Certain Thralls causing server to drop/Huge Bug Issue for PS4 Private Server

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug]
Region: [NA]

[My private server has issues with a certain pre-update thrall causing the server to drop. It’s an RPG server so before the update we spawned in Deer in inventory form, to have wandering passive Thralls. Ever since the update if one of our players get near said structures that have these thralls, the entire server drops and restarts. Even with today’s patch the issue is unresolved. If we try to break bond remotely or rescue the Thralls into lava to kill them, the server also crashes. :persevere: We need serious help from Funcom!]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to the location of problem Thralls.
  2. Try to rescue Thralls.
  3. Try to remotely break bond with Thrall.
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Oh no the patch didnt fix it??? T.T we get like 20 crashes / day x.x

Yeah, it wasn’t fixed… Maybe Funcom doesn’t know about it yet? Unsure. :frowning:

I have a private server. Last year a ex admin accidentally spawned a bunch of Ymir,s daughters. Lava is the only way I found to kill them. They did bog down the area. So many of what was not supposed to be I guess. I will have to experiment when I am on next. @Hugo could you help these good people.

Gave a shout to Hugo. He may need more information. It could be tomorrow before you hear from him he is in Oslo

7PM there now.

Sestus, thank you SO much. The server admins have narrowed down the exact couple of Thralls causing the issue, sadly they just can’t get rid of them without crashing everytime. And when we all approach the areas they’re in, we crash the server. So frustrating and we’ve dealt with it since Followers II update, but we were holding out hope that it’d be fixed with today’s patch and wasn’t </3

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Have you tried going in with ghost mode or perhaps God mode to reach them. Can you interact with other thralls. @Wack4863 do you have any suggestions I know you are busy. Thanks in advance.

@sestus2009 We’ve tried everything. The only way to keep the server from crashing is to avoid the areas these Thralls are in.

Last ditch effort turn on Pvp and building damage Avatar for gods boot some one from the clan give them god coins set Avatar to max time destroy the area where the thralls are. May not work if they are that Glitched never run into this problem before. Good luck.

@sestus2009 We tried similiar things, thank you again so much! Hopefully Funcom can help us… It stinks, but at least the server is still playable as long as we avoid the area.

There’s an option in the Spawn npc section of the admin panel to kill all spawned NPCs. No idea if it would actually work but may be worth a shot.

@Raeil Thank you for the suggestion however that command won’t help this situation sadly :frowning:

Hello @Florabud, we were not aware of this issue as these thralls are not meant to be spawned, we’ll be sure to reach out to the developers regarding this matter.


Thank you SO much! We really appreciate it.

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Kill spawned thralls has a time limit with ps4 and I believe only works on hostiles.

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