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Good afternoon,
There has some issues with the server that my Husband owns. The main issue on the server is when my husband login to PVP-conflict for online play. It will crash, after numerous resets on the server. The server will only be up for 2-5 minutes with him on. This is affecting the whole server. We have reached out to G-Portal .us to go over the concern with them. However with no success. What we were told is that the reason that the server is crashing so much is due to thralls glitching out or we are spawning in too much. At this time for the internet connection it is wired in to the PlayStation 4. The last thing that was recommended to us from G portal was to do a Master reset on the server to fix the issue. Can we look into this issue??

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.own of server logs in
2. crashes

I rent a G-portal server, but for the PC.

These guys rent decent servers, but you occasionally do need to solve some problems like this on your own. Unfortunately you sometimes need to be able to experiment and troubleshoot problems like this.

I think what G-portal is getting at, is that when your husband logs in, that part of the map that contains his base is then active. When no one is in the vicinity of an area, I think it goes into a dormant state. If your husband is using his admin powers to spawn in large numbers of thralls, that is going to have an adverse effect on the server. Many servers will limit a base to just 10 thralls, although I have about 30 on my server and it is fine.

What number of thralls are we talking here?

Hello @sgonzalez, welcome to the forums!

We’ll need additional details in order to assist you in troubleshooting the issue you’re going through.

Does the server crash consistently when your husband stays logged in for a few minutes?
If he doesn’t login, does the server still crash?

Does it also crash if he moves to a different area, or does it occur in any area?
Could you provide further information regarding any areas that have a large quantity of thralls or buildings spawned by him?

For my husband when he logs in it will crash the whole game for all players. When he is not logged on the game the game will not crash at all. It crashes before he can move on the server and is not specified on an area of the map. Lastly on the quantities for the thralls were in the same area before the crashes happened. The crashes were started on August 6,2019
Recently a member of the server went to the snow area towards the volcano near dragon mouth and the black keep and the server crashed.

Would your husband be able to record a video of the issue happening, from login to crash?

We’d also need you to privately share with us ( through direct message / DM ) the database for your server so that we can investigate the occurrence.

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