Search window behaviour on crafting window etc

Its a bug/sloppy thing, but dont wanna push it as its not really important as you know about it.
But you still should fix it given time please.:stuck_out_tongue:

When you search, (test it on inventory/craftwindow)

the window does not scroll home,
leaving a visually empty window.

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hi ive noticed this too…
what seems to work best for me, is to open the inventory, and simply use the “search” area wthout scrolling first, and the results are always at the top.

sometimes i forget though and an item i want is much further down, so i start scrolling and realise i better search, but then the results window is also searched… (maybe its just missing a function of “back to top” :slight_smile:

actually speaking of search… if you have the mouse cursor in the middle of a word, and start deleting a character, the mouse cursor seems to jump to the very end - is that just on my computer or have you got that too? :slight_smile:

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