Server 6449 Asia

Why does this server get 2 restarts a day.
6 pm and 11.10 pm.
Not only that, could you pick a worse time.

Now the server crashed 10 minutes after restart.
Some love would be appreciated.

Forgot to mention, your server list sucks ass.
Sometimes takes 2 minutes to show, sometimes 10 seconds, sometimes never.
So much better before you had to implement your own thing and make it junk.

Its a tradition,
crashed again, 20 minutes after restart.

Great job guys having the restart at 11.10pm (peak hours) and then following that with crashes.
*Server 6207 (asia) doesn’t crash (same age, both Isle of S.)
Swap out this server for a dead (almost dead server), before this server become dead too.

daily crashes.


We regret to hear about the crashing situation. We’ll ask G-portal to check the server.
However, the most recent restart was in order to update the server to the new version.

Please make sure to check the Patch notes channel for more information.

Just type the IP for a direct connect without waiting for the list, that’s what I do.