Xbox official #2725 pve problem

I logged on today to find that a clan (wolfpack) has gone and pillared all the way up to my base as close as they could blocking all the resources from re spawning, pillaring much farther than they could build and kind of making the game unplayable and i am not the only one that they have done this to, this is not the first time i have been harassed by this clan they have somehow managed to loot my dead body in the past even though i cant loot anyone else. The main guy doing this his gamertag is droopy xiii. Does support do anything about this? I have no way of fighting back other than doing the same thing but i dont want to be that guy ruining game play for everyone else that has built near, and with all the pillars he has put down why has the purge not been triggered? i thought it was to prevent this sort of thing. My gt is burndieselhd

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