Multiple characters online private over server and solo game

So I play with my friends on a private online server but I’d like to play solo when they are not around. Can I play my solo game and if I played the private pve server will my character be gone?

I just don’t want to lose my character on my friends server if I make a offline solo character.

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Playing a Single Player game will not affect your character on another server. Welcome to the forums and happy hunting. :sunglasses:


Alright sweet! Thanks! I just didn’t want to lose my online character by playing solo hah


Just to clarify, if the private server is on your PC and you are playing CoOp mode, it will be the same world you are using for solo play,

If you are joining a server somewhere else, or have the dedicated server launcher, it will be separate and all good.

Also note your private solo play will be a completely different world (same map, but nothing you did/made on the server will carry over)…unless again you are doing local CoOp.

As was already stated, your single player game is something like another server. And you can have more characters on more servers, and those won’t affect each other.

In single player game you can also save a backup of your game. :slight_smile:

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