Searching ppl to play

Searching for ppl or clan.
Where i want to play:
Official Server: I play normaly on PvP server. I fight against Alpha-clans/cheater/exploiter/buguser, i know how to fight and defend.
Private Server: Never played on one of these server. But time change and if u know a good private server, i can take a look.

Maps: Isle of Siptah or Exile Lands, i dont care wich map i play

Language: English,German,Italian


check out our server IP:

relaxed pvpve, friendly players just looking to relax and have fun

yo, u wanna join me on SkyLake x0.5 DUO?
pvp server raid twice a week max pop with queue during peek hours

we are currently looking for more players, we are pretty well established, we have countered several raid attempts now. No obligation when in clan, just looking for people that want to vibe. we are on official pvp

if interested message me in discord Brendon#4243