Scammed by Funcom

Make the isle of siptah mechanics to only get the ??? ish in decent amounts by triggering it with long wall - “building abuse” ( a player who couldnt beat me reports me) on an server with 4 players at peak, since siptah was so bad everybody dropped off quickly, i get banned for a week - 200 hours gone while keeping one of your servers alive, ok - no detailed answer given since its " not a permanent ban" , forum posts get closed instantly(after getting spammed by yes- men).

Again playing solo on age of sorcery before release and after, even paying for DLC´s now to support the devs going in the right direction with the game - finally . Hacker clans going wild on officials + over 100 hours destroyed by hacker who is known hacking for years, all loot gone, multiple clans use the hackers non stop destruction to raid me and even cooperating with the hacker side by side, im getting victim of build spam leading to my secret base + ice cave which i claimed the entrance of because there was a t1 decaying in 2 days, im getting build spammed by the very same guys reporting me for it on multiple occasians around ice cave , hacker is running around freely, the report abusing clan can hide from the overpowered lightning storm which is the hackers favourite tool, but still only im again temporarily banned for " abusing the build system - wtf ? 200 hours of work gone, no detailed answer is given, forum posts get closed, tickets get copy paste response still

I give it another try on a different official server, getting all my stuff together from zero to hero, a exploiter clan with endless loot terrorizing the server , literally raiding every single clan, making the server half empty, im playing on time waiting for them to get banned, stacking ceilings for them to waste hundreds of bombs on me and seeing multiple clans already reported them, just as me - nothing happens, hackers are still around not giving a “ish”, even to the point admitting in chat they hack or writing in my name in chat insults, i take 1-2 weeks off playing the dark and darker playtest, when i log in to check my buildings guys telling me i raided them, when i clearly did not - hacker is raiding while using my name, manipulating the event log - i come back and im permanently banned for “making inappropiate content accessible trough game chat or ingame items” , this time its a permanent ban, 250+ hours gone still no detailed answer is given, im getting copy & paste emails and the suggestion to write to the legal team of Funcom with all the details - the very details that I asked for, which they refused to give me, what a joke - Funcom is a scam.

And this thread being taken down is another proof for it - censoring the truth counter : 1

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Just stop playing on Officials…

Your asking for trouble. Its been this way for almost every game with un-moderated officials.

But Sera… they have a System in place, so there not Un-Moderated…
It sure doesnt seem like it. XD

Anyway, Find some good peeps, there several forums with list of Servers looking for PVE/PVP peeps.

Hi @WinOrReport

If you are experiencing any issues on our official servers, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to look into this further.

Also feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding your Conan Exiles account.

You can read more about how to make a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures