Server Disconnect after 5min play

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PVE + PVP + PVE Conflict
Region: EUROPE

Loads in fine, but then after a while (5-10min) of normal progression AND also while loading in and not touch anything until it eventually “disconnects” me from official servers.

  1. Install Game
  2. Create Character
  3. Play normal progression / Standing still since login
  4. Crash anywhere between 5-10min

Im SO HAPPY I didnt buy the game first but just played for free, there is NO way in Hell ima buy this game or recommend it for anyone (a quick google and I can tell this exact issue has been an issue since 2018 (“Working on it” my ■■■■!!!) Doubt VERY much they dont give a flying fart lol and just want to cash in the money so Im going go download a cracked version of this. Why would I want to pay 100euro for Singleplayer mode lol!!!

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