Questions about paid server/single server and number of chars

Hubbie and I are looking to set up a paid private server for us and a few friends what we want to know and can’t really find out (we have only been playing for less than a month and love the game) is that can we have our solo chars and then a totally separate char for the server… Not talking save games… talking chars.

solo has char a — a blonde bad girl named Blondie the bombshell or what ever…
the paid server has char b ---- masculine bad boy Cousin to Coana
these are joke names people…

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If I understood the question correctly, you’re asking whether your character in single-player mode and your character on the private server will be two separate characters?

If that’s what you’re asking, the answer is “Yes, they’re separate.” A character you create only exists in the game database where you created it. So a character you create on a server will not replace a character in your single-player game. Likewise, a character you create on server A will not replace a character you create on server B.

There’s a procedure for migrating a character from one server to another, but it’s non-trivial and buggy, so I wouldn’t worry about that for now.

Does that help or did I misunderstand the question?


@CodeMage sounds like you understood their question correctly…

Wish you a great adventure my wife and I have had our own server 3 plus years and it’s been mostly good times. @ksilverbow. Welcome to the Forum.

Thank you I was thinking it was hoping it was going to be that. Thank you very much. My husband did have one other question regarding the expansions. do or can you use your current character on maps of the DLC, because he noticed you just switch maps, or is there a way just to walk over into another map keeping the character? I am confused with how it all works since basically there is only one character period per server, but multiple maps.

sestus2009 he and I are a great team work or play

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The game itself does not have any option to move (or copy) a character from one single-player game database to another. I’m not sure if anyone has made a third-party tool to do so. (EDIT: I was wrong, see below)

I’ll try to explain how these things work.

Regardless of whether it’s single-player, or co-op, or a dedicated server running the game, the state of the game world is saved in a game database file. The game can only run (and keep track of) one game database at a time.

In the single-player mode, when you click on “New Game”, and go through the whole process of picking what map you want and how you want to configure the settings, the game will create a new game database file with the default state of the world. The game allows you to keep one database file for Exiled Lands (called game.db) and another for the Isle of Siptah (called dlc_siptah.db). If a database file already existed for that map, it will be overwritten by this new one. Once the file is created, the game takes you to the character creation screen so you’ll have a character in that world and then you can start playing.

If you click on “Continue” in single-player mode and you have a database file for each of the maps, the game will ask you to pick which one you want to play and then load that one and run it.

Servers are not all that different, either. You can run a dedicated server program for one game database file at a time. If you want to switch your server to a different map, you have to stop the server program, and when you start it again you point it to the different game database file.

Each game database file allows you to keep only one character in it associated with your Funcom account. So the only way for one player to have multiple characters in the game database at the same time is to own multiple copies of Conan Exiles.

There is no in-game way to go from one map to another. (At least not without mods, but that’s a whole different can of worms that I don’t want to open right now.) You can use the in-game character transfer option to move your character from one server to another, but that’s not really inter-map travel the way people imagined it would be. What that option does is read the complete state of your character from the server’s game database, send it to the cloud and store it there, and delete that character from that server. Then, when you want to create a character on a destination server, you can “import” that character from the cloud. As I mentioned before, this is a process that is buggy and people are constantly coming here to complain about how they lost the whole character because the process failed.

As I mentioned, there is no in-game option (that I know of) to do that character transfer process between your single-player database files. It’s probably not too hard to create a tool to do so, so it wouldn’t surprise me to find out some enterprising player already made one :slight_smile:

EDIT: I was wrong about the single-player character transfer. As @Marcospt pointed out, they added that feature and I just wasn’t paying attention. Sorry about that.

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You can copy your character from one map to the other on single player.
You create two characters (mandatory) one on the EL, other on Siptah.
Imagine you start playing on EL, level up, get recipes, emotes and so on and then you wanna go to Siptah. You go to the menu and choose copy character and the character on Siptah will be replaced by the character you have on the EL. Now, imagine you wanna go back, having gathered the seals, for instance. You do the same. Copy (the destination will be the EL) and the character from Siptah (former character from the EL) will replace your old EL character. So it’s like it’s the same dude traveling from one map to the other (when in fact it isn’t, since you can use the pre copies characters without influencing the post copy ones on their maps of origin until you replace them by “traveling back” - copy).
@CodeMage what’s the difference between this SP copy and character transference from one server to another?


Wow, I haven’t even noticed they added that! Thanks for pointing it out.

There shouldn’t be any real difference, but there’s more “talking” involved. It’s easy for the game to do so when both files are on the same machine and the game has access to them. But when it comes to server migration, you have one machine with the database file that contains the character you want to move, you have another machine with the database file where you want it moved, and there’s not even a guarantee that both machines will be running the game at the same time or be able to communicate over the network. So instead, Funcom introduced this “character-in-the-cloud” thing and broke the process up into two phases, export and import.

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Thanks @CodeMage !

Thank you guys we understand now

If you would like to play the same character on multiple maps (Siptah, Exiled Lands, Savage Winds, etc,) there is a mod which will allow this. It’s called “Amunets Server Transfer” and essentially allows you to “walk” (teleport) from map to map. I use it a lot and am loving it. The video created by the author I linked above is old and the current behavior is much better and smoother. Here’s a video I made recently showing what the newest version looks like:

change resolution to 1440p to see details and read text more easily.


I can add a bit to the SP part. Last I tested which when it was introduced, in SP the characters are copy pasted but your old char is not deleted meaning:

You had char A in EL and char B in Siptah, you can transfer char A to Siptah and char A will replace char B but then you will have char A in EL and char A in Siptah. Technically you can play them independently from one another. But once you decide to copy a char to a map, the old one there will be replaced.

With the server transfers, character A is downloaded from EL and uploaded in Siptah but once downloaded from EL it is deleted from that map.

I hope this makes sense.

For actual travel back and forth Amunet’s tool is your best option but it needs some extra setup.


How I wish PS5 could have mods, @Narelle . It’s exactly as you say without mods. Usually, for RP purposes, I build exactly the same ship on the EL and on Siptah, placing the same thralls as the crew, etc. When I copy the character, it looks like he travelled by boat. On PS5, all you have to do is going to the main menu, make the copy, exit and load the destination map. Your character will have replaced the older one. But indeed it is as you say. If I load the map before making the copy, the old character will be there and nothing I did in the other map with his copy will have affected him, nor will anything I do with him will affect his copy on the other map, unless I make a new copy. Each copy we make replaces the character from the destination map.

EL (character A)
Siptah (character B)
Copy character A to destination map:Siptah.
EL (character A)
Siptah (character C - copy of character A). Character B, deleted.
Copy character C back to destination map: EL
EL (character D - copy of character C). Character A, deleted.
Siptah (character C)

It gives the impression we are actually traveling, but if we use/alter one character and don’t copy it, it won’t affect its copy on the other map. :smiley:

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Thank you guys for the extra info and the mod suggestion I will pass that on to the Hubs. I had a question pop into my head earlier this morning for those of you that have made your own personal servers with people (paid ones) do you have to choose which maps you are all going to play on and only install that? How does it work exactly?

It depends, if you get some of those slotted servers for X per month, then you can only run one map at a time. Generally, you can swap the maps from time to time because they create different database (save). Depending on your host, you will have a way to select which map you want your server to run now. If you want to swap the map, you will have to shut it down and load the new map.

If you host a server yourself or get a dedicated server where you install the launcher and do whatever you want with it (the more expensive option), then you can technically run as many servers (instances) on a single machine as the machine can handle. It needs some setup but generally you will need to create a folder for each server and setup port forwarding, etc. Then you can have for example 3 different servers running from a single machine (computer) and use that mod to travel between the servers which can run different maps.

Judging by your questions, I assume you will rent a slotted server for 10-20 people which would mean that you can only run one map at a time.

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