Server Goes offline without me taking it down

Game mode: [Online Multiplayer]
Problem: [Server shows up and goes offline] without me taking it
Down it has happened for two days now

same with my server. 5am error. g-portal can see the error but its probably related to funcom code

They are crashing because of bad lines of code. BradF from G-Portal told me that Exiles is having issues with their coding causing several different types of crashing. All of this makes our servers go offline and the only thing that can be done about it is to manually restart your server. They used to have a system called “Watchdog” but its been affected by Conan Exiles bad coding, according to BradF from G-Portal, which caused the Watchdog to interfere with the game saving its state properly. So pretty much this is why so many people are going nuts with missing servers, and G-Portal says there is nothing they can do about it, until the coding is fixed properly.

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