Savage Battle Realm

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Server address:

Platform: PC

Server Concept:
PvE-C server with PvP flavours and Raid restrictions.
Active admins with good knowledge and experience.
Mature focused environment for RP, PvP,Raid and War addition.
Public Arenas, Merketplace, Community events.
Expandable content with polls and ability to test before something is added as explicit version.
Server Host Location and Time zone (Germany).
Server daily restart at 5AM.

Weekday PvP hours 17:00 - 23:59
Weekend PvP hours - All day.
Purge Restricted hours daily 19:00 - 23:59
Raid days Thursday, Friday, Sunday 19:00 - 23:59
Character Remains in game while Offline.
Items are dropped on death and everybody can loot the corpse.
Everybody can interact with Crafting Tables placed on open field.
Doors, Gates, Chests and Vaults can prevent unwanted guests outside Raid time.
Raid Date and Time will be voted.
Thrall and Pet hunger system along with diet is enabled.
Max Clan size 10.
Food pot has increased range.
World Bosses coming with next patch.
More ideas and balances coming.
Player Driven Economy and Marketplaces.

Retail like mix
Harvest 2x
Harvest xp 2x
Kill xp 2x
NPC damage 1.2x
Decay Item timer 0.3
Purge level 6
Thrall Decay timer 8 days

Mods Applied:
Glowing eyes & More
Extreme Colors
High Heels System
Barbarian Barber
Dye More Better
Less Building Placement Restrictions
RP Aesthetics (RA)

We have few building restrictions and rules such as not blocking spawns and certain areas (content, player).
More details either in discord or server join.

Have a nice game.