Server 2653 server just crashed

Now i cant get in and will lose all my stuff i had for a dungeon run. Awesome. Connection to host was lost. Server had 0/40 for a bit. Can we fox this or return my stuff please. We were promised in beta that on release the getting booted would stop… still waiting for this promise to be kept…

And i complain because i love this game, but feel like im being let down.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.attempt to log in fills 80% ::connection to host is lost::

My internet is working perfect

2653 has been terrible lately. The entire server goes down several times a day and sometimes stays down in excess of 45 minutes. It’s essentially unplayable in this state.

Thank you. Need more people reporting this. If in water when server goes down. You lose gear even if you dont die. I avoid water at all costs now.

2653 went down about an hour ago and has not been back on the server list it is unfortunate to have a little free time and be unable to play. Any info on this problem would be appreciated. @Jens_Erik