I have been running a server for a year and a half now, and with a very popular expansion coming out today, I found our generally overpopulated server could use some new players. I come to offer a server to test and play with a great community. This one is quite modded! it is based in Europe, but if you are from USA or anywhere else and want to try it out, feel free if you’re comfortable with your ping.

My Idea was always to build a server around immersion, not only do I want a sexy Conan Exiles, I’d also like regular RP and mechanics fun! So I focused on Pippi Management Mod to add Offline Farming Bundles. I believe these Kits and our server custom Class Mod can help people focus on every kind of Role Playing. It also should fix the lack of progression felt after playing two weeks in any server… and you grow offline! (so it’s Full time Job compatible)

…Enough with the caotic intro, below you’ll find all the information you need.
Or you can check everything at our sexiles.weebly [[Check Google]]

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Server Settings:

Server Name: [RP]IMMERSIVE SEXILES 2.0[+18][PVP]
Slots: 70 // Clan Size: 20
PVP: Activated // Avatar: Off
Equipment: Dropped on Death, Anybody can loot corpse
Nudity: Full
XP Multiplier: 4.0
Harvest Amount Multiplier: 3.0 // Spoil Rate: 0.5 (Slower)
Ressource Respawn Multiplier: 0.2
Crafting Speed: 0.5 (Faster)

Server Rules:

You must be an Adult to play in this server (18+)
Cheating is Forbidden.
Role play is Mandatory in Local Chat.
Role play should direct your actions, especially in PVP.
Lore friendly names are Mandatory, This includes Clan names.
Do not Build near Important Resources or NPCs.
Do not Claim territory through Foundations, Campfires…
Please Destroy Unused Structures.
Medium sized, Beautiful Buildings are Encouraged.
Out of Character harassment is strictly forbidden.
Please send a note whenever you raid or steal from somebody.
Checking Reference text channels in Discord is Mandatory

Summary: Be an adult, Come to RP, Check Discord, and don’t be Rude

You can find more information about our Kits, Choice Mechanics, and How to connect on our Website: sexiles.weebly ((Still can’t post links))
And you can join the community discord: GMtUQyQ
((There is another invite at the website))