Screenshots thread


Oh, memories. I wish I hadn’t deleted my screenshot folder by accident when I was reinstalling my Windows a few years ago. :frowning:

People should post more often here, I’m sure there’s plenty of veterans out there with folders full of screenshots. :slight_smile:


Yeah I lost my screenshots a few times but in general I never took enough either, makes me sad.


I found this old screenshot from Silirrion fighting T.I.M. on the archive of This is from before Silirrion was game director of AO and before the Foreman’s Office got revamped in patch 16.0. Not sure about the exact date, but it was archived on 16 december 2004.

The rest of the site isn’t complete, but might be worth checking out too :blush:


omg I so remember Silrrion!

I actually kinda like the old GUI. I miss the old official SL and AI skins too but they can’t be used anymore from what I know.