Server Disappeared. Official

I play on playstation 4 and recently I have noticed servers disappear and as the player, we don’t receive any updates on if they will ever come back. I am also not sure what category to put this issue. How can we know if the server will disappear forever?
PvE, Official server 3733, PS4. This is an America server

Same here im also in this server. Been gone for a while now!!

Getting scared as its removed from multiple lists…

Edit: also this should be in the Ps4 fourm.

I moved it.

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Hey! thanks for the move, and yes agreed, I had just found the map and got the ingredients together but I also had a thrall following me which she might be disappeared as if we ever get the server back! :frowning:

Yo man I’ve been to you house. Yeah went down on us earlier but if you want you and all your friends can play on my server till they give us an answer. Server name Chocobo no password

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Edit: please make sure to move conversations to the right page.
Im okay man. I just wanna get back to my stone farming!

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Its back online. Yayyy

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Finally, I can get back online! Thanks coolbird for the update :slight_smile:

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