Server 2731 PVE-C player blocked off entire arena

Game mode: Online
Problem: Build abuse
Region: usa

A single player not aligned with a clan (so no purge) blocked off the entire arena camp entrance with a 14 foundation high wall that wraps mountainside, to mountainside, on the edge of the buildable area. I keep trying to see if it will decay, he gets on once every 4 days to renew the timer. He probably has this same thing going on other servers.
I want some t4 thralls that spawn in that camp, and to be able to use the dungeon. A lot of people do.

Please try talking to the clan, otherwise try reporting it to Harassment and Griefing Issues.

Sidenote: Read the Official wiki page on The Purge to get a better understanding of how it works.


You couldn’t say anything even MORE obvious?

Make bombs, lots of bombs. Unite the server to bring this Troll to justice! Oh, my bad, I see you’re on a pve server. Good luck with that.

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