RP PC PVP SERVER - Anyone fancy a fairly newly wiped server?

If any one fancies trying something new and dipping your toes in, I run a PvP RP server with a respectful community and rules around raiding, build protection and two weeks immunity. Come and try us out if all that’s holding you back are those things. Likewise if you are looking for that style of play :slight_smile:

We have zero tolerance on people ruining the game for others. A whitelist is in place so random trolls can’t join and backups are made frequently.

PvP must try to be arranged and rarely involves your building being blown up. We have lockpicking mechanics!

The RP ensures that it’s mostly consensual and has a great story build up. We are not hardcore RP either.

We have so much content to keep people busy so PvP isn’t always the main focus. You’ll find the stigma around PvP isn’t what we are! We appreciate pretty buildings! Sometimes we feel more like a PvE-C with PvP elements :see_no_evil::sweat_smile: most importantly WE HAVE NO GODS!

We have mentors to help you learn the game, help with RP and plenty of friendly people to help too. We have recently all restarted so lots of us are still a low level.

Dungeons, Kingdoms, an arena pending, occupations pending to make a living with and so much more to come :heart_eyes:

Lots of us are workers in real life and play part time so time is no issue here! That’s what makes us so relaxed.

Join our discord if we sound like the server for you :slight_smile: https://discord.gg/wxwVZuy