Scorpion Egg Hatching

So I got some of these in the silvermine after killing the scorpion queen, its been 4 days now and they still inside the eggs, in a chest, not preservation box.

Are they working normally? Does it take longer for scorpions to hatch than spiders and reapers ?

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The silver mine is open?? Man, I really need to get out of the jungle more often


Ya, it is, a pitty it is instanced, but worth the adventure, take antidotes with you, there are some nasty scorpions in there :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Antidotes. You mentioned scorpions and I totally spaced poison lol, good call

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Just put the eggs into the taming pen with their food…I cant recall the name of the shadespice to use though. They don’t need to incubate like other eggs.


I see, thank you for the info Nemisis.

What is their food? Anyone know?

You can give them Putrid meat, demon blood and corrupted meat, at least those were the ones who gives the higher chance for greater scorpions.

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Finally, a use for demon blood. I have a vault full of the stuff that i didn’t know of any use for.


Remember to cook it with shadebloom found in Jhebbal sag dungeon, it has a higher chance for greaters.

Also, if you’re on pvp, demon blood is used to craft bombs.

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