Ruining player experience vanishing storage chests

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [on top of black towers near Kings niche]

This bug is really killing my player experience it’s super frustrating to grind for hours gathering bark to bring it back to my base store it in a large chest only for the next time to log back in to the server the whole chest is gone simply vanished. I even log off and log back in and nothing the chest is gone along with hours of hard work. I know it is missing because I also put name plates above my chest to identify what is in them now there is a name plate with no chest. This has happened with other chests too my iron chest, brimstone chest but when I lost my bark chest that was the tipping point this needs to be fixed I spent hours filling that chest up planning on upgrading my base to tier 4 now I’m going to have to spend another 4 hours filling another one up just to have it disappear again???