RP Server with Class System- No Mods or Gods

RP GAMERS is an adult Role Playing game community. We are hosting a Conan Exile Server for those who want to join an active RP experience. We are working class professionals, ex military , house wives and college students.

Dedicated I7 32 GB Ram 1 gig connection. 70 Player Slots 2x Exp 5X Gather Active Admin with Events PVP Bounty & Justice System - Play as an Evil Warlord - Mercenary - Criminal- LawBringer or Just a crafter

Connect at

Name of Server:RP GAMERS


Age Restrictions: All Ages- Mature Players be don’t ban mature players under 18 and we kick immature players over 18.

Location of Server:NA - We block Asia

Max capacity of server:70


Discord Server: discord.gg/QyKdM6b

Is the server pass worded or open? Open

Server Settings
XP rate:2X Gathering Rate: 4X
Day/Night Ratio: 2 TO 1
Hunger/Thirst settings:0.2 Drop Equipment on
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership:Yes
The Purge Activated:Active Purge set to 1200

Peak Play Times: 4:00 PM - 12:00 PM EST.

Server Lore: We require each player to create a Short Bio that describes their Character and then RP best on their personality. Lore is Set in the Age of Conan era.

Server Ruleset:PVP is based on a server designed Justice System with Bountys.

There are Six classes of citizens within the server. Citizen, Law bringer, Criminal, Outlaw, Bounty Hunter and Black-Market Merchant.

Citizen is anyone who states so in their bio and generally do not wish to PVP. Citizen are most often crafters and builders by nature. Killing a Citizen will result in a bounty being placed on one’s head. Citizens can defend themselves against attack. They cannot raid bases or collect bounty’s. Everyone Starts as a Citizen unless they declare otherwise or commit a crime.

Law bringers are justice and their role are to protect the citizen. Law bringers can KOS anyone who is deemed a Murder. Law bringers can also attack any criminal during the commission of their crime and may collect on any bounty placed by the Lords of the land. Law bringers can raid murders & criminals bases. Killing a Law bringer will result in a bounty.

Criminal is one who has no regard for private property. May raid “burglarize” and loot anyone’s base. A Criminal should RP a robbery. If criminal kills during a robbery or burglary, then why will be marked a murderer. A robbery is when a player is Robbed, and a Burglary is the raiding of an empty base. Criminal cannot collect bounty’s. Killing a criminal will not result in a bounty. Anyone who does not register by creating a bio will be marked a criminal.

Outlaw Follow Tulsa Doom Lord can KOS and raid anyone without warning. They do not need to RP assaults but cannot collect bounty’s. Murderers are also KOS to any Law bringer or Citizen. If a criminal kills an Outlaw, then they too will be marked an Outlaw. Killing a murderer will not result in a bounty.

Outlaw can carry out Dark under World Task for rewards.

Bounty Hunter’s Co exist Between the Lawful and Lawless. Bounty Hunters can collect on all Bounty’s. Offered by both the Justice System and Dark Under Work. Bounty Hunters can not raid bases and if they kill anyone who is not covered by a bounty they will be deemed a murder.

Black Market Merchant are they go between the Lawful and Lawless. They are the buyer and sellers of all goods and information. Black Market Merchants are the only authorized dealers of Thralls and are often offered protection by Conan’s Militia as they provide kicks backs to the Warlord himself

ATTENTION The area Know as the North which encompasses everything in the Northern Expansion is Considered a Lawless Zone. Anything goes, This area is out of the reach of Conan. Anyone can do anything they wish in this zone without punishment.
All classes are free to raid and kos.
It is rumored that Tulsa Doom Lord controls this area.

A very interesting post/idea. Nice to see thought behind a RP server and not a RP server with after thought.