Seeking Chill & Reliable PVE Server

One player experienced in single player and one noob seeking a PVE server for our new clan.
Seeking something with extra resources and faster XPs, otherwise any settings are probably fine.
We’ve joined two servers that then disappeared and want to make sure we won’t get booted anytime soon.
Since we’re new we are mostly looking for standard play, but may be interested in expanding our repertoire later on.
Hoping for a server with lots of room and not too many people so there’s more opportunities for exploration.

Server with mods is ok, but might need help with installation issues.

We are in the US and would like the option to have a couple more people in our clan later on if possible.

This article should help with mod installation, it is a lot more complicated than the way steam does it though, a lot more manual fiddling involved.

Also this one shows how to enable mods on your Xbox app

Thanks, I actually read those and it’s not working. I wrote a post about that tech issue thats in the general PC discussion forum, but can’t link to it here

Test this one. It is in Miami.