Screen Freezes while dragging thrall

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: NordheimRP
Mods: - Pippi: - Immersive Armors: - RA Character Customization: - DungeonMasterTools: - AHDS: - LBPR - Additional Features: - Stacksize+: - Less Building Placement Restrictions:

Dragging a thrall while riding a horse causes my game to freeze making me have to force close it just to relog and lose my thrall. Ive lost 6 thralls in the past 5 hours to this. Yall had this same issue back in 2021 like how is this still an issue.

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Random question, any chance you have a AMD GPU?

Random, yet frequent, especially after playing a couple of hours.
Happened to me 3 times, & EVERY TIME IT’S A T4!
Thought the horse running too fast with a savage saddle, so the map loading couldn’t catch up.
Since then, I have been using normal speed saddles.

Alright, just now, on a private server, when dragging a T4 builder, it froze again.

TBH I’ve had this happen to me several times when dragging a thrall from Lian’s camp to my base. We built a tower in F8 to facilitate travel to our main base in the middle of the desert. My game typically freezes just as we enter F7, usually causing a loss of the captive.

NVIDIA 1600 GPU btw.

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