Server Full - Can't Play?

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but if the server is full can I not play my character on another PVE server? Do I have to wait until there is an open spot on my original server?

You can make a new character on any other server. Each server is its own closed community, though. Different characters, different people.

I had that problem earlier today. I ended up making a second character for Single Player / Co-Op to fall back on. I prefer to play my main online character but if that doesn’t pan out, I can play the SP one. It’s just… weird being in that game world alone compared to seeing the works of others in the online servers. I haven’t teamed up with anyone yet but I like seeing others’ efforts in the same server.

I paid $49 last night, picked a server and played few hours and had good time. Go back tonight to play and cant, server is full. Wow was 29/40 on the server last night. So I can’t play until some one leaves? Most unbelievably stupid setup I have ever seen on a game! So I have to start over every night? WTF.

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