Server 6438 Pve-C Isle of Siptah, continuous crashes and disconnections

Plataform: Steam
Server 6438 PVE-C
Problem: continuous crashes and disconnections,has been down since the update.

This sounds like what I am seeing with server 6422 PvE. I posted a threaed about it via the bug reporter prompt. I think I am too new to be allowed to post links.

Yep, same official server PVE-Conflict #6438. Experienced crashes at map squares K7 and I6. Tried teleporting into the latter, only to crash and be sent back where I was teleported. Tried running to I6 instead, thinking it was something wrong with the teleport, and got caught while running in K7. Currently stuck in dead center of K7.

Somebody posted that on their private server they were told that the wandering pet turtles could be the problem and after deleting them across the server they were able to log in. That base you are stuck near us my base and I have atleast 3 pet turtles, a rat, a bunny and that baby bear all wandering around. If that could be the problem why don’t they just remove the wandering type pets so we can log in!

That base I can’t teleport into also has turtle pets in it, so that seems to track so far.

You need to post a bug report here:

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