Server 1821 crashes/lags



For the last week or so the server lags and crashes around 10 pm central time. Almost beginning to be like clockwork. Unable to join, when you do get in, you lag… can open doors to tasks, etc. It has gotten worse. The login page shows the server is up, but eventually goes to 0/40.


Same for #1932. Since last week


Unfortunately it is an issue on multiple servers. Sorry. 1518 has been operating as if it was one of the first America Online dial-up login servers. Terrible.


I play here to and have experienced the same thing. It would be nice if the devs removed the 500 floating thralls that are scattered all over the map. Maybe that would help the problem. I never had this issue on a pvp server because people cant have unlimited thralls and buildings because they get destroyed.


Heya all,;

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