Server 2585 - Visible but ping is 9999

Please check server 2585, it has been down for days…

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: Server

Hello @scott_pe, welcome to the community!

Server 2585 has suffered no interruption of service, it has been online for several days and has an active playerbase.

Do you have any issues with other servers?

hey @Hugo my friend is having the same issue, the LA servers are 9999 ping for him. Both of them, the 2985 and the 2995. And only those, cuz the others he can play normal.

Hi @iLeroxOfDawnZz, we’ve looked into both servers and they appear to be running without any issues, could your friend reach out to us privately so that we can ask him to run a few network tests on his end?

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