Sanctum of Cthulhu - NEW PVP Server NOW OPEN! RP Server coming soon!

Sanctum of Cthulhu is 18+ Conan Server Cluster featuring Exiled Lands and Savage Wilds Maps and a NEW PVP Server with an RP Server coming soon! We have an amazing list of mods including EEWA/AOC/Pippi and level 300 cap. We have several admin created dungeons built and have DAILY events across all servers. All of our servers have multiple DAILY events!

A list of some of our events: 1 v 1 Gladiator Arena, Obstacle Race, Chocobo Race, Custom Purge Event, Battle Royale, Daily World Bosses, Rare Spawns, Jousting Tournament and much more!

Our servers have a main village which houses the maproom, portal hub, tavern and player run market stalls. All players can set their home with /home, can use /warp hub to go to the main hub! Our PVE servers also feature a fully functioning Casino where you can win thralls, fighter pets, gold and experience!

  • Exiled Lands: Sanctum of Cthulhu [18+/4x/EEWA/AOC/lvl300]

  • Sanctum of Cthulhu - Savage Wilds AOC/EEWA/300

  • Exiled Lands PVP: Sanctum of Cthulhu PVP EEWA/AOC/lvl300

  • Sanctum of Cthulhu RP [Coming Soon]

  • 4x Harvest, 4x XP, Kits, lvl 300, Daily Events

  • 30+ Mods: Pippi, AOC, EEWA and much more

Of course our best feature is our large, helpful, friendly and amazing community! Please join our discord for more information and our rules!

Current Exiled PVE Server modlist:

Barbarian Barber
RA - Character Customization
Savage Steel
Savage Steel II
Exiles Extreme
Warrior Mutator
Immersive Armor
Outfit Manager
Grim Productions
Immersive RP Buildings and Placeables Decor
Immersive Decor : Fright Night
Glass Constructions and More
Dudes Delightful Decorations
Thrall Wars Dungeon Mod
Hosav’s Pets Extended
Better Thralls
Building Shortcut Bar
Age of Calamitous (AOC)
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)
Imrpoved Quality of Life
Dungeon Master Tools
Northern Timber
Mod Control Panel
Stacksize Plus
Kerozards Paragon Leveling
Hosav’s UI Mod
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Unlock Plus
High Heels
Amunet Deco Collector


Awesome server and community! Played here for a year and will continue in the coming year. Can’t wait to see what the RP server looks like.

Luckystar — Today at 11:16 AM
I’m going to have to ban you from the server. I have gotten some very disturbing and concerning information. I’m extremely disappointed. This is your last chance, do not try to come back again.

HeadBand0311 — Today at 11:18 AM
wait what are you talking about

all becaused i played on another server SOTG best server ever

thats what you can expect after a year of playing