Select Map on launcher - URGENT HELP PLEASE

I cannot get the ‘SELECT MAP’ option on my launcher - can anyone tell me how to do get it please.
I have three possibilities for maps - Exiles. Siptah and Savage wilds but I cannot choose between them because when I launch I am not given a choice.
Procedure I follow =
open launcher - launch - single player - continue (this is where I should get my select map menu) . Instead of a selection I go straight to saved game.
I do not get the select map menu in new game either


It’s not on the launcher,
For single player

To play on line

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Thank you very much folks - I wil try all solutions shown. Really appreciated - SOLUTION = Launch - single player - New Game then choose your map from the main box drop-down.
however I was following the linked YouTube Video which clearly shows single-player map selection

i find it strange that FC would give the map selection dialogue to the console versions and not pc.

on console it would be singleplayer > continue > select map (if there is saves for both)

This is on PC as well, provided you have a save for multiple maps. If you only have one save, it skips this menu


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