RP PVP Server Seeking Experienced Admins and Creative Builders

SEEKING - Creative and Experienced builders and/or admins to help build a deep, rich, RP Conan Exiles world.

Currently we have a staff of three admins building a semi-rp, semi-pvp server that stays true to the Conan aesthetic and theme. We have a discord with full information, some of which changes as we build and balance.

We use Pippi, Pickup+, Fashionist, IQoL, Emberlight, and a small selection of deco RP mods.

This is a PC Server. If you have experience as an admin or are a creative type that loves to build unique structures with actual purpose, then reach out to me. Get involved!

Our goal is to grow a server complete with quests, a balanced and working economy, lots of custom NPCs, monsters, dungeons, and challenges, as well as a fully functional realistic gladiatorial arena for thralls and players.

If you’re interested in helping build this, send me a PM. I’d love to meet you, discuss what we’re doing, and see where you fit in!