Server Pings STILL too high

Game mode: online official
**Type of issue:**performance
Server type: pvp 1766,1760,1752
Funcom updated and crashed all servers about 4-5 months ago. one day I’m playing and the next… All of my pings are out of this world if I can see it at all. First I always got disconnected and if I managed to get into a server it wasn’t any of the ones where I spent all my Conan hours. Now I can see servers without DCing but doesn’t do me any good as I cant join any of them as my lowest ping is 166, WTF. I have reinstalled twice, even uninstalled for 2 months then came back after buying the new expansion , thinking, It must have been fixed since they surely wouldnt release new content when people cant even play their game, right? Common sense ,right? NOT!!! Not a ■■■■■■■■ thing has changed except now I am 20 bucks lighter for a game I have to play singleplar but is advertised as a MMO, WTF Funcom, get your priorities straight!!! Honestly I would be be happy if you just gave me my money back, for all expansions and ban me so I never bother with you losers again. Please provide step by step, just try and play but first read your PENDING TICKETS so that you actually address the issues going on. You people have had contest and other things since this all started and yet every time I investigate it seems like every post I read about this subject is still valid. Where did you move my server now that my ping is 368, Mars? . I have patiently waited have sent tickets in steam and read at leat 500 post about the same EXACT thing yet nothing changes, your hot fixes are useless and have no effect. the hot fix on 9/18 came and went and absolutely nothing has changed on my end. In sure Im not the only one. I play over-watch and Ark both get periodic updates with no, absolutely ZERO problems. My ping never an issue on Over watch and my ping is average 40’s on ARK NA servers and 80-100 on EU servers. Not 368, or 500+ or ???. Your pings were never an issue till your major update that FUBAR"D everything. I dont need to tell you which one, you people should know, because all of this started then.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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