to Newland and search refuge they will only find the strong arm of the law presented by our militia. They will be dealt with the same way we deal with every other criminal or person who does not accept our laws and our independence.

However, this does not mean that we bow to the rules and laws set by others. It just means that we will, as always, dispense justice within our city walls. It does not matter if you are employed by Omni-Tek, supporting the Clans, a “Freedom Fighter” or a neutral citizen our laws and rules are the ones you have to follow in Newland.

Those are difficult times for all of us. One thing remains clear: Violence will only lead to more violence. This will not solve any problems, it just creates more. Thus I implore all of you to start thinking before you act and to talk instead of shooting it out.

Zephrem King
Mayor, Newland City"

The Omni-1 offices of Omni-Reform are attacked with a powerful pressure bomb, causing two-hundred and ninety-three million credits worth of damage and massing over one-hundred fatal casualties.

OTPC (Omni-Trade) – Early in the morning of January 10th 29483, a powerful explosive device detonated within the Omni-Reform building in Omni-1’s trade district, leading to massive structural destruction. It remains unknown who is responsible for the attack.

According to the current estimate, the damages amount up to 293 million credits. A large hole has been blasted open in the first five floors, suggesting that the device used was a high-yield pressure bomb flanked by armor piercing shells, resulting in massive collateral damage.

Emergency personnel have reported 108 confirmed dead, 192 wounded and 97 people still missing. Omni-Reform director, Eva Pourais is reported to be among the injured but Omni-Med has confirmed that her injuries are only superficial, as she was within her office when the bomb detonated.

Experts have stated that the limited damage to the building itself can be credited to the superiority of Omni-Tek construction materials and building designs.

A heavily armed ICC convoy is attacked and overrun during its usual run between Andromeda and Clondyke. Red Freedom is suspected of being responsible of the attack along with the implication that they may have used ship-cloaking technology.

IRRK (ICC) – During the night of February 4th, 29483, a heavily armed ICC convoy was attacked and destroyed by Red Freedom forces in Andromeda. There were no survivors according to the first responders.

At 01.33 AM RST, ICC Convoy 00425-4352, counting eight cargo transports and five escort crafts, was on a regular supply run from Andromeda to Clondyke when they came under attack from what appears to have been heavy artillery shells. The shelling took out the lead escort craft in the first wave, followed by heavy fire from automatic weapons from the side of the road.

At 01:34 AM, ICC HQ received distress signals from the convoy. They quickly dispatched an armed response group to aid the convoy, but when they arrived shortly after 2 AM, all that remained were burning wreckage and the bodies of the sixty men in the escort crafts. There was no trace of the cargo transports. The words ‘Down with the Omni-Tek lapdogs’ had been painted on one of the destroyed escort crafts.

Sources inside the ICC say the investigators estimate somewhere between 200 and 250 heavily armed commandos participated in the attack and the lack of any tracks leading out of the combat zone suggests that the attackers had access to large dropships, which Red Freedom have.

What is most concerning is that there were no signs of a dropship in the vicinity, suggesting the dropship was cloaked, a technology only used by military ships. If these rumours are true they represent a whole new range of possibilities for Red Freedom and other radical groups. Using cloaked ships would enable them to strike anywhere, at any time.

The ICC have refused to comment on these rumours or if any actions will be taken against Red Freedom.

The Unicorn Company grant civilian access to new outzone areas heavily occupied by alien forces.
A canyon named Arid Rift, occupied by aliens, and the Neretva Canyons, where a base belonging to the organization known as the Dust Brigade has been located. A number of ruins and ancient artifacts have been discovered in this central hub and offensive maneuvers are ongoing in these areas.

The Borealis Freedom Fighters display a large presence and support during an Omni-Pol communications security breach. The PA system was heard to broadcast anti-Omni-Tek messages while a peaceful demonstration was ongoing, urging the participants to fight against the Omni-Tek occupation. The resulting riots consume the city of Borealis until mechanised reinforcements assist in restoring the peace.

IRRK (Borealis) – A heated demonstration by the Borealis Freedom Fighters becomes a full-scale riot as Omni-Pol communications are reportedly hacked. Although the fighting eventually stopped, the situation in Borealis remains tense.

It was during the early evening that angry shouts started to issue from near the grid terminal. The usual slogans of the independance of Borealis campaign filled the air as a group of Borealis Freedom Fighters appeared amid a crowd of neutral supporters and angry OT employees.

While the demonstration continued outside a local store, a troop of Omni-Pol guards attempted to arrest the Freedom Fighters. As this happened, the Borealis PA system broadcast a message claiming that they had taken control of the communications systems and that now was the time to fight.

Fighting immediately broke out between neutral citizens and Omni-Tek, who were initially unable to call for backup. The conflict increased until the PA system came to life once again with a message from Omni-Pol requesting that everyone return to their homes. A number of heavily armoured Juggernauts entered the fray, dispersing some of the neutrals and Clans that had joined and forcing the Freedom Fighters back away from the whompahs. The remaining Freedom Fighters reportedly escaped into the grid, although the fighting continued long after even the Juggernauts were disabled by the rioting crowd.

After a call for expeditionary voluteers, JAME scientists track an anomalous signal from the Port Seven area towards Utopolis. The expedition encounters erratic wildlife behaviour along the way: dangerous creatures discovered far from where they would normally be found. The signal leads them to a temporary camp set up by a criminal group. Following a short battle, a large amount of stolen goods are recovered.

Orbiting Sunrise Station sells luxury apartment spaces to the rich and powerful. The Sunrise space-station opens up its high-class residential areas to Rubi-Ka citizens. Despite concerns about the safety of an orbital apartment during the invasion, the near-one-billion-credit suites prove to be immediately popular.

Omni-R&D announces a breakthrough in insurance technology that could have profound importance for the use of cell scanning and soul transferals in environments with low notum concentrations.

The existence of the soul was proven in 28906. Since the discovery of being able to transfer this life force to cloned bodies in 28920, scientists have been trying to find a way to use this knowledge to stave off death, and indeed succeeded when the insurance system was perfected on Rubi-Ka in 29436.

This system works exclusively on Rubi-Ka, where the key component for the transfer of a persons life force, notum, is widely abundant. All tests and experiments done off world have failed.

Omni-Tek Research and Development have quietly worked for decades on a secret development dubbed Project Rubi-Life. A released statement explains that scientists are close to finding a way to successfully resurrect a soul in a new body elsewhere in the universe. The Rubi-Life project shows great promise for the future, as Omni-R&D continues breaking new ground in the name of scientific advancement.

The Interstellar Confederation of Corporations unveils a new look for their Peacekeeper units galaxy-wide.

Stripping away their former uniforms, the ICC unveils a new suit of armour for their troops, deployed across all ICC locations/bases galaxy-wide. When asked, the ICC states that the armour will help “aid in visibility” for their troops “should [the ICC] wish to increase our presence on Rubi-Ka at any time”, and further states that the new technology used to create the armour will help protect the Peacekeepers on Rubi-Ka “in case of a scuffle between [ICC] forces and the various leaderships of Rubi-Ka”.

IRRK (ICC) – In an unannounced move by the ICC early last week, Peacekeeper troops across Rubi-Ka were suddenly given a fresh look and appearance, updating their older armor (originally based on the popular ‘Tech Armor’ variant) with a new, sleek appearance and design. This update was made without any prior notice or press release, making for quite the surprise for returning visitors to the ICC complex in Andromeda.

Shortly after the uniform change-over was put into place the Oceania ICC facility, located on Earth, issued a brief press release detailing the change in appearance and speaking briefly regarding the technical considerations of the new armor sets.

Two separate pieces of technology make up the combined whole of the new armor set, with bulky plating replaced by a super-thin composite metaplast lattice. The armor features a micro-honeycombed structure of interwoven plating across sensitive areas such as the chest, each individual plate at only 50 µm2 - Half the width of a human hair. Underneath the plating areas are a semi-solid ‘sheath’ comprised of condensed tungsten disulfide nanotubes, interlaced with reactive Molybdenum weaving to ensure a comfortable, flexible, yet protective covering across the entirety of the body. The helmet features reaction sensors wired throughout the rest of the suit, linked to shear-thickening cushioning systems which reduce inertial pressure in case of a sudden blow; the helmet’s visor is made of a translucent metaplast/titanium hybrid interwoven with datawafers for a completely modifiable internal digital display.

In a holo-conference with chief ICC technical designer Helen McCreary, she had the following to say regarding the new look.

“Traditionally, we’ve always looked for low-cost solutions when it comes to outfitting our various planetary troops - Not to say we cut corners in terms of safety, mind you, but that as an inter-stellar organization we have to keep our bottom line in mind. One of the main joys of our new design is that while there’s a bit steeper initial cost in producing the armor set, we save money on repair costs due to the ablative nature of the armor - Rather than having to do massive repair work on individual pieces, the honeycombed structure keeps damage at a small, localized level, letting the armor repair be as simple as infusing it with new metaplast tiles. In terms of Rubi-Ka this becomes even easier, as nanite fabrication units can create new tiles on the fly, repairing the armor even in the heat of battle.”

We later spoke with on-planet ICC Commander Gerald Constad, and asked him to share his views of the new armor.

“All in all it’s a great change - More comfortable, more protective; hell, even Coursey seems to like it, and that’s saying something. The design has been specifically tweaked and altered to ensure safety for ICC troops here on Rubi-Ka, in case of needed movement or potential fire-fights. Though we obviously hope to avoid any such confrontations in the near future, protecting our ground troops in case of a scuffle between our forces and the various leaderships of Rubi-Ka is a top priority for the ICC, particularly given the current political climate and… other ongoing situations. Should we wish to increase our presence on Rubi-Ka at any time, this armor will help to ensure visibility and recognition among the general populace.”

When asked to clarify this statement, Peacekeeper Commander Constad declined further commentary.

Though somewhat disorienting at first, Rubi-Kan citizens from all sides have taken to the new look for the Peacekeepers, offering nothing but praise for the new look and design. The enigmatic fashion designer and commentator Miiir gave the new armor set an impromptu “eleven out of ten” rating at a recent late-night Plumbo-sponsored charity event, while weapon-smith Tsunayoshi Smith praised the addition of the shoulder pad, stating that the additional armor plating added both a stylistic touch and enhanced functionality to the suit.

So far attempts to reach Omni-Tek leadership have failed, and no comment from the corporate giant has been made at this time. Though Clan leadership has made no official public response, Alan Jacobi has been quoted as saying that the new armor had “definite aesthetic appeal” and that he would “[potentially] look into the design for inspiration”.

ICC officials have stated that dispersal of the new uniforms is slowly spreading across their established bases galaxy-wide, with a finalized deployment date of August 2nd, 29484.

In a surprise announcement today, the Omni-Communications and Omni-Trade departments of Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka have announced the planet-wide mothballing of the popular "Global Market System" sales tracker, alongside intentions to replace the system with a new, more robust, more feature-rich technology.

In a surprise announcement today, the Omni-Communications and Omni-Trade departments of Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka have announced the planet-wide mothballing of the popular “Global Market System” sales tracker, alongside intentions to replace the system with a new, more robust, more feature-rich technology. Outlining future plans at a press conference from Omni-One Headquarters today, Omni-Comm director Esther Silliman had high praise and hopes for the new system, labelled “GMI”, Global Market Interface.

“When looking at the existing technology being leased across the planet, we at Omni-Comm had to make a tough decision; whether to upgrade the current method of enabling our partners in trade and commerce to a higher standard, or to examine our system from the ground-up and rebuild with a much stronger foundation. I fully believe that the incoming replacement for the GMS is leaps and bounds beyond the current user experience, and will be hailed as a massive leap forward for the commercial market on Rubi-Ka.”

Offering a more detailed perspective on the new system was Omni-Trade department head Marten Scofield, displaying the many robust features of the new system. No longer tied to physical locations, this new interface will allow sellers to store their wares within the official Omni-Comm Transit Space Servers, which may then be delivered to any point on the globe; additionally, retailers can maximize their market power by placing purchase offers on the market for others to fill - Combined with a wealth of tracked statistics and information on personal trends, this is certain to leave an impression on even the most experienced trader.

“We at Omni-Trade want to offer the absolute best for our commercial retailers on Rubi-Ka. With the new Global Market Interface we allow for a wealth of information and convenience, making it easier than ever to sell and purchase on the open market. All of us at Omni-Tek look forward to seeing this new system embraced across the planet.”

“I think it’s fantastic!” said Mrs. Irma Meyers, a Borealis home maker who supplements her income with a booming second-hand clothing business. “I don’t have to travel all the way out to my shop terminal in the Coast of Peace anymore - I just take a shirt, wash it up, and post the listing right at the terminal down the block. I don’t even have to make space in my apartment for stock and inventory anymore! Omni-Comm and Omni-Trade have really outdone themselves this time!”

Not all among the crowd were so convinced, however. William Brown, a native of West Athens, had the following to say via gridmail following today’s press announcement.

“I don’t like it, I don’t like it one bit. Those Omni-Comm bastards say my stuff’s safe in their ‘trade space’, but what’s to keep them from removing stuff they don’t want in there, eh? Post up some rare Mosquito Forge armour and somehow it just ‘magically disappears from the system’? No thanks. I was sketchy enough with them just trackin’ the sales, but now they want to hold my stock for me? Count me out.”

Though opinions remain somewhat divisive as usual among the two major factions of Rubi-Ka, early polls show the majority of citizens favouring the technology. Out of one thousand individuals polled, when asked as to whether or not they would be using the new system, 44% responded “yes”, 39% responded “maybe”, and 17% responding “no”. When asked as to why not, most cited a lack of trust regarding the system, with 74% responding that they did not believe in Omni-Comm’s abilities to properly store their wares, 25% responding that they had no need for the service, and only two individuals polled responding that they preferred the older method.

A brutal and unrelenting assault took place in Tir late this afternoon during which the Council of Truth was stormed by a group of individuals of varying origin. But all ultimately flying the proverbial Omni-Tek corporation flag.

Omni-Tek denies this to be a planned assault, but instead the work of individuals who took it upon themselves to orchestrate an attack on the Council HQ.

While the council itself was not in session, one Xeavier Humbold was inside doing administrative work with a few of his New Dawn Guards.

At the time of the incident, little was known as to why Bahirae had ordered the hit on the leader of the New Dawn, a previously peaceful leader who had wanted nothing other than to see the end of the conflict between the Clans and Omni-Tek.

All would soon be revealed as to why such a sinister and brazen act had been ordered…

On this faithful day, Tarkhan Zora the CEO of Omni-Tek operations on Rubi-Ka alongside General Robert Rosuma; Head of Omni-AF, Jessica Lonare; Omni-Admin's lead in Borealis and Asst Head of Omni-AF Bahirae Serugiusu revealed Omni-Tek's latest weapon against the clan forces.

The Battle Dish was designed in conjunction with a high orbit technological device known as ‘The Damocles Array’ to gather, redirect and either pulse out a devastating notum infused-Sol Chironis Ion Beam from one of the Orbital Platforms or cast it out like a wide angle beam to take down attackers on a massive scale.

With the dish primed for readiness, Tarkhan Zora ordered the dish to target Tir and begin firing. One shot would have wiped Tir clean from the desert, leaving only flames and a shadow where it once stood. However the coolant tanks ruptured beneath the dish and the resulting explosion detonated the dish, killing Tarkhan Zora, Jessica Lonare and Robert Rosuma nigh on instantly.

At the time, unknown complications meant that their reclamation patterns were unusable and therefore regarded as permakilled as a result of the explosion.

With the dish still aflame, and the defensive forces in shock from the explosion, the then Deputy Omni-AF leader Bahirae was faced with an assault from Clan forces and that of the sinister Obsidian Army. Was this their attempt to crush the remaining Omni-Tek citizens who stood at the dish? Or simply a ruse by the Obsidian One to grasp control of Omni-Tek.

The following is a transcript of the Corporate Address Bahirae Serugiusu made on this faithful day in Borealis:

It is with a heavy heart and a bowed head that I address you all here today. I, Bahirae Serugiusu, the new Head of Omni-AF stand in the place of the man that I loved so dear, our chief, our commander, our peace keeper and bringer of order.

Like Ross before him, taken from us by the foul clans. Snatched from the respectful and loving embrace of Omni-Tek that you all know so dear, the embrace that some of you have shunned, turned from and spat at. A behavior that like all, will be corrected soon.

Despite our somber mood here on Rubi-Ka at the loss of Robert Rosuma, Tarkhan Zora and Jessica Lonare, our resolve has never been stronger, and our profits ne’er higher. Military spending is at our forefront, weapons at our hands and sights on our enemy. Offenders who undermine the very fabric of common decency and safety that Omni-Tek has brought to citizens.

Rubi-Ka, my dear planet. I have seen you change so much over so little time and the gifts we have but given you, thrown back at us in shame. I am not rude, but I must insist that Borealis has been granted a gift of peace, of order. An order that the clans tried to shake to it’s very core only days ago.

The clans’ actions are unacceptable, and have been identified as the work of the faction: New Dawn. As I speak, in accordance with Omni-Tek’s promise to enforce planet-wide peace, the ICC is removing all of New Dawn from Rubi-Ka to stand trial off planet. Affiliations are barred. Their funding confiscated, their caches and resources incinerated. New Dawn are hereby banned from Rubi-Ka, return will result in permadeath, reformation will result in permadeath.

We are taking great steps to ensure that this does not happen again, that the people of Rubi-Ka never witness destruction of this scale.

As such, I take this time to envoke the protocol that is duly entitled to me at a time like this. I, Bahirae Serugiusu, Head of Omni-AF, hereby envoke Martial Law on Rubi-Ka and in the absence of a CEO, begrudgingly accept the temporary CEO status it grants me.

My first few orders of business as the new CEO are as follows:

Omni-Pol, we of Omni-Tek thank you for your services but I hereby rescind your authority on Rubi-Ka for your safety. My unparalleled Riot-Specialists are henceforth identified as the governing police force on Rubi-Ka alongside Omni-AF. Their word is law, their judgment is final and their peace is everlasting.

Riot-Specialists and Omni-AF soldiers will take the place of the former Omni-Pol presence in Borealis and ensure compliance at all times. Resisters will be shot. Peace and prosperity will be brought to Rubi-Ka once more, even if it has to come at the end of a loaded gun for those who are not sympathetic to our cause.

A monument is to be erected in Borealis at the site of the dish, as a remembrance to our lost ones.

Finally, I will remain CEO of Omni-Tek on Rubi-Ka until such a time as peace can be permanently confirmed and resistance is eradicated, by whatever means. Comfort and peace by my hand, order by my fist. Omni-Tek now protects. Regardless of cost, I will take no questions at this time.

0800 this morning saw an emergency meeting of the ICC on Rubi-Ka in light of Omni-Tek's repeatedly slipping grasp on Borealis.

Omni-Tek had repeatedly failed the city of Borealis in many ways, including:

  • The destruction of the Communication Dish
  • The death of several lead officials while apparently in Borealis under Omni-Pol protection,
  • The repeated uncontrollable rioting in Borealis
  • The continued savage structural damage to Borealis
  • The frequent re-emergence of the Borealis Freedom Fighters with little to no deterrent from Omni-Tek.

At the time, there was no commentary as to the destruction of the Humbold Device earlier that day, the device that was designed to save any further permanent casualties to the leaders of the Clan and Neutral Factions on Rubi-Ka.

There were rumors as to a ‘protocol six’ being responsible, however there were no definitive leads.

ICC Adjudicator Jade Hallett ruled that Omni-Tek would:

  • Surrender Borealis unconditionally and immediately to the ICC
  • Be investigated by ICC officials around it’s conduct in light of recent events
  • Be fined fourteen billion credits for the restoration project of Borealis and the future regeneration of damaged assets in and around Borealis.

With Borealis gone, Omni-Tek’s territory was slowly shrinking and with her previous promise of remaining CEO until peace and prosperity was brought about on Rubi-Ka, had Ms Serugiusu bitten off more than she could chew?



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