Server 1808 - Players With Admin Password

See links to screenshots of player admitting to having Admin Password for the server. This clan magically made dozens of True Names of Set and began leveling some of the larger bases on our server last night.

Jens, this requires immediate attention. They have already driven off half the population of what was, when I joined it, the #12 server according to Battlemetrics.


I just opened an account here and it wont let me post images at the moment… but i have 2 screenshots. One of me saying Im lost in clan chat and then the cheater saying "Don’t be lost, we have admin passwords and can read your clan chats. I will try to get them posted asap.

Vanilla admin access does not give the opportunity to read other clans’ chats AFAIK

Here are the pics Echo took.

Mercy clearly replies to Echo’s comment about being lost made in clan chat.

And one more of them admitting to spawning in god tokens

Screenshots posted. I don’t know what they are doing but the can spawn multiple gods and they saw me clan post.

Yeah I also saw this Capture%20_2018-10-01-03-42-50 rofl

Came here to say the same thing. The clan has shown obvious signs of exploitation.

There are no admin passwords on the official servers. They were literally completely removed during the Early Access process to avoid this very issue. As far as I know there isn’t any other way of activating admin mode.

In most cases of players saying “We have admin passwords, we can do x, y, z” they’re just using it as an intimidation tactic and can’t back it up.

However, they could be using a duplication bug, which is another issue entirely.

This is the best thread ever

I don’t know what they are doing, but they can see our clan logs as well as the duplication.

Thanks for proving the accusation that you can see our clan chats. Always helpful when you out yourself.

I think it is more likely you have a mole in your clan

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Lleilwin - all of our clan came over from another server together, minus one player who was not online during the incident last night.

Next thought?

Well so sorry
The server does not have admin ergo those butth*les cannot have it

You are being duped :wink:

Admin passwords or not there have been definitely been instances of what I would term as ‘Admin’ like behavior on this server since coming onto it 3 weeks ago.

On my second day on this server, the clan accused of misbehavior (Noah’s Kingdom on 1808) had on previous day run around with multiple set avatars, destroying builds. Another clan on this day decided to launch a counter attach.

Damage against NPC’s, Thralls, Buildings, mysteriously turned off and stop working for about 3 hours, until the damage window for PVP had passed, at which point it turned back on. During that time you could attack any monster, and it would basically ignore the damage, and ignore the player attacking.

Monday or Tues last week, the server crashed for about 10 minutes, most other servers were online still.

After it returning online there was an single Icon over NK’s main base, labeled True name of Set. At this time most of NK’s builds were undergoing decay timer countdowns as they had been absent for a few weeks.

On Wednesday there was a second True Name of Set Icon. Then again on Thursday a third one showed up. Decay timers on their builds were still counting down at this point.

On Saturday the Decay timers had reset. On Sunday was when Noah’s Kingdom showed up on server and began doing damage to most people and build they could find, with these 3 Set Avatars, which from all appearances, were acquired in less then 3 days time, without them being logged on very much.

During this second assault of their, multiple times they were encouraging people to move to private server(s) with acronym of WWC saying “Come to WWC Private servers where exploits are impossible”.

So not only have there been admin like behaviors being seen while they are online, they also seem to be involved in some sort of scam, similar to the Windows Support scam, where if you go to their ‘Private’ servers you’d probably find a ‘Donation’ based clause.

I did not try and find these WWC servers as from the behavior’s I’ve seen displayed 1808 by Noah’s Kingdom, I do not trust any website or service those might be found upon.

I would also like to add that the fact that someone was able to post a private clan chat, after Noah’s Kingdom people were boasting in public chat about being able to see clann messages, is the best evidence there is that they are using either a modified client, or somehow gaining access to backend or administrative services.

Please take a look at my reply to this thread below as well.

Pro tip: You can keep god tokens in the icebox for 1000s of hours :wink:

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If these people were spending hours online, that might be a credible explanation for the god bombardment. But as a clan they might average 10 hours total per week, according to battlemetrics.

you should post my instruction on how to use the duping station dude… or you wanted to keep it to yourself…?