Sanctum of Cthulhu [18+/4x/EEWA/AOC/lvl300] PVE, Player driven Market stalls, DAILY events, Easy Mode/Hard Mode Admin Dungeons!Something for everyone from new players to casual to hardcore and experienced. Mature Community Active Admins!

Sanctum of Cthulhu is a brand new 18+ PVE Conan Server featuring an amazing list of mods including EEWA/AOC/Pippi with a level cap of 300. We have 2 admin created dungeons built and have DAILY events. Although our server isn’t PVP we have several PVP focused events.

A list of some of our events: 1 v 1 Gladiator Arena(PVP), Obstacle Race(PVP), Chocobo Race, Thrall Spawn Hide and Seek(PVP), Cthulhu’s Treasure, Find the Admin, Jousting Tournament(PVP), The Death Pool and more to come!

Our server has a main village which houses the maproom, portal hub, tavern and player run market stalls. All players can set their home with /home, can use /warp wharf to go to the main village with no cooldowns. We have /return enabled as well!

Another great feature our server has is a loyalty stables where exiles can purchase over 20 unique mounts with their loyalty tokens.

For now, you can only Direct connect from the server select screen. Our IP is

Or you can type in Sanctum of Cthulhu in the search bar and it will pop up. ^ ^