Same character, different maps, on private server

I run my own private server, just for myself and 1 friend (sometimes).
Switching to a new map is easy enough, but I want to be able to keep the same character on multiple maps.
I know there’s Amunet’s Server Transfer, but it seems excessive for my needs. I don’t need to be able to move to a new map seamlessly while ingame, and I don’t need multiple maps running at the same time.
I just need to be able to shut down the server, switch it to a new map, start it up and have the same character on it.
Is this possible? I have a 2nd account I can use as an “anchor” to hold the clan in place, so buildings aren’t abandoned (2nd account can have a unique character on each map).

It should be “possible” with the right know-how on editing the database, but it probably isn’t going to be convenient short of someone making a mod to do it.

Not what I had hoped, but it’s what I expected. Thanks.

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