Looking for people to play with on official PVP PC

been playing with 2 other guys but both bad at farming. want a clan that will actually farm and help out. I cannot be on at raid time during weekdays for i work 3rd shift. but weekends i can. but i can get on weekdays to farm.

Hey :smiley: what region?

north america #1540 pvp

doubledms93 #70908 is my funcom id

Are yall still around? I am looking for a PVP group.

Sent you a friend request, do you all have a discord?

anyone still looking for new people im new but played on console before.

Hows about you guys get out of the exploited official servers and join a vanilla server that has an admin? I started my own Pve-c called Mitra’s Blessing. Brand new. Come break ground there and start something great.