[RP-PVE] [PC] Dros Delnoch - LFM [EU]


I started a new Conan Exiles RP server and I am looking for a few more people (18+) to join me and my buddy. It is just a small server (for now) and regarding to RP - we want to keep it casual and not hardcore. I am not someone who likes to enforce strict rules. I’d rather have a community of open minded people, doing some rp or doing whatever they want, if they don’t feel like rping.
I am open to suggestions and I encourage you to participate making this server a nice home and bring in your own ideas.

Anyway, the server is named “Dros Delnoch”. Contact me for the server pw.

Mod list and order as follows:

  1. Less Bulding Placeement Restrictions - 1369743238
  2. Savage Steel - 1367404881
  3. IMMERSIVE RP & Building Decor - 1394768794
  4. Emberlight - 1369802940
  5. Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling - 1386650198
  6. Immersive Salvaging & Smelting - 1211904989
  7. Pickup+ - 864199675
  8. Pippi - User & Server Management - 880454836

Looking forward to hearing from you!