RP event - Saturday October 20 - Rise of the Bloodmoon

Today at noon PST the Blood Moon will Rise!

Sagas first role-playing PvP event. Roleplayers only!

The blood seeped deep into the cimmerian soil. Red worms gathered to the surface as if fleeing something ancient. A temple …long forgotten briefly flickered into reality as the aging high priest smirked.

The Princes efforts had been amusing but he knew little of the ancient prophecies or true power.

“My Prince, it is time to enter the temple of Xotli! The temple has ceded into the Earth at the time of the great floods and holds the artifacts you desire!”

(( giving away free sets of blue gear to whoever makes it in and out alive. 2 events. Best 2 out of 3 premades…naked…spirit realm…and you need to escape epic fotd…no rez))

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