Server #6308 - SA (Isle of Siptah) currently offline!

Hello dear friends,

Server #6308 is currently offline, could you please fix it ASAP ?

Thank You xoxo !


so is #6455, it’s been more than an hour, 6308 and 6455 are the only official servers that are offline, wonder what’s going on since it takes so long :frowning:

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6009 pve conflict as well for 6 hours now. I think there’s a DDOS attack.

Something is definitely going on, #6455 has been offline for many hours and now it is not even listed anymore :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you are experiencing issues with a specific official server, Funcom asks the players to submit a ticket via ZenDesk in order for them to look into it:

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Most likely not an attack on the server, just Gportal’s mediocre service.

You would think in the age of automation, service delivery and managed services that they (Gportal) would have some type of alert or notification system sent to their team or their customers directly to notify them of a server interruption.

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