Server 1101 ping 1000+ fps 2 for 40 min

**Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue:Performance
**Server type: PvP

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1.server ping 1000+
2.fps lees than 5
3.fps and ping stucked for around more than 40 mins and still with 1000+ ping and lees fps
4.sometimes ping drops down till 300-500 but after 1 min ints jumps again

Funcom do something already, someone constantly pings 1020 and 1-2 fps. This happens 5-6 times in the evening … Toxic players constantly blame us (without any evidence), inciting everyone against us…

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its started now again …

Someone chatting on my behalf and describes me and my clan.
as if i’m admitted to using cheats. and my clan do ddos.

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Is not about you clan some one No lifer doing This ddots

Hey there,

To report players and clans please DM either me or @Hugo providing enough evidence to prove the accusation.

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