Screenshots thread

Oh, memories. I wish I hadn’t deleted my screenshot folder by accident when I was reinstalling my Windows a few years ago. :frowning:

People should post more often here, I’m sure there’s plenty of veterans out there with folders full of screenshots. :slight_smile:

Yeah I lost my screenshots a few times but in general I never took enough either, makes me sad.

I found this old screenshot from Silirrion fighting T.I.M. on the archive of This is from before Silirrion was game director of AO and before the Foreman’s Office got revamped in patch 16.0. Not sure about the exact date, but it was archived on 16 december 2004.

The rest of the site isn’t complete, but might be worth checking out too :blush:

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omg I so remember Silrrion!

I actually kinda like the old GUI. I miss the old official SL and AI skins too but they can’t be used anymore from what I know.

Now that is what I remember AO looking like I logged in today after ten years and was where the heck I’m I.

Dr. Bainbridgen did it for science! Publish or perish? Well, anyhow, I think most of the images are dated winter 2007-2008.

He made it to L36

Remember that Nurse, welcomes you after plane chrash to ICC Shuttleport?



Must have been more then 10 years thou. I’d played since early 2006 and I already had the current UI back then.

Ya it changed around when Shadowlands came out which was 2003.

All of these old screenshots were super dark. I fiddled with the brightness level and saturation a bit, so some things may look somewhat odd.

Old skill window graphics

old roll-down mini bar. And some pinky jars in the inventory window.


The team window top name is Tekkor? I can’t quite make it out. Well, anyhow, Tekkor was the guy that started the fan site AgentSector
And I think he was the first Agent Professional, too.


Holy crap I’ve never seen that skill window! I thought there was only 1 previous one to what we currently have.

I was disappointed when the developers replaced the very stylized and thematic IP skill GUI with a very dull and standard Windows OS window. The other thing was how much more efficient the “roll-up mini bar” was compared to the “winged” version that replaced that one, too. I disliked both changes. The one thing they did’nt change was the hotbar which really did need an upgrade.

The old launcher window custom skinned by someone at Agentsector

And GUI skin. Look who happens to be at the top of the friends list :thinking:


A snipped screenshot of an old site that tracked server up-times as well as zone population.


How about this, from the last days of RK2 before the merger. The time that Clan took all Omni tower sites, with this one being among the last to fall. I was proud to be apart of it.

That screenshot with my name there is from 2001, notice the weight limit window on mini roll-up bar.

And you’re online!

I found that screenshot and many more following page links on agentsector via the Wayback Machine.

i really liked the old gui skins. i like dovvetechj too, but old skins were best somehow.

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Both the up and down lifts in a mission in the same room :smiley:

I love checking these out and realizing I am a nub.

Just noticing now, after 20ish years, there is a pet window?

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Yeah :smiley: You can use it by typing /open pet

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After 1000’s of missions I’ve never seen both lifts in the same room. I’m about 99.99% certain of my memory on that especially since it’s so uniquely odd.

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