PVE Clans blocking areas of the game


When playing official PVE servers Clans are blocking off areas of the game by building buildings around them like Dungeons in areas where there are bosses and legendary loot they will build a huge building all around this building and sense because PVE buildings cannot be destroyed only their Clan can get into that place this is not fair I can’t even get anywhere in the game because of this and now I’m forced to play either PVP or single player I’m not happy

Platform: PC | Xbox | PS4
Game mode: Official Testlive | Private Testlive | Singleplayer
Version: 9xxxx/1xxxx (can be read from bottom right on main menu, or at the bottom of the ingame menu)
Problem: Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc
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This isn’t really a bug. This is just people being jerks… It’s the internet. Unless it is your first day this shouldn’t surprise you. Most servers are going to have one Jerkface McJerkson. They generally get bored and the decay timer will activate and in a few days you can just destroy it. If they don’t get bored because people are complaining and feeding their sad need to attention, then switch to a different PvE server without out saying anything so they don’t try to follow for more lulz

They could easily have a rapid decay timer near specific locations on the map(dungeons, towns etc) to keep this from happening

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Then the clans would just build out larger. Some of the builds that would have to be done are fairly large and just need to be sandstone, five people mining sand stone for a day or so could bring enough mats to start it fairly quickly and just speed build around an area like the Sink Hole fairly fast and build high enough to make it hard to climb even with out the teir 3 bits.

The Dregs would be harder but or or easier depending on your perspective.

Basically if building is possible people can find a way to grief people. So the only real solution is disable building… which really isn’t something that is possible. And to increase the decay timer in a wide enough area would basically put it on almost all areas of the map. Basically if it is an official server report to admin, if it is an unofficial server, there is little to be done if the admin allows it. If the Admin does nothing then move servers.

Idk what would solve this but something needs to be done this is really bad like this is worse than Ark I had a lot of problems in that game with Griefers and trolls but Conan seems to be pretty bad because there is less of a community from what I’ve noticed it’s harder to get in the Clans that is in Ark

Search for a Server with active Admin and the Problem is gone.

You can actually climb with 0 stamina cost with the right gear. It’s easy to scale any height.

Oh ya. you just have to make it difficult though. While PvPers may QQ they don’t get easy flesh pinatas PvEers in this game are remarkable in their desire for the most bland experience humanly possible. I’m not a person that would do something like this… hell I get annoyed when people build close enough to coal or iron to cause it to despawn…

Though I just thought of a great way to solve this… create server channel chat for single player. that way you can have a single player game select a chat server and be connected with people to talk with and then play single player. While having that social chat aspect of things.

Or just host your own server for those people in this chat you’re talking about.

Well many of the PvE servers basically just want to play alone but have the social experience and use the in game chat window while they are playing. So really all they have to do is have you select a solo server where it loads just like a normal game but just has basically a discord server connected to the chat box that is randomly populated like a server is lol…

My tongue is firmly in my cheek.