Seige Elder Things spawning in a mountain by my base

i play on Singleplayer, So i finally built a base in the storm and took about 10 of my best thralls there to help defend but as i was away doing a dungeon a storm started and i ran back to help, but there was a few dead Elder bosses and then one stuck in a mountain by my base but it could still hit my thralls and killed most of them, is there any way to load a previous backup?

If you go into your saved games folder (should be C/Program Files (86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Conan Exiles/Conan Sandobx/saved)

In there you’ll find multiple files labelled DLC_Siptah_backup_1 (or 2 etc…)

First step - for safety, remove the file labelled ‘DLC_Siptah’ (without any numbers) - I suggest dragging it to your desktop so that you can find it if you need it.

Then identify one of the numbered backups (based on time created) that was before the Storm expedition - rename that file DLC_Siptah (basically remove ‘backup and the number’)

That should be all you need - restart the game and you should now be at whatever point that backup autosave was made.

(If you want the safety of being able to try multiple different backups, just copy a bunch of them (including the initial DLC_Siptah file) into a folder - that way you can drop any one in as the new save (just by changing the filename) and can try different ones if you’re not happy with where it gets you to.)


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